Buck and Kinch
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Buck and Kinch

Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada

Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
Band Blues Avant-garde


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"Illegitimate Offspring"

Name a great band or artist that remains largely unknown. What’s good about them??

Buck and Kinch is a two-piece rock band from Cape Breton that were playing since before they were born. I believe they are the illegitimate offspring of James Joyce and Bea Arthur.

-Ian MacDougall (Tom Fun Orchestra) - The Argosy

""Weird Rock""

"Weird Rock"

-Harry Doyle
October 28, 2008 - http://cblocals.com

"Olenka & the Autumn Lovers/Jane Ehrhardt/Youth Haunts/Buck and Kinch/Buster & Sunday/Al Tuck"

Donald Hinson Calabrese is the merry old soul who is solely responsible for this event having happened and for that, we should give him a key to the city. He, along with drummer Merlin Clarke are also responsible for the post industrial delta dirt ensemble known as Buck & Kinch. Normally a high volume showcase of sweetly toned grit folk, this time Buck & Kinch tinkered with slightly softer sounds more suitable to the serene surroundings. Merlin traded in sticks for brushes and Donnie picked up his steel faced dobro and they twanged and thumped through their repertoire of originals that sound like they were written 40 years ago and covers that you never would have guessed were covers. Buck & Kinch make the kind of music that make you want to stamp out your pocket watch and buy another whisky. - WGO

"Buck and Kinch: Learn their Friends' Songs"

As I walk into Hinson Calabrese’s most recent dwelling, I take off my shoes and enter a dimly lit room filled with reel-to-reel and cassette tape recorders. A recently discovered pump organ is jammed into one corner, the other is occupied by Merlin Clarke’s kit. Buck and Kinch are jamming their brand of dirty white boy roots rock, Hinson’s guitar-driven bass amp seemingly at the same volume as every show I’ve witnessed. Merlin’s inspired drumming filling the places normally taken by multiple instruments. They stop when they see me.

Beer and cigarettes are passed around for a few minutes until Hinson asks if I’ve brought any instruments. Within twenty minutes we’ve recorded a few decent takes, the boys already familiar with a few of my songs that hitherto they’ve only heard live. Such is the way with Buck and Kinch. They know their friends’ songs. They plan on one day playing an entire set of local covers. Their appreciation of others’ music masks a modesty surrounding their own burly gut-punchers. There’s serious intellect, groove and melody providing substance to the rawness embodied by the combination of drums, electric guitar and Hinson’s unmistakable hollering bark vocal.

They’ve been playing with one another since their early teens in Glace Bay and Port Morien. They’ve both left the island to come back numerous times, Hinson playing a stint with The Tom Fun Orchestra before trading in the nine-piece band and upright bass for a drummer and a guitar. And it works. After playing shows around Sydney for the better part of a year, the boys recently played a few maritime dates opening for the likes of the Divorcees, Dog Day and the Grass. Merlin and Hinson then sailed to Newfoundland and Labrador for a number of gigs with local roots hero Steven Fifield.

So we have a few more beers and trade a few more songs. Between old records and morning, I learn that the boys have decided to be Cape Breton Lifers. So long as Buck and Kinch continue ripping truth and dirty rock, they very well could occupy the island’s cultural crow’s nest. - whatsgoinon.ca


Folly and Rise (Forthcoming, 2010)



Since the fall of 2008 Buck and Kinch have made of themselves power rock troubadours and hangdog storytellers. A two member multi-instrumentalist combo, the lads hailing from the ailing of post-industrial Cape Breton have begun fostering an open ear around Atlantic Canada with English and Gaelic anthems about the uniqueness of home and the paradoxes of our history. Prodigal expats by heritage, Buck and Kinch have found good luck back home digging new tunes out of old and sacred clay. Looking to yolk the thud and wail of an Inverness milling frolic to the pickn yell of early 20th Century delta blues, Hinson and Merlin cobble together genuinely Cape Breton songs hollered in the American tradition; call it grit-folk if you like, or call it unbearably loud and abrasive--but call it impossibly true when the lights come on and your ears ring and your throat aches. The duo has been touring restlessly over the last year hitting the Atlantic Canadian circuit from St John's to Saint John, and dipping into the south sharing stages with former band mates The Tom Fun Orchestra (CB), as well as old friends Dog Day (NS), Carmen Townsend (CB), The Divorcees (NB), Olenka and the Autumn Lovers, The United Steelworkers of Montreal and a host of other notable Canadian acts. Catch them on tour this spring and summer across Eastern Canada supporting their not-yet-widely anticipated debut record