Buck Brothers

Buck Brothers


As catchy as a nail on a pair of fishnet stockings and possessing the Guiness World Record for "most gigs 12 hours", this London trio have toured 3 continents, hit the Commercial Radio & CMJ Charts in the USA and became the first band in 30 years to play the House of Lords.


Buck Brothers formed early in 2005 via a chance meeting at the unlikely location of a Buddhist Disco in a North London.
None of the members are actually called Buck or are Brothers. The band claim to be named after an adult film company that guitarist Dom used to work for before joining the band.

The trio gained international media attention for successfully breaking a world record for the "highest number of gigs performed in a 12 hour period" on March 5, 2007 to mark the release of the band's debut album Me in the UK and North America on Cargo Records and Scratch Records respectively. The band performed 28 gigs in 10.5 hours, beating the previous world record (held by Hamburg band Kansas) by two shows. (Buck Brothers' successful Guinness Book of World Records claim number is 185503).

On July 7, 2007, Buck Brothers supported Primal Scream at Stolpotvoreni Music Festival in Moscow.

The band's debut album Me entered the CMJ Top 200 Music Chart in the USA in October 2007 with "Girls, Skirts, Boots, Bikes" also making an impact on commercial radio placing at number seven in the national commercial specialty radio chart two months later.

The band toured North America in March 2008 including three performances at SXSW (South By South West) in Austin, Texas including an unlikely support slot for UK rapper Dizzee Rascal. Rodney Bingenheimer, legendary DJ from KROQ and big supporter of the band, introduced the trio at the first date on this tour in Los Angeles. This is the first time he had introduced a band in over three years.

In May 2008, the band made their USA live television debut on Fearless Music, a New York City based television show airing on the Fox 5 network in New York and syndicated on other networks throughout the states.

In August 2008, the band supported US pop punkers Goldfinger on their UK tour.

The band have performed at NXNE Festival in Toronto, Canada twice (2006 and 2007), In the City Festival in Manchester, UK twice (2006 and 2007) and made their debut at SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas in March 2008. January-February 2009 saw Buck Brothers tour Italy for the first time following the release of "Me" on the Red Pony label there. In May of that year, Buck Brothers made two appearances at International Pop Overthrow Festival in Liverpool, England including a show at the legendary Cavern Club.

Following incessant touring in the UK, the trio were invited in August to appear on the main stage at Booch Festival in the Netherlands. In August 2010, the band headlined Worcester Music Festival in England. In that same month, Detroit label Static Records signed the band stateside. In December 2010, Marky Ramone played the band's track "All I Want To Do" on his national (USA) Sirius FM radio show "Punk Rock Blitzkrieg".

2010 saw the release of their long awaited second album "We Are Merely Filters".


Which Me Do You Like?

Written By: Duke

Verse 1:
I, me, mine are all the same
A different story is a different game
Why change what you want
When you don't know even what you need?

Which me do you like?

You, you, you
There's nothing new
(I can) change my stripes
But what will that do?
For I am what I am
and how I'll change
I haven't a clue

Which me do you like?

When I Look At You (All I Think About Is Sex)

Written By: Duke

When I look at you (all I think about is...)

I'm a typical male
But I spell it all out
You can't deny me that
Because what you see
Is what you get
There isn't a single catch
You're a smooth operator
A smooth operator
Sade's got nothing on you
A lust instigator
And a fashion innovator
So much to like in you

And when I look at you
All i think about is....
And when I talk to you
I think about it more
I think about it more
(you make me think about - all I ever I think about)

Genetically programmed
There's no way out
It's all in my DNA
And what you've got
Is what I want
And every man would feel the same
Your love may be king
Your love may be queen
But we're not in a monarchy
And thanks to civilisation
Procreation's recreation
We're more than just the birds and bees

Chorus x2

Mid 8
I'm just conveying
what most songs are saying
Only using
less ornate English

Chorus Outro

No More Yesterdays

Written By: Duke

No More Yesterdays

Outside is a world
You are ignoring
Time to get some air
Breathe it in
Like a Quaker with Tourette's
You always fear the worst
Don't let it get you down

Just listen
To what's lurking in your head
No submission
To what the world will say

No more yesterdays
Don't let the past get in your way
No more yesterdays
A new tomorrow starts today
No more yesterdays
Listen to your heart no matter what they say
No more yesterdays
Turn off what happened before (right now)

Tonight is a leap
That we will be taking
In every fear is a wish
Yours just came true
Like a dancer with no beat
We're out of sync
But you'll never dance alone (No No)

Just commission
What is hiding in your heart
No indecision
To what's a brand new start

No more yesterdays
What happened before has come and gone
No more yesterdays
If we look ahead the battle is won
No more yesterdays
It's opening night not the end of the run
No more yesterdays
Switch off what went on before

Some might say that history
Is repeating endlessly
But do we will it do?
Or do we not?
Let's make a choice

No more yesterdays

Heartfelt By Numbers

Written By: Duke

Heartfelt by Numbers

I’ve just realised
I’m in love with a plastic heart
Could I be so blind?

Feeling compromised
Romantically under-employed
For the 13th time

Error in our hearts

Of corruption, malfunction now it’s time to reboot

Heartfelt by numbers
(you really are)
Heartfelt by numbers
(you are so)
Heart felt by numbers
Counting them 3-4-5
Heartfelt by numbers
(you never change)
Heartfelt by numbers
(yet I still wait)
Heartfelt by numbers
Counting them 7-8-9

So unsatisfied
But my mirror knows who to blame
If the truth be known

Gears begin to grind
I’m driving out of this rut
This bird has flown

Error in our minds
An eruption of dysfunction
Now it’s time to regroup

Heartfelt by numbers
(it’s really true)
Heartfelt by numbers
(it’s really you)
Heart felt by numbers
Counting them 3-4-5
Heartfelt by numbers
(I’m losing count)
Heartfelt by numbers
(yet I still wait)
Counting them 7-8-9

You say walk the line
But you’re lacking in footwear
You say walk the line
You’ve got no sole
You say walk the linee
You’ve got no shoes
What you really feel….
I haven’t got a clue

Final Chorus

I’ve had enough
I’m moving on
Heart, Heart Heart

You're So Good, Good, Good You're Great

Written By: Duke

You’re so good good good you’re great
Perfect in every way
A mole adorns your cheek (Monroe)
Dressed in the latest clothes
And forever in the know
Of what’s out or in every week

Desired by every man (Desired by every man)
The queen of clubbing land (The queen of clubbing land)
The Papz all know your name (Showing a bit of thigh)
You’re a slave to fame

And it makes me sick
You make me sick
Decidedly sick
I don’t miss a trick

Followed by every rag (Followed by every rag)
To everywhere that you stand (To every bar that you go)
Attention’s your disease (Attention is your disease)
It’s got you on your knees

You’re so good good good you’re great
Joe Public knows your face
You’re in a million magazines (Well done!)
Decked from head to toe (Toe)
In every brand you know (You know)
And a jacket once owned by ‘The Libertines’

Not a hair out of place (not a hair out of place)
Flawless made up face (flawless made up face)
Mortgage worthy shoes (Imelda Marcos loves you)
But who is the real YOU?


Key Change
New Flame
The botox doesn’t work any more
They’ve fallen out of love
With you now
Your television is over and how will you love yourself?
When they don’t love you?
Life’s so cruel



Written By: Duke

Free from this disease
Bruised not broken
Meds are all in my veins
The past unspoken
If love was a song
Ours would be forgotten
Overlooked and under-played
It's oh so common.

I'm in remission from you
You were my love
but my missing is through
You want me back
but one thing is true
I'm in remission and over you

You were like
Simon Cowell
Deliberating on us

If love was a train
Ours would be Amtrak
Coast to Coast
North and South
All the way there and back

I'm in remission from you
You were my love
but the longing is through
You want me back
but what can I do?
I'm in remission and over you.

We were like
A once grand phoenix
Wallowing in the ash

If love was a car
Ours would be Sinclair
Parked away and covered up
Memorably in need of care

I'm in remission from ou
You were my love
but the pining is through
You want me back
but what shall I do?
I'm in remission and over you.

I've moved on.

"True Romance" oh you say?
Well the lights had better darken
You'd be Dennis Hopper
And I'd be Chris Walken

I'm in remission from you
You were my love
but the pain is not new
You want me back
but our story is through
I'm in remission and over you

I'm in remission from you
You were my love
but this song's nearly through
You want us back
But's only your view
I'm in remission and over you

I've moved on


"We Are Merely Filters" (Album | 2010 in UK/Germany/USA)

Pop Muzik
(Single | August 2010)

"You're So Good, Good, Good You're Great"
(Single | 13th July 2009)

"When I Look At You (All I Think About Is Sex)" (Single | 1st June 2009)

"Pop Muzik" (Single | March 2008 USA Only)

"Me" (Album | October 2007)
- USA (Coach House)
- UK (Cargo Records/Fading Ways)
- Canada (Scratch Records/Fading Ways)
- Australia (Mummy's Boy Records)

"The World According To Buck" (EP | October 2005)

Buck Brothers have also appeared on:

- Track: "You're So Good, Good, Good You're Great"

Best Of The Brits @ Popkomm - (Compilation | September 2006)
- Track: "Girls, Skirts, Boots, Bikes)"

Sounds From 'The Attic' (Compilation | July 2006)
- Track: "Mannish Girl"

Wasted Magazine (Compilation | June 2006)
- Track: "Which Me Do You Like?"

The Brits At NXNE (Compilation | June 2006)
- Track: "Girls, Skirts, Boots, Bikes"

Best Of The Brits @ MIDEM (Compilation | January 2006)
- Track: "Which Me Do You Like?"

Inland Empire Music Awards (Compilation | January 2006)
- Track: "Girls, Skirts, Boots, Bikes"

Set List

You're So Good, Good, Goo You're Great
Are You In?
All I Want To Do Is
All The Things
Gorgeously Stupid
Mannish Girl
Which Me Do You Like?
Wet Pets
Pop Muzik
Yes, No, Stay, Go, Do, Don't, Will, Won't
One Day I'll Say It
Wake Up Call
Girls, Skirts, Boots, Bikes
She's Not Wearing Any
Toxic ["Britany Spears" cover]
She's Red
When I Look At You (All I Think About Is Sex)
No More Yesterdays
Heartfelt By Numbers
Pop Musik ["M" cover]
Bulletproof [La Roux cover]

* (Set list is very flexible. Can last anywhere between 30 - 60 mins depending on gig type)