Buck Daddy

Buck Daddy


An ass kickin' rock and roll band with great songs about drinking, love lost, love found, and then there's drinking! Huge guitar hooks with just the right amount of twang thrown in and singing that's been compared to Dylan and Petty. It all makes for a helluva bowl of rock and roll chili!


Our music has been described as extremely dynamic with elements of the Flying Burrito Brothers and Jason and the Scorchers. Influenced by the Stones, Faces, old Aerosmith, The Beach Boys, Johnny Cash, Willie, Social Distortion, Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers, Shurman.

The band blazenly walks the fine line between 70's rock and outlaw country. Riffs that'll have you playing air guitar and a beat that you can't stand still too!


Recording now. Demo singles available on Myspace.

Have had radio airplay on x-Rock 103.9 and WXRT 93.1 in Chicago

Set List

Jesus Lives In Mexico
Auditions Are Over
Trixies Lament
Crazy In The Head, Good In The Bed
Mop & Bucket
She Used To
Sunday Morning
Pay Me First