Buck Deville

Buck Deville

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA
BandHip HopR&B


Buck started his music career as a child in Suffolk, VA. He began learning to play the piano and saxophone. So he learned to read and write music but never got to play the drums like he wanted to. Through the years Buck been been a DJ and producer. He has worked wit Joe Mafia; Marv and Cash; Wu-Syndicate; Napolean; Charlie Parker; Amy Winehouse; Jay-Z; Eazy-E; Common; Micheal Buble'; Dana Dane; Floetry; David Ruffin; Ludacris; Donnie Hathaway; Wu-Tang; Dipset; Branford Marsalis; Curtis Mayfield. Right now his focus is on being a performer and complete musician.


Celebrity Rehab mixtape 2010
Drunken Public 2009