Buck Dewey Big Band

Buck Dewey Big Band


The Buck Dewey Big Band is fresh and exciting. A high energy stage show with a sound that is garaunteed to turn any street corner, club, or party into a fun and memorable event.


The Buck Dewey Big Band formed in 1997 around the strange blues and hip hop album, 'I Am the Spider', by Jimmy Fox. It features Chris Barrett on trumpet and keys, and Matt Myers on drums and vocals. The curious Bulgarian double-bass man, Plamen Jetchev, and singing bone-man Rob O'Dwyer jumped on board to complete this team of devil-may-care- genre-blending pioneers.

A synergy occurred that pulled the works of Myers' own 4 song EP the 'Buck Dewey Song Book' into the set, and started a frenzy of songwriting collaboration that spawned both the debut album, 'Friday Night Chicken Waltz ' and the latest release 'War Bonnet Love Sonnet '.

Friday Night Chicken Waltz ' was released in July of 1998 and received national recognition on college radio charting in the Top 20 in most of the eastern States. The album was also A&R pick of the week at CMJ, garnered band of the day on Rolling Stone.com, and received international attention as most down loaded on FranceMP3.com. Steve Morse of the Boston Globe lauded the bands' sound as 'Salvation Army music on acid', and the band was invited to interpret the theme song for ESPN2's Winter X Games in Colorado in 1999.

After an East Coast tour in support of 'Chicken Waltz ' the Buck Dewey Big Band returned to Boston to open a WFNX show with Big Bad Voodoo Daddy at Avalon. Work also began on the follow-up album at Sound Station 7 in Providence.

The 'War Bonnet' release took place in November, 2001 at the Middle East Downstairs. It featured Boston Music Award Winners, Seks Bomba, and a special appearance by Patti Smith. The 'War Bonnet Tour' pushed as far west as Cincinnatti, and as far south as Atlanta. The club dates were promoted in part by the Buck Dewey tradition of busking city streets and student unions along the way.

'War Bonnet Love Sonnet ' marks a milestone on the journey of musical exploration for the band. Synthesizing a broad array of influences into an aural parade, this album celebrates both unity and diversity as it propels the Buck Dewey Big Band on their quest for international success.


2001---War Bonnet Love Sonnet---

1. Atomic War

2. Fickle Mighty Possum

3. Heart Against Yours

4. Turpentine

5. Moonlight

6. A Foreign Affair(We Got The Bombs)

7. Mystery Jerk

8. Several Injuries, No Deaths

9. Exile

10. Jesus

11. Hale Bop

12. Grease Trap

13. The Speckled Trout Inn

1998---Friday Night Chicken Waltz---

This album charted in the top 20 on college radio in 20 states on the east coast in 1999.

1. Central Square

2. Innocent Kind

3. Baby Baby

4. Seabreeze

5. Rasta Mog

6. River Road

7. Tijuana

8. Walk the World

9. Happy Froggy

10. Now That Yr

11. Dasies

12. Cowfull

Set List

We have over 30 original songs with more on the way. We will perform all night.

Our first cover was Straight Out of Compton by NWA.
We like to focus on originals, but we are capable of catering to a special event. Here are some examples of requests we have engraciated-

a wedding:
-60 minute set of jazz standards
-Ring of Fire, Johnny Cash
-It's Not Unusual, Tom Jones

New Years:
Auld Lang Syne

Paddy's Day:
The Wild Rover
The Wealthy Squire
Whiskey in the Jar