buckets of rain

buckets of rain


we do a little of everything, from folk to rock to bluesy sounding stuff. high energy shows, we love to play live and create a set that takes the audience up and down as we go, and we all have fun doing it!


The band Buckets Of Rain started in 2006 when 4 professional musicians decided they had played enough of others peoples music and wanted to start recording their own material (of which there was plenty!) We had all been playing together in various bands for years and decided it was time to branch out and do our own thing. Individually, we have played music in just about every venue in town, big and small, and have backed up many national touring acts. Collectively we have yet to do so, but were working on it!
We came up with a name for ourselves just before the release of the cd and have since sold over 300 copies at local shows since its release in december of 2006. The name Buckets Of Rain was derived from the Bob Dylan song of the same name, and it has a neat little tie in to Seattle where it does rain a lot!
Our influences are as varied as U2, pearl jam, the allman bros band, stevie ray vaughn, jeff buckley, stevie wonder, the who, otis redding, bob dylan, anything motown, the list goes on and on.
What sets us apart is the live shows and the lyrics and passion that comes across when we play.
Every night is different, every night we try to find more ways to get into the crowd, to communicate with them. After all, music is about expressing yourself to others and chances are good that if you've felt a certain way about something and put it down in a song, someone else has felt that way too and they'll be glad to hear it!


3 song ep- april 2006
full length cd - dec 2006

Set List

Set lists vary night to night... usually do a 2 set show, about 2-3 hours
a typical buckets of rain set list might look like this:

ain't too proud to beg (temptations)
could you be
us (part one)
us (part two)
lonely too long
dock of the bay (otis redding)
45 minutes
let's get it on (marvin gaye)
just waitin
all fall down
whipping post (allman bros )
hold on
it ain't right
flash in the pan
yellow ledbetter (pearl jam)
honky tonk woman (stones)