Buck Fuffalo

Buck Fuffalo

 Stephenville, Texas, USA

Six-String-Strummin, Dirty Song Hummin, Cheap Beer Chuggin,Texan Sumpin Sumpin


Buck Fuffalo plays in a Nomadic style is all his own ranging from melancholy to explicit, grounded, to clouded, from Texan, to Spaceship, as nostalgic as 19 century naked rain-dancing drunkard.

Offspring to a longhaired hippie, flower eating, Whitetail Doe of Cherokee and Irish bloodline.
His Father was a fire breathing, farm raised, redneck Bison of Polish and Czechoslovakia decent. 

Unmistakably unique and unforgettable, one cannot deny there is only one- 
Buck Fuffalo


so many bad decisions