Buckhorn Mountain Boys

Buckhorn Mountain Boys


Idaho's Premier Bluegrass Band featuring veteran musicians whose careers have spanned nearly 30 years each of playing and performing bluegrass music. This four piece ensemble combines traditional bluegrass with original flair.


First formed in 1976, the Buckhorn Mountain Boys reorganized in 2001 and play traditional bluegrass music and are based out of Nampa, in southwestern Idaho.

Their traditional based but highly original sound is centered around the lead vocals of Al Jackson, who also plays guitar and mandolin. Al started playing bluegrass music in the early 70s and was the founder and leader of the original Buckhorn Mountain Boys.

Mike Bond, is BMBs banjo player and could be considered one of the pioneers of bluegrass music in Idaho. Mike played with some early bluegrass bands in the state before settling in with "Ragged But Right" for 17 years. He was also one of the founders of the Idaho Bluegrass Association. He sings mostly tenor harmony lending to the band "high lonesome sound".

Rue Frisbee is widely known throughout Idaho as one of the most tasteful bluegrass fiddle players. In his earlier days, he competed widely in numerous fiddle contest throughout the northwest including the National Old Time Fiddlers Contest in Weiser Idaho. He played with "Too Far Gone" for 15 years as well as other bluegrass and country bands. Rue also plays guitar and sings harmony on the quartets and provides the bands comic relief.

Donna Bond plays stand-up bass and is one of the best in the business. Her energy and drive contribute to BMBs powerhouse rhythm section and her high harmony vocals fill the bands powerful and edgy trios. She also played for 17 years in "Ragged But Right" with her husband Mike.

The Buckhorn Mountain Boys have open shows for and shared the stage with several high level national bluegrass acts including; the Del McCoury Band, IIIrd Time Out, Lost Highway, Cherryholmes, Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver and Country Current. Boise Weekly selected the Buckhorn Mountain Boys as one of the Top 5 bands in Boise Idaho for 2004. They have appeared at numerous festivals including: The Bannock County Bluegrass Festival in Idaho, The Darrington Bluegrass Festival in Washington, The Battle Mountain Music Festival in Nevada, and the Portland Rose Festival in Oregon as well as numerous concert appearances throughout the Western United States.

They have produced and released three CDs on their own independent BMB Records label. Their latest CD, "One More River" has recieved radio play across the U.S as well as Canada, Australia, and Europe.

The Buckhorn Mountain Boys pride themselves on playing traditional based bluegrass music but have also developed their own unique sound. They have been described as playing "traditional bluegrass music with an original flair". Each member of the BMB has spent years playing bluegrass and that knowledge has helped them perfect their own signature sound. They shape that sound by blending voices and instruments through smooth transitions, rapid-fire licks and stunning instrumentals. Bluegrass Now magazine says, "their music is new and should gain the band a great deal of attention". Bluegrass Unlimited says, "One More River clearly establishes them as the state of Idaho's premier bluegrass band".


"These guys are one of the best, freshest sounds to come along in quite awhile. If you have a chance to lay your hands on any of their albums, you will never regret it". Mitch Pruitte. KFXD Radio, Boise, Idaho.

"One More River is a fine collection of great songs performed with the band's powerful western flair". Dave Higgs, Nashville Public Radio.

"This four piece ensemble combines traditional bluegrass with original flair. They have a deep appreciation for the preservation of true bluegrass and it shows in their tight vocal harmonies and obvious joy in what they do". Molly King, Boise Weekly.

"I always look for a surprise in each issue of Prime Cuts, and this band was it for this issue". Rich Baker, WOSU Radio

"hard driving traditional bluegrass within the context of the American northwest. The Buckhorn Mountain Boys have distinguished themselves with a collection that truely shines". Tim Walsh, Bluegrass Now Magazine.


Blow Wyoming Blow

Written By: Al Jackson, Dan Leavitt

It's bleak indeed in a Wyoming wind
when it's 45 degrees below.
As you look across that great white waste, of rippled and crusted snow.

You wrap yourself in layers so bold
To keep out the cold and the wind.
As you look to the sun and find it filtering through, the crystals of ice in the din.

Chorus: So Blow Wyoming Blow
you cold Wyoming wind
blow Wyoming blow
blow away and never come again.

A cowboy is out fighting the numb
that takes over his fingers and toes
as he tries to make a way, to get to the hay or clear a watering hole that's been froze.

The cattle are huddled way down in a draw, with their backsides facing the wind.
And their coats are as white as the cold land itself, and frozen tight to their skin.


In winter out on the high plains,
a storm can pass in an hour or two.
But how quickly they come and cause you to run, they can last for a day or a few.

You pray the wind to stop
so you can see what you got
and let the mix settle down to the ground, but that cold Wyoming wind is relentless as hell as it blows, and drowns out the sound.


Maggie's A-Waltzin'

Written By: Rick Wingerter

I stopped by miss Maggie's on my way home tonight.
Just checkin to see, if she was doin alright.
I asked her if there's anything that she needs.
She smiled and she said, would you waltz with me please.

Chorus: Maggie's a-waltzin her memries tonight.
Somewhere in the past, as she holds me tight.
She's like a young girl in the soft candle light.
Maggie's a-waltzin her memries tonight.

She talked about Billy, and brushed back her tears.
She said they'd been married for 38 years.
She said Billy's waitin with Jesus above.
And Lord she missed waltzin, with her only love.


The doctor just called from her bedside to say.
He's sorry but Maggie had just passed away.
He said that she died with a smile on her face.
And now she's a-waltzin in a much better place.

Chorus: Maggie's a-waltzin her memries tonight.
Somewhere in the distance, she holds Billy tight.
She's like a young girl in the heavenly light.
Maggies a-waltzin her memries tonight.

Yes Maggie's a-waltzin with Billy tonight


Take The Backroad Home; BMB Records 2003
LIVE, Warts And All; BMB Records 2004
One More River; BMB Records 2005

Set List

The Buchorn Mountain Boys have material to cover approximately 120 minutes consisting of some traditional covers as well as many obscure songs and original music from local and regional songwriters.

Sets can vary in length from 2 or 3, 45 minute sets, all the way to a full blown 90 minute concert set.