Buck Moon

Buck Moon


A rock band with a powerful mix of vocals that range from soft and sultry to soaring over blazingly brilliant guitar riffs and solos. Intelligent lyrics, mix with a rhythm section that encompasses the straight ahead AND polyrhythmic forms.


Buck Moon features the songwriting and singing of Gabrielle Agachiko, who returns to the Boston music scene after a decade in the Massachusetts countryside. Gabrielle's songs reflect thr journey from her home in Kenya, through an education in England, conservatory studies in New York, jazz gigs in Paris and dues-paying in the Boson rock world. Her lyrics are poetic, smart and thoughtful; her vocals can soar, sooth or sear, by turn, remaining always impassioned and straight from the heart.

Gabrielle achieved a measure of notoriety in the early 90's with 'The Atom Said', whos guitarist Reeves Gabrels left the band for David Bowie's 'Tin Machine'. Now in Buck Moon, she collaborates with guitarist Jeff Friedman, a world-class arranger with Carla Bley, Steve Swallow and others, and a player who knows no boundaries between rock, jazz and soul. The bedrock-solid and propulsive rhythm section consists of versatile bassist Paul Engle and drummer Brett Campbell, the powerhouse behind Boston's lounge-surf-psychedelic quintet Seks Bomba


We've just released a four song demo (3 tracks are loaded here. We hope to record a studio album in the autumn.

Set List

1. just a day
2. i give
3. early to bed
4. dear one
5. inside
6. i will fly
7. walking
8. talk to me
9. once and again
10. there is a time
11. if i could feel
12. hail in the summer
13. blood
14. what i see
15. S.P.Q.R.