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buck n ermma


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patched up walker

Written By: Jeff McGarry

There once lived a man from i don't know where from. We found him in the mud, he wasn't dead though. He told a story of a man who gave a shit yeah. He wasn't dead, he wasn't given up yet.

We helped pick him up off the ground. He got up and patted himself down. Said " Thanks fellas!, now I got to move along". He dusted his cap and put it back on.

We started "Hey mister where'd you come from?, How did you get here?, Could we give a lift there?". He turned towards us and said with a smile,"It's alright I like to walk for awhile."

"you see,
I help beat myself into the ground. I've been lying here for years just waiting to be found. The facts fellas we all live and learn It just always seems like it my turn."

Didn't have much but again had it all, turned my back head was in a wall. Setting myself up waiting to fall, didn't have wings and I wasn't that tall.

And here you found me not that strong. Keep telling myself push forward when everything is wrong