Buckshot Bebee

Buckshot Bebee

 Hamilton, Ontario, CAN

The prolific Buckshot Bebee sings lyrical compositions on a bed of Rock! Her songs are campy, playful and dark. Buckshot's Boyfriend's are pros!!! Virtuoso's with sheared talant!!! The energy and glamour of this band will drag you in! A show stopper!!!



(HMA's - 2013)

Buckshot Bebee has a history! Born in Montreal. Reborn again in Hamilton, Ontario!! She once fronted the infamous band, the "Poisoned Aeros". Made a record with the help of Gord Lewis (Teenage Head). Toured with Sylvain Sylvain (New York Doll). She has been spotted in Albert Bouchard's Outrageous Canadians" (BOC) and singing along side Lori Yates in "The Evelyn Dicks" (Hamilton) 

With a pocket full of songs, Buckshot decided to venture off and write a new record. Collaborating with Andrew Aldridge, Buckshot and the boys went on to record "MERCHANTS OF YOUTH".  Mixed and Mastered by Nick Blagona (Deep Purple), the record was nominated for Best Adult Alternative Record and took home a win for Best Female Artist.  

The Secret Boyfriends are Gene Champagne (Killjoys), Andrew Aldridge (Sara Sleen, Wild Strawberries) Paul Cameron (Downboy), Greg Brisco (Dinnerbells) and Secret Girlfriend Lisa Winn (Ladybirds)  (The Secret Boyfriends) to make a rock and roll record!!  Mixed and Mastered by Nick Blagona (Deep Purple)

Shows are lively, vibrant, theatrical and a crowd pleaser!


Album Title
released September 2013

Album Title
Poisoned Aeros
Doublehell Records

Single Release
"It Ain't Happen' to Me"
Wakestock Compilation
Univeral Records

Set List

All songs are original and written by Buckshot Bebee and the Band. You might catch the odd cover thrown into the show by artists such as Bowie, Queen, The Alice Cooper Band and the New York Dolls.