Buck "The Big Man"

Buck "The Big Man"

 Dallas, Texas, USA

To book me, get in touch with my agent, Diana Nixon Bowers at (817) 681-6976. For video clips visit my youtube channel. http://www.youtube.com/buckthebigman


Saddle up with Buck”The Big Man”!
“I’m a rootin, tootin, six-gun shootin, yodeling cowhand!”
(courtesy of Wylie Gustafson)
These Lyrics describe Buck”The Big Man” to a T! Singer, Songwriter, Yodeler extraordinaire, Award winning Cowboy Poet, Emcee, Voice-over artist, Humorist and Western Actor. The Big Man brings the Music, History and Romance of the West to life before your very eyes! Whether you’re after historically accurate costumes, and songs of the trail (and the stories behind them) or the Golden age of the B-Westerns, with the great tunes from Roy, and Gene, Tex and Rex, Cowboy Poetry for your next gathering, yodels that’ll blow the roof right off ‘yer bunkhouse, Fall-Down laughing Cowboy Comedy, or a great villain or sidekick for your next production... The Big Man is the one to call!

Born into a musical family (his Mother Judy Beaver was a regular on the Big “D” Jamboree, and Country Picnic TV and radio shows) Buck has been performing since the age of 5. He is featured regularly on Love of the West, and can often be seen on the Texas Country Gospel Hour seen worldwide on Gospel Music Television; Featured on the TV series “Tales from the Trail” on KXVI in OK City, and written up in Texas Highways, Rope Burns, and other Western Publications. Buck is guaranteed to liven up any show, from a small Cowboy Church service, to yodeling in front of thousands of fans in Las Vegas, or bringing a smile to the audience at your Cowboy Poetry gathering. He tours widely throughout Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma. His music can be heard on radio stations throughout North America, Australia, and Europe. The Big Man has 10 albums out, and is currently working on a 11’th.
In addition to his other activities, Buck is in wide demand both as an emcee and as a voice over artist, having recorded over 2000 Radio and TV Commercials. Most recently, The Big Man is the host/producer of the Internet radio show “Cowboy Campmeeting” which is webcast on TwangtownUSA.com, and writes the "Golden Nuggets" column for The Western Way magazine. He also heads up the largest online Western Music and Poetry group on Facebook.


Cattle on a Thousand Hills
Best of The West
Songs of the Trail
Two Guitars in Spanish (With Anita Witt)
Wild Places (Cowboy Poetry & Stories)
Buck The Big Man Swings Western
Cowboy Gospel & Christian Country
God & Country kinda man
Oklahoma - A century in song
From the Mountains to the Prairie
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Set List

This is tailored to the event, but for a solo show, a Generic Western set would include the following as a base...

Western Standards:
Cattle Call, Night Riders Lament, Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere, Back in the Saddle, Round up in the Spring, Cowpoke, Ghost Riders.

Historical songs:
Whoopi ti yi yo, When the works all done this Fall,
Green grow the Lilacs, Roll on little Dogies, Red River Valley, Yellow Rose of Texas.

Irish songs that became Cowboy Music(along with the stories and songs they became):
Bard of Armagh/Streets of Laredo, Annie Laurie/Bad half Hour, Rosin the Beau/Acres of Claims, Molly Malone/My home's in Montana.

Some Cowboy Poetry:
Wild Horses, Keeper of the Fire, and Cookie's Black Iron Skillet.

Interlaced with historical nuggets about Western Music, Movies, and Cowboy life in General.
Example: Who was the very first Singing Cowboy on film?
Ken Maynard in the 1929 film Wagon Master. He did two songs, Lone Star Trail, and Cowboy's Lament.