Bucktown Kickback

Bucktown Kickback


Supporting a growing fanbase since 2002, BUCKTOWN KICKBACK specialize in Alt-Country / Rockin'-Grass / Americana / Folk music, blending the old and new with intelligent songwriting and incredible musicianship.


Formed in central Ohio by Adam Brooks Dudding, BuckTown KickBack made its debut in August of 2002. Since it's creation, "BTKB" has entertained thousands from neighborhood bars and college watering holes to music halls and amphitheaters throughout the Midwest including shows in Chicago, Louisville, Nashville, and Austin. They've also had the pleasure of opening up for national and international acts like ALABAMA on their "Farewell Tour" at The Germain Amphitheatr, Railroad Earth at the Newport Music Hall and Junior Brown at Little Brother's in Ohio.

BuckTown KickBack's debut album SPEAKEASY hit Americana Radio stations Fall 2005 and raced up the Americana Charts landing at #1 on the Roots Report Folk Airplay Chart, #6 on the Roots Top 100, #33 on the Internet Airplay Chart and #58 on the AMA Airplay Chart (700) the week of December 12, 2005. Their music, just like their live performances, showcases their intoxicating blend of the old and the new with intelligent songwriting and incredible musicianship.

The band is currently preparing for the release of their follow-up studio album "Lost In Your Own Hometown".


Watch Yourself

Written By: Adam Brooks Dudding

You’ve been listening to the lies on the TV set, wondering how much worse things are gonna get. And maybe you’ll roll over on your bed that’s filled with clover, all those wishes you’re bound to regret and all those plans you made are running further than you can get. “Is all the trouble worth it?” You’ve been listening to the voices filling up your head, trying to forget what all those people had said. And after you recover from the loss of yet another lover, this time you might stay home instead. And WELCOME to the land of I LOST MY WAY. You’re just walking down a road that your dreams couldn’t pave, and you look in your pocket for the money you saved, but it’s all been spent, you don’t know where it went. It left you without a trace, just like Everything, Runs Away. You’ve been listening to the sounds of an empty room. Cold plaster bouncing your breath back into you. You hide behind this wood and wire, thoughts don’t come without that fire. Burned out baby break of day, Find the time just slips away, Start off walking set the pace, Watch Yourself Run Away.

Give and Take

Written By: Adam Brooks Dudding

Wish I was sitting there tangled up with you, but to my dismay you’re too far away and I’m blinded by this view. Searching for your silhouette, eyes on fire burned with sweat, reminds me of that time I told you never to forget. You don’t know what I would do to turn this thing right off and sit down next to you. Wish I was sitting there that’s what I’d like to do. Hiding out, holding on, floating in to you. Listening to the band, trying hard to understand how no one ever moved me like the way I know you can. It has occurred to me like a hurricaned sea that I won’t have to settle down for you to sail on me. Well the give and take makes me insane. I want to give so much but I don’t want to take the pain. Try, if you can. Learn to understand. I want to give my all I’m gonna give all that I can. Wish I was sitting there singing just for you. Long embrace, let’s celebrate this love we fell in to. Conversate, relate, rotate, found true love twist of fate. Well, hold on to it tightly ‘cause it’s bound to float away. You don’t know what I would do to turn this thing right off and sit down next to you.

BlackSwamp Stomp (One More Dance)

Written By: Adam Brooks Dudding

She was a pack-a-day straight-no-chaser
And with her cowboy boots you couldn’t mistake
The sounds she made when you turned the jukebox on
Well she picked me up and asked me for a dance
And I was on that floor before I even had a chance
To take a sip of my beer, turn around and look. When I did I shook

She was six-foot-ten two seventy-five
Both arms tattooed it was a crazy sight
Built like a mountain but danced like a river
When she put her arms around me my whole body shivered
She tried to lead and I tried to follow
But with my two left feet and my courage hollow
She had to chase me down ‘cause I was runnin’ off back to my seat

One more dance, Give me that second chance
Baby, just one more dance with you

If you got the time I want to shine and show off my two-step
Bottle of wine and a long-neck, so put on your dancin’ shoes
I don’t care too much about makin’ up small talk,
When every conversation’s a long walk, and I just want to dance with you

I have to say I felt a little uneasy
Everywhere I looked people trying to tease me
But it was kind of nice the way she held me in those big strong arms
and then she spun me. She stomped her boots right a cross that floor
Stomping so hard it nearly shook off the doors She kept the beat of the bass drum,
twirled me like chewing gum, I had to fess up I was having fun.

I had to sit down and rest for a while, I told her thanks and returned her smile
She looked upset and just stood and pointed at the dance floor, I tried to ignore it
The next thing I know she was with another fella, and hate to admit it I was jealous
I finished my beer filled up my flak and I tapped her on the shoulder with a question to ask

One more dance, Give me that second chance
Baby, just one more dance with you

If you got the time I want to shine and show off my two-step
Bottle of wine and a long-neck, so put on your dancin’ shoes
I don’t care that some folks think it’s a sin, so they stop and stare
And then they start to grin, and I just want to dance with you

Three Weeks

Written By: Adam Brooks Dudding

It’s been exactly three weeks since I’ve seen her and I’m trying hard to keep her off my mind.
But I’m hangin’ out at the very same place I met her, just sitting here hoping that she walks by.

She’s got the sweetest smile I’ve ever seen. Those eyes that make my heart skip a beat.
A voice like an angel from ol’ Galilee. And a walk that will knock you right off your seat.
I’m talkin’ ‘bout this woman and what she’s doing to me.

I see her face when I wake up in the morning. ‘Cause she’s been in my dreams every night.
I’m longing for the next time that I see her, so I can let her know she’s on my mind.


Release Date: December 2002
Out of Print

Debut 15 Song LP: SPEAKEASY
Release Date: Febrary 15, 2005
Published By: Whirled Werks Music (ASCAP)


Roots Report - Folk Top 50 #1
Roots Report - Roots Top 100 #6
Roots Report - Internet Airplay #33
Americana Music Assoc. - Airplay Charts (700) #58

Radio Play:

-WCBE 90.5 (Columbus, OH)
-CD 101 (Columbus, OH)
-WYSO (Yellow Springs, OH)
-KPND (Sandpoint, ID)
-KTHX (Reno, NV)
-KGNU (Boulder, CO)
-WUIN (Wilmington, NC)
-WNCW (Greenville, Anderson, Ashville, SC & NC)
-KAXE (Grand Rapids, MN)
-KRBC (Santa Rosa, CA)
-KBSO (Corpus Christi, TX)
-WNCW (Spindale, NC)
-KDHX (St. Louis, MO)
-KRFC (Ft. Collins, CO)
-WALW (Moulton, AL)
-WETS (Johnson City, TN)
-WHAY (Whitley City, KY)
-WMKY (Morehead, KY)
-WUIN (Wilmington, NC)
-KZSU (Stanford, CA)
-KDNK (Carbondale, CO)
-WGCS (Goshen, IN)
-WCBE (Columbus, OH)
-WQBR (McElhattan, PA)
-WMKY (Morehead, KY)
-KFAI (Minneapolis, MN)
-KSWI/Dirt Road Radio (Atlantic, IA)
-WVMR (Allegheny Mountain Radio, Virginias)
-WVLS (Allegheny Mountain Radio, Virginias)
-WCHG (Allegheny Mountain Radio, Virginias)
-CountryBear - (streaming online station - www.countrybear.com)
-Western Beat (syndicated radio program www.westernbeat.com)
-Country Eastern/Outlaw For Peace Radio (Columbus, TX)
-XM Satellite Radio - "X Country Station (XM 12)"
-Music Choice (Americana digital cable)

...and more

Set List

BuckTown KickBack (BTKB) sets are determined by the type of venue or event they are performing at. Each set is different and contains 90% original songs with occasional covers of unique classics by artists like The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Sr., Steve Earle, Jerry Garcia, Dan Hicks and more as well as some traditional old timey tunes like East Tennessee Blues, Beaumont Rag and Salt Creek.