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Montréal, Quebec, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | INDIE

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Rock Punk




"Bucky Harris - "Three Wolves""

Apparently, you should never judge a book by it’s cover. Really? As soon as I saw the artwork for this spiky slice of folk punk from Montreal’s Bucky Harris, I knew I’d like it. What I wasn’t expecting was to love it.

The first 3 songs zip past with total blood and thunder glory. The opening riff to “Disremember Me” gives way to a battery of frenetic drumming and distorted chords. Chest beating anthem, “The Vanishing Point” demonstrates the sheer power of Michael Wynands’ voice before “Like Scarecrows in a Storm” hits you with another emotional uppercut. With barely time to take a breath you are struck by how tight and impassioned the band is. Heart pounding drinking song “Ruckus” begs to be heard in a huddle of your best friends with beer spilling on your shoes.

“These Walls” is the first single and the album’s stand out song. It has a insistent chorus that’ll lodge in your brain like a tic in a dog’s back. If ever a song had the potential to push a band to the overground, then this is it. You’ll find yourself screaming the chorus whilst blinking back tears. There is a coarse street edge to the straight ahead punk songs that open up the album that mix the fury of The Sainte Catherine’s and the melody of The Lawrence Arms.The songs sound lived in and well hewn. They sound like they have already soundtracked many a drunken night and are hell bent on accompanying a few more. Then, suddenly, the album is given room to breath and it becomes evident just how special the band is.

Skeletal song “Sleep” sees frontman Wynand accompanied by a fragile, gently strummed electric guitar until the band add some country flourishes that turn it into something quite beautiful. The slower pace continues into “Break Us Apart” before a furious drum assault propels the song into another wild anthem. The riff on “Decanter” struts to the front adding some hard rock menace before giving way to a magnificently emotive chorus. “Catacombs” adds a rootsy, Johnny Cash feel and adds further depth to the album. Shout along anthem “Wake up” closes the album with the sound of the whole band bellowing out a life-affirming chorus. You’ll find yourself bawling along long after the music stops.

Wynand’s voice is some weapon to have at your disposal. It has a powerful clarity to it that can both raise your fist in the air and bring a tear to your eye. In that way it recalls Laura Jane Grace’s most powerful performances. The wrought, heart on their sleeve lyrics are reminiscent of bands like the Gaslight Anthem but they are no less powerful because of it. He manages to voice the struggles and joys of life while still sounding fresh.

This is a roughly hewn diamond of an album. The band bring to mind Against Me! with the street smarts of Dead to Me with a touch of Gaslight Anthem’s freewheeling Americana. However, rather than ape them, they weave the punk, folk and country stylings to create something genuinely thrilling. This is an album that begs to soundtrack good times and heartbreak.

And I was also right about the cover.

4/5 Stars - Dying Scene

"DS Staff Picks: Paul Carr’s Top 10 Albums of 2016 - #10"

A roughly hewn diamond of an album that wears it’s heart on it’s sleeve as it spills beer on your shoes. This is an album that begs to soundtrack good times and heartbreak as the band veer from good time street edged punk to skeletal and emotionally fragile numbers. - Dying Scene

"TOP TEN "Best of 2016" - #9 Three Wolves"

Oh man, these dudes shred. The album cover and song title should tell you all you need to know. - Soundboardnews

"Featured Artist: Bucky Harris"

Bucky Harris has been rocking their way into the heart of the Montreal punk scene since 2011. As a result, they are easily one of the bands I am most excited to see perform at this year’s Pouzza Fest. In 2012 the band released a full-length album that, with the inevitable passing of time, has been demoted to nothing more than a demo of songs they don’t play anymore. 2014 saw the launch of what the band considers their first proper release, the Seateeth EP. Its six songs maintained their rugged punk rock roots while expanding on a folky side that their older songs only hinted at.

Like most modern folk-punk, it’s easy to compare Bucky Harris to bands like Against Me! (whose songs they often cover in their live shows), or the more pop-styled Gaslight Anthem. Their rough and sometimes rapid-fire vocals also welcome a comparison to fellow Canadian punks, The Flatliners. What separates Bucky Harris from their peers however, is the vast musical history encompassed in their delightfully traditional and familiar sound.

Songs like “The Ocean” expertly mimic the maritime rhythms of old folk songs. The vague and poetic lyrics not only achieve an artistic depth that is often lacking in punk rock, but create a literary atmosphere that feels historical and lofty. Lead singer Mike Wynands has a swagger and vocal style that reminds me of a young Elvis Presley. There is also something about the simplicity of the band’s songwriting that reminds me of 70s folk-inspired arena rock like the legendary Bruce Springsteen, although I’m not familiar enough with his catalogue to be able to put my finger on exactly why that is. - Bucket List Music Reviews

"BUCKY HARRIS-Three Wolves"

A strong, fast and hard album that bridges hard rock, alternative and punk. Much more worth your time, and much more interesting, than that new Blink 182 album. - Berkeley Place Blog

"BUMP: Bucky Harris Seateeth Review"

I’ve been going to Bucky Harris shows for a few years and every time, at some point in their set, they perform a cover of an Against Me! song. Their set at TRH Bar this weekend, celebrating the release of their latest EP Seateeth, was no exception. “Disco Before the Breakdown” was an interesting choice, a bit of a throwback and atypical of AM!’s overall sound, but ultimately indicative of Seateeth’s musical direction.

The EP’s six tracks blend rough pop punk, folk, bluegrass and country. These elements come together in a way that is sometimes reminiscent of 50s rock ‘n roll, particularly in the last thirty seconds of the final track, “The Ocean.” The addition of banjo and accordion to the band’s lineup on “50 Dead Men” makes it the EP’s folkiest and most laidback song. As if to ease the listener into Seateeth‘s stylistic diversity, the opening track “Two-twelve” is a straight-forward punk song that would sound right at home on any Hot Water Music record.

Lead singer Mike Wynands’ simultaneously rough and melodic voice sounds like that of a punk rock Elvis Presley. However, his attention to melody and cadence makes the songs’ lyrics largely incomprehensible without multiple listens. Notable exceptions to this are “Abel” and “Two-twelve,” both of which have simple and catchy choruses I quickly found myself singing along to. One of Seateeth‘s biggest strengths is its abundance of voices. Many of its tracks have background vocals, harmony parts and “Falling Off The Wagon: Tuck’N’Roll” incorporates high-pitched screams, which are unfortunately low in the mix and closes with an a capella vocal round.

Like most punk albums, production is a bit of a problem on Seateeth. While it works in favor of their rough charm most of the time, there is one consistent issue: the bass tone. The bass on pretty much every song produces a gravelly rumble that often distracts from the songs’ melodic qualities, particularly on “50 Dead Men.” Regardless, Seateeth is a wonderful example of what’s possible when punk rock is blended with more traditional genres and it’s already one of my favorite releases of 2014. The EP is available to stream and download on Bandcamp via Fireworks Collective, a booking agency that also releases albums. - Blood Underrated

"Sorel Fest 2015"

En parlant de différend, j’ai bien apprécié le punk-folk de Bucky Harris qui a suivi. Un son bien à eux qui a un potentiel énorme pour faire lever un party. - Daily-Rock.ca

"Bucky Harris, chanter en cœur le poing levé!"

Pour ce tout nouveau 7", c’est un retour à la formule classique pour Bucky Harris après l’EP acoustique In Sheep’s Clothing lancé il y a presqu’un an jour pour jour. Breathing Room, premier album disponible sur vinyle pour le groupe, nous offre 4 titres énergiques auxquels les Montréalais nous ont toujours habitués.

De la première à la dernière note des 8 minutes du EP, enregistré et mixé par Ryan Logan le bassiste du groupe, la musique de Bucky Harris ne baisse jamais la garde. La différence avec les albums précédents, qui alternent le punk rock avec des touches de folk effrénées passant par des moments plus calmes, c’est qu’ici toutes les pièces présentent une intensité ininterrompue; pas de mid-tempo ou ballades, que des morceaux pouvant galvaniser une foule.

La basse est aussi mise en valeur, donnant un sentiment d’urgence et de frénésie à la section rythmique tissée serrée qui supporte le groupe. Le meilleur exemple est la pièce d’ouverture Let Go qui démarre l’album littéralement au galop; grosse intro de Strumming Folky électrifié. Le martèlement de la basse et les transitions de guitares ont une petite saveur de The Living End. Racontant le lâcher-prise face à l’opposition et les obstacles qu’on se met à soi-même; le moment où on laisse tomber la pression et que l’on décide de foncer coûte que coûte.

Dropped Seeds (selon Spotify) ou Drop Seeds (sur la pochette du EP), précédemment entendu en version acoustique sur l’EP précédent, propose une version avec plus de mordant. Drop Seeds n’est pas sans rappeler Against Me!; guitares grattées avec hargne et refrain de type chœurs vocaux, cette chanson ne peut laisser indifférent. Texte sur la persévérance d’une génération n’ayant rien à perdre et qui se fait constamment répéter qu’elle n’y arrivera pas; une jeunesse qui réussira, même à contre-courant.

Thanks, hommage à la musique qui nous transforme comme personne et qui, pour certains, les poussent à créer leur propre art, transportés par un sentiment viscéral de liberté et de bonheur. Dans l’alternance entre le riff fougueux des refrains et les guitares effacées des couplets qui permet un accumulation carabiné.

Finalement, dans Tired Tales les échanges vocaux entre Wynands et Logan mettent bien en perspective les thèmes « catchy » et les passes plus agressives qui donnent la richesse au son du groupe.

À l’image de la pochette (création du guitariste David Carpentier-Laberge), cage thoracique dilatée par des poumons rouges vifs gonflés à bloc, prêts à lâcher leur fiel, la prestation vocale est encore au top pour Bucky Harris. Le timbre unique, la rythmique des paroles et les textes de Michael Wynands sont un élément majeur qui donnent une touche distinctive au son de Bucky Harris. Travail impeccable de Sebastien Grimmond (aussi de Oh My Snare) à la barre des percussions pour la première fois avec Bucky sur album. De plus, transporté par des musiciens solides qui accompagnent avec brio de les chœurs vocaux, Bucky Harris nous offre de la musique étoffée d’harmonies épiques qui vous donneront le goût de chanter en cœur le poing levé. - Barricade Punk

"(Revue) Lancement d’album de Bucky Harris – 6 octobre"

Samedi dernier au « Orange Mécaniquesque » Atomic Café, Bucky Harris lançait son nouveau 7’’ Breathing Room. Une soirée accompagnée par les gars psychédéliques de S’cuse et le punk mélancolique d’Oakhearts, trois groupes, trois styles, un spectacle sans temps morts. Ouvrant la soirée, S’cuse fut fort divertissant; éclectiques et absurdes les gars ont un fun contagieux.

Parfois dissonant, parfois de longues interludes musicales hypnotisantes, entre l’utilisation d’un tuyau de plastique pour lier les membres et des interventions humoristiques entre les pièces, S’cuse donne tout un spectacle. Oakhearts a enchaîné avec un punk plus sombre; un mélange entre guitares planantes, qu’on colle plus au son du post-rock, et de rythmes berçants et saisissants à la fois. Le groupe, composé de membres de Young and Lost, Midnights, The Sober Dawn, Powernap, The Nils et Sangomas nous fait passer par toute une gamme d’émotions. Soyez prêts, on attend leur LP d’ici la fin 2018.

Au final, cette soirée était celle de Bucky Harris. Encore une fois toute une prestation. Ces gars-là sont toujours au rendez-vous, on peut lire dans leurs visages et leur gestuelle la passion qu’ils mettent dans leur musique. Michael Wynands capte l’attention avec sa voix unique, nasillarde, puissante et mélodieuse, rappelant par moments Benjamin Kowalewicz; il canalise parfaitement l’énergie donnée par le groupe. Ryan Logan à la basse (et à la production de Breathing Room) se donne corps et âme à ce projet. Supportant la majeure partie des chœurs vocaux, Logan donne le ton avec des lignes de basse percutantes.

David Carpentier-Laberge, aussi de Lost Love, vient mettre la finition à la guitare, livrant des mélodies peaufinées et accrocheuses. Pour sa part, Pierrick Provost complète les cordes en livrant des riffs puissants en plus de transmettre son plaisir à toute la salle. À la batterie, pour la première fois sur disque, Sébastien Grimmond tient parfaitement son rôle de gardien du rythme; solide et percutant, il guide le groupe dans une performance acharnée. Mentions honorables aux harmonies vocales apportées par tous les membres, forgeant le son colossal de Bucky Harris. - BarricadePunk.com

"Top Ten Albums of 2018"

10) Bucky Harris — Breathing Room

I kept going back and forth on this one, because it’s an EP. In fact, the entire record clocks in at only 8-minutes. But everything in my bones said those 8-minutes are worthy.
[...] - Medium.com

"Les palmarès 2018 de Marcan"

[#1 EP de 2018]
1. Bucky Harris – Breathing Room
Dans le punk-rock-folk, Bucky Harris ne donne pas sa place et le démontre très bien avec quatre morceaux impeccables et délectables. Tout est pensé à la perfection, en plus d’être exécuté avec passion et amour. Il m’est impossible de ne pas chanter (les parties que je comprends, bien sûr) peu importe où je me trouve.
Chanson préférée: Tired Tales
[...] - BarricadePunk.com


2018 - Breathing Room
2017 - In Sheep's Clothing
2016 - Three Wolves
2014 - SeaTeeth
2012 - Self-Titled



Bucky Harris is a band from Montreal, Quebec, playing a mixture of punk, rock and folk to create their distinct sound. They have toured Quebec, Ontario and the United States, and have had the pleasure of playing such festivals as Pouzza Fest, Rockaganza and Buckfest.

2016 marked the release of their sophomore record, Three Wolves. Dying Scene, in their review of the album described the band by saying: "They, [Bucky Harris,] weave the punk, folk and country stylings to create something genuinely thrilling."

(Full review: http://dyingscene.com/news/bucky-harris-three-wolves/)

They draw influence from such bands as Against Me!, the Sainte Catherines, Dead to Me, The Bronx, Gaslight Anthem. Morning Glory & Mischief Brew to name only a few.

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