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Manassas, Virginia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Manassas, Virginia, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Solo Hip Hop Indie




"This or That (Official Video)"

Bucky Dolla premiered the new visual to his exclusive “This or That” on his Facebook Fan Page and it has peaked over 6000 views in 3 days since being released as a #FREEWORKFRIDAY exclusive.

Bucky has been building a buzz via his signature weekly exclusives which he’s one of many artist doing it to keep his fans in tuned with what’s next to come. Bucky is about to create a new wave in NOVA being a element of hip hop!

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www.buckethatshawty.com - ImSoDMV

"Bucky Dolla drops visual for highly anticipated record, “This or That”"

Manassas’ Bucky Dolla, is definitely an artist cut from a different cloth. His latest visual for “This or That” reminds me of those videos we’d see air on MTV Jams. It starts off with a comedic skit then later transitions into smooth bar for bar wordplay. Bucky has outdone his self from his visual “Dope”. Be sure to check out the entertaining video and simply find out why you should vibe with Bucky instead of the rest! - VirginiaGotNow

"New Video: Bucky Dolla – “F.N.F.”"

Bucky Dolla drops another visual from his latest mixtape Kings Amongst Pawns & this time he’s dropping something for the ladies. F.N.F (F*ck N Fight) featuring Naomi Rahj is the perfect break up to make up song for this year’s “cuffing season”. 1ReactionMedia and VYFilms team up to bring you a stunning visual to Bucky’s ghetto love song. - Respect Magazine


Bucky Dolla hits us off with another visual from his latest mixtape Kings Amongst Pawns, but this time it’s a smooth, melodic track for the ladies, featuring Naomi Rahz on the hook. Naomi Rahz’s sultry vocals give the record exactly what it needs to convincingly make it the perfect “break up to make up” song for this year’s cuffing season. Watch Bucky’s ghetto love song above. - The Source

"Bucky Dolla - King Amongst Pawns (Review and Download)"

Seems like Bucky Dolla and I have something in common, we both took a little time off but please believe we’re back and giving you more reasons to listen.

Almost a year to the date, I reviewed a mixtape by his counterpart M-Burb the Captain which was a very gifted offering by a young talent out of the DMV. Bucky Dolla is no exception to this, following up a 2 year hiatus from the rap game with his new mixtape King Amongst Pawns. The album cover is with a ‘bred’ color way. It seems as if he’s looking to make a statement with the title of the mixtape and its generous offering of 21 tracks.

I'm going to run through a few of the highlights from the album and give you more than enough reasons why you should also.

Well Alright!

One Day feat. J Beale (Produced by Chrisbeatz)

The first track should always set the tone for the album. And hearing Bucky’s voice over the synth with the statement ‘My niggas move like kings, you and your niggas move like pawns’ lets the listener know from the jump that while other cats are looking only forward one space at a time; he’s coming at you from all angles. And while he can’t move all over the board just yet, he’s watching his front and his back at all times. One Day is full of introspect, but not without retrospect, it’s a mature sounding record.

Didn’t Ya Know (Produced by Chrisbeatz)

I’m a sucker for this J Dilla sample, shouts to Chrisbeatz, respect on the flip. This joint is just smooth; you can see how cohesive Bucky is over the beat. He uses a different tone in his voice and even slurs his words to conform to the beat. The second verse is full of regret and struggle which humanizes the track, and keeps it in the same vein as its sample from Erykah Badu.

Dead Prezies Feat. Money Bagz (Produced by Curtis Tull)

Obligatory THIS JOINT GOES! B$ has a great ear for production. This track is face paced and the lyricism takes a turn for the better using a rhyme scheme that is more upbeat and drawn out. Money Bagz comes thru and laces the track nicely adding his own personal perspective to the game and how he hustles. He has a line ‘Doing wrong to live fair’ that stuck with me. It’s like even though he’s out there grinding he’s still not where he wants to be, but it’s the only life he knows.

Hustler Lullaby Feat. Rio and PTfromtheYT (Produced by Sergio Cortez)

This track is as far away from a lullaby as you can be! If this song puts you to sleep you must either be deaf or dead because this joint bangs. The end of the second verse is exceptionally a great way to leave em: ‘Every night I be prayin but not fond of the church / but the Lord understand cause he know my worth.” It has that ‘you might not like me, but you will respect me’ feel. I don’t know if it’s Rio or PTfromtheYT rapping the third bar but I’m feeling the slow flow cousin.

Make A Way (Produced by Nick Rio)

You can tell this is a personal record. He’s putting his life on wax. The beat isn’t too complex but it complements what I think Bucky was trying to achieve. It was more about the message. I ain’t gonna ruin the record, just give it a lesson.

Aint No Love Feat. Hank Diggs and Yung Rahz (Prouduced by Nfinit3)

This is hip hop. Modern day crime dramas told 16 bars at a time. Probably my favorite track on the album. Hank Diggs comes thru and blesses the track, his voice shadows over the track and gives you a feeling of Big Pun/Large Professor. Rahz has great story telling ability and tells ends the track perfectly. Don’t sleep.

Doing Thangz Feat. M-Burb the Captain (Produced by Ysonthetrack)

Chemistry is something that is developed over time and these cats got it. The track sounds like something you would hear at the club and the bass knocks. What’s an Bucky Dolla tape without a M-Burb feature? Great way to end the mixtape, they came in the game together and even after two years off the mic, it sounds like he’s never left.

Bucky Dolla has an ear for beats and doesn’t disappoint with this offering. The tape had tracks about life hardships, his own short comings and personal issues, storytelling, and even a joint for the strippers. Subject matter stayed consistent throughout, Bucky has found his lane and will stick to it. All in all this is one of his best mixtapes and I think the time he took away from the mic allowed him to regroup and come back with a deeper perspective and love not only for hip hop, but for life in general.

Beats: 8.5
Rhymes: 8
Life: 8 - Jarel Moore

"Bucky Dolla – Q&A Interview"

Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? How long have you been making Hip Hop?

Im from a small town in Northern Virginia called Manassas (M-City as we call it lol) Real shit, I’ve been writing music since I was in the 4th grade, but it wasnt until I got out of high school that I really started taking the shit serious.

What influences you in making Hip Hop?

Everything around me influences me to make hip hop. All the things and situations that I’ve been in or dealt with makes me push with this music shit so hard. Things could’ve turned out a whole lot different for me from what I was into, but I’m blessed to still be here so this music is what I’m on right now.

Describe your music, and what separates you from other MCs?

My music just brings back that feeling that you’ve been missing. That real soulful, passionate, feel good music. I mean not everything is all glitter and gold, but when you hear it you know it’s coming from a real place and it just resonates deep with people. That alone i feel like sets me apart from everything that your hearing right now. I’m not trying to be something I’m not or trying to ride somebody else’s wave, I’m just me and I think that shit shows in my music.

Who have you collaborated with? Who would you like to collab with in the near future?

Nobody crazy as of yet, mostly folks from out the area..I’ve collaborated with Black Cobain, Fat Trel, J.Beale, MoneyBagz, M-Burb The Captain, EOM just to name a few. There’s so many different people i wanna work with in the future its hard to put a finger on just one. If i had a top 3 though i would have to say Jay-Z, Timbaland, and Scarface. I know that shit gonna come sooner than later tho!

Your definition of “Underground Hip Hop”?

My definition of Underground Hip Hop is just hip hop at its essence, something very raw and organic. None of the watered down bullshit we’re being forcefed now, but just the folks thats really on this comeup and still sticking to the roots of this hiphop shit. So many people forget where all of this comes from and get away from the essence of the culture. I feel like in order to jump into this hip hop thing you need to know where it originated and where it came from.

Production wise, who are your influences? Who does your production? And who would you like to work with?

My dad was a dj back in the day so I came up off a lot of Motown shit growing up. I got a old soul, so I love anything soulful. I work with a lot of different producers from around my way like EOM, ChrisBeatz, Sergio Cortez, King Green, Justin Riley, all of these dudes are talented producers from around the way. I try to keep it as in house as possible and work with the talent we have in the area. I’d definantly like to work with Alchemist, Harry Fraud, 9th Wonder, DJ Premiere,Q Tip, all them legendary catz!

Any current or future projects you are promoting?

Right now we’re still pumping my latest mixtape, Kings Amongst Pawns. I dropped that March of last year so we still riding that wave. As for future projects me and my bro M-Burb The Captain working on our 2nd installment of our Pirate and The Captain mixtape series, that’s turning out to be something epic. Look out for that late March/early April. We’re just trying stay busy and keep pumping with this shit as much as possible.

Can you give us a brief description of the creative process of Kings Amongst Pawns? Also/ tell us a little bit about the concept and idea behind your Album/Mixtape Cover Art.

When I started recording songs off of #KAP I really wasnt fucking with the music for a while. I had just lost that spark and got caught up in all the bullshit that life brings. I really was focused on doing other things, but as i start to let people come to my house to hear what i had (b/c i recorded the whole tape in my basement) the reviews I was getting were just crazy. Everybody was looking at me like I was nuts for not pushing it like I should. Finally one day while I was with my homie Wyte Myke i was like fuck it bro, Ima put this tape together and really take my time with it to make it a masterpiece. I recorded probably 30-35 tracks for it and only put 19 on there, and even then I was always going back and taking songs out and adding songs as I went along. The concept for the tape actually came to me while i was sleeping, I was racking my brain for a title to the mixtape and i just couldnt come up with shit. Then i said fuck it Ima sleep on it and the next day i woke up and thats the first thing that came to my head, Kings Amongst Pawns. It just fit everything that I was trying to do with the tape and it just spoke perfectly for the movement. We’re all Kings in our own right, so we must act and carry ourselves as such. The title just summed everything up so we just ran with it. For the cover i wanted something classic like the Reasonable Doubt cover, nothing over the top but speaks for itself. When my homie BLVD sent me the first draft I knew that was it, he embodied everything that I wanted with what he came up with, after that it was a wrap.

Where can we find your music and info?

You can check me out on Twitter and Instagram @BuckyDolla. You can also check me out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/buckydollakap. You can find all my videos on my Youtube Page at www.youtube.com/mcitytv. Yall can google a nigga too if you need more info! lol

Any shout outs?

Shoutout to the whole YTNFL and the whole Mcity and all my family, friends and fans, I love all of yall, I do this shit for yall! 2015 is our time, just watch! Shoutout to you guys as well for helping me spread my vision with the world! - Underground Hip Hop Blog


Kings Amongst Pawns

Pirate and the Captain 2

Stoned Picasso- Available on Soundcloud

Stoned Picasso 2- Available on all streaming platforms



Bucky Dolla is a passionate, driven and charismatic hip-hop artist who started out from his small Virginia hometown, Manassas.

 With his dad being a DJ, music has always been a strong influence within his life, and in spite of all the struggles that he and his family had to endure just to get by decently, he set out to keep his eyes focused on his music career.

 For some, music might be just something we put on in the background, perhaps to get in the groove before a Friday night or simply to keep ourselves company or to entertain ourselves. For others, music is more than just plain old entertainment. For Bucky Dolla, a music career is his way to feed his family and 

 His blend of old-school hip-hop borrows from classic funk and Motown, as well as from the glory days of the rap scene back in the 90s. His sound is gritty, direct and immediate; a great reflection of his honest lyrics and humble mindset.

 Bucky Dolla embodies the idealism and energy of a true MC, but he also embraces all the possibilities offered by the modern approach to music production.

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