Tórshavn, Streymoy, FRO

Storyteller a la Tom Waits/Nick Cave. Sensual, dark, emotional and sometimes colourful stories with a great band backing the world created by Budam. Although compared with giants, he has his own authenticity and an overwhelming charisma.


Budam is a singer, songwriter, theatre composer and an actor. His debut album Stories of Devils, Angels, Lovers and Murderers is a true testament to this.
Inspired by artists such as Nick Cave and Ennio Morricone, Budam is a mixture of different genres that can be best described as Theatrical Indi Rock. Budam represents the perfect marriage of theatrical brilliance and musical versatility.
With a deep and seductive voice, Budam's performance is forceful and untamed. His singing goes from animalistic growls to sensual sighs against the background of angelic harmonies and murderous rhythms. On stage, Budam offers a complete show, performing something like Jim Morrison doing Tom Waits in a Weimar Cabaret.


Snake Charmer

Written By: Bui Egason Dam

The Gods have arranged a strange lovefeast. She, is the beauty, he, the beast. She,
the kindling wood, and he, the liar. The night is dark, and the moonhangs low, and
the wind is dancing deep and slow. Gracefully the beauty undresses to cleanse, as
the lecherously glaring moon touches her skin.

Snake charmer, you have the karma of a snake chamer.

Snake charmer, you have the karma of a strange, strange lama.

The serpent comes by crawling - sly as a lie. He says, "Hi, you mak me wanna die.
Can I give it a try?" She says, "Never!!!" But the worm is clever. He seduces her
and makes her sever.

His reptile touch makes her shiver as she lies naked and drenched by the river. She
spreads her legs and he fills her up while she screams, "you must never stop!!!"

Snake charmer, you have the karma of a snake chamer.

Snake charmer, you have the karma of a strange, strange lama.

(...umpa umpa umpa umpa ...)

So she falls in love with a charming snake that makes her sing and makes her sin.


Written By: Búi Egason Dam

I was strolling when an old friend came my way and said "hey, dadadeydadey".

We started talking, he started crying. I said, "hey, what's with the tears, Fred?"

He said, "soon, soon Fred will be dead. See I got cancer. Cancer is a murderer and
he's killing me. Killing me slowy, killing me slowly."

"I'm sorry."

He said, "don't be, just put your arms around me and hold me."

And as I was holding him, I started crying. And he said, "hey, dadadeydadey."

Dadadeydadey, it means, today is a beautiful day. He said, today is a beautiful day.


Released a nine track album: "Stories of Devils, Angels, Lovers and Murderers". Track no. one; "Snake Charmer" featured on the radio playlist on Icelandic radio channel Rás2 and Faroese radio channel Kringvarpið.

Currently, Budam is working on a new album due out Autumn 2010.

Set List

Typical setlist:

The Fly
The Elephant
The Man who knows everything
The Bicycle
Gabriels Song
Clap Hands
Do that thing
You are my Religion
Baltazar and Angel
The End