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Budapest Bar

Budapest, Budapest, Hungary | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | MAJOR

Budapest, Budapest, Hungary | MAJOR
Established on Jan, 2014
Band World Pop




"An Exhilarating US Debut by Budapest Bar"

"The Hungarian band works a cosmopolitan gypsy vibe, as opposed to a rural one, meaning that they play a more concert hall-oriented mix of styles which include both jazz and classical music. They outdid Nick Cave at noir, did the “most famous Hungarian song ever,” Gloomy Sunday, as an elegant funereal instrumental, and covered Haydn and Lizst, including the latter’s Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 complete with rapidfire cimbalom solo by Mihaly Farkas.......
Gypsy bands in Budapest bars from the turn of the 19th century through the Nazi invasion played a vast spectrum of music from the dead-serious classical pantheon to the wildest jazz: this concert, with its tangos, swing tunes, explosive cadenzas and expert showmanship brought that world alive again in all its pyrotechnic glory." - Lucid Culture, New York

"The superb(r)and of the golden era."

“Gypsy musicians who took the songs off from the old cafés because they instantly deserved a festival largest stage: Sziget, MUPA and other big stages. The biggest hits of the 20s, 30s and 40s by the 2000s best voices from the underground and other selected musicians. The superb(r)and of the golden era. “ - Hamu

"Knockout classics"

“…. at the weekend I went to a sideshow cultural event in Trafalgar Square to listen to a Hungarian Gypsy ensemble, Budapest Bar, knockout classics like the Hungarian Suicide Song. The weather was so warm, the crowd so affable, the hot dogs so tasty, the event so well-organised, that I found myself enjoying myself in the heart of London, something that hasn't happened for a long time. Maybe the Olympics will surprise us all.” - The Guardian, UK

"Fundamentally unique, imaginative arrangements"

The band, lead by Robert Farkas, keeps the interest of the listener by its fundamentally unique, imaginative arrangements, and timely but very confident solos. The musicians are musically creative, play with exceptionally strong musicianship, and it's a real joy to listen to them. -

"From the age of 0 to 100 years"

"This production is the dream for any cultural promoter. Just like the boardgame "Don't be angry", it can be recommended to anyone from the age of 0 to 100 years. "
- Marie Claire

""Budapest's best "bar""

"...a couple of years ago Budapest Bar was a refreshing initiative, but by now it is a measure for quality... The two hour concert - that we can spend in Budapest's best "bar" - is so short, we can only cure ourself with the CD with bought. It is not the perfect medication,but the only one..." - Metropol


Budapest Br Volume 1 - LP CD - EMI, 2007
Budapest Br Volume 2 - Tanc/ Dance - LP 2 CDs - Bar Production/EMI, 2008
Budapest Br Volume 3 - Zene/ Music - LP 2 CDs - Sony 2009
Budapest Br Volume 4 - Hoppa! - LP CD, Sony 2011
Budapest Br Tanc - live show - DVD, Sony 2011
Budapest Br Hoppa! - live show - DVD, Bar Production/EMI 2012
Budapest Br - Szerdn tavasz lesz - LP CD - Bar Production 2013
Budapest Br - Gypsy Rondo - LP CD - Bar Production 2013



In early 20th-century Budapest, in hundreds of cafes scattered around the city, urban Gypsy musicians enthralled crowds, playing everything from chansons to popular film ditties to jazz. Born into musical families, these artists had direct cosmopolitan lines to what was hot in Paris, New York, and Buenos Airesand an astounding ability to listen once and then make a song their own.

Budapest Br, born out of a renewed Gypsy scene and a vibrant rock underground, has brought the charm and wit, the skill and panache of this era back. Replacing the musics kitsch with great musicality, bandleader Robert Farkas and Budapest Br have found just the right balance of vintage vibe and contemporary feel.

Though many listeners are familiar with the complex, intense music of rural Gypsy communities, Hungary is also home to urban, well-educated, highly trained families of Gypsy musicians. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, these in-demand performers toured the worlds major cities, picking up sounds from rumba to swing as they went. Budapest Br have kept this open eared approach and incorporated modern genres. Audiences are just as likely to hear a Hungarian or other European torch song or a rock classic as a virtuoso gypsy piece from Liszt to Michael Jackson.

The stage show features the five-piece band with a rotating roster of singers drawn from the crme de la crme of the Hungarian and international rock, underground and jazz scene. They have worked amongst others - with Melanie Pain of the Nouvelle Vague fame, Hungarian rock superstar Andrs Lovasi and Viennese electronica darling Tania Saedi.

Budapest Br, in its six-year existence, has achieved considerable fame and critical accolades at home and, increasingly, in the rest of the world. Their performances in clubs, theatres and concert halls in Hungary (including the A38, the Palace of Arts, the Katona Jozsef Theatre and the Sziget Festival) are routinely sold out. In the past 6 years they released five CDs all went platinum and two live-concert DVDs in Hungary. A book entitled Joy of Music about Budapest Br was published in 2012 to celebrate the bands 5th Anniversary.

In July 2012, Budapest Br performed before a crowd in Trafalgar Square, London numbering in the thousands as part of the BT River of Music (produced by Serious, the UKs leading live music promoters), a music and cultural festival organised in conjunction with the London Olympics. In April 2013 they had their debut overseas tour in Brazil and in the US. They played 11 sold out concerts in Sao Paolo state at the invitation of SESI (Servico Social da Indstria). In 2013 they also toured Turkey, played in several European cities and performed at the official opening of the UNESCOs 37th General Commettee meeting in Paris.


Urban Gypsy entertainers were renowned for being able to play anything and everything. Bandleader Robert Farkas, 37 (violin, guitar, accordion, piano), himself of Gypsy heritage, wanted to channel this great technical skill and musical savvy. Farkas had both conservatory training and a long history of playing with rock bands, and knew the Budapest scene like the back of his hand. He gathered musicians from unexpected places, including the rock bands he played with, hoping to inject that same energy and thrill into music that had become as faded as an old photograph. The result is a professional music group at the heart of a tight-knit collaborative miscellany of performers that transcends ethnic, musical and generational boundaries.

Mihly Farkas, 29, also studied at the Liszt Academy. He is an inspired and magnificent cimbalom player and a talented composer. Accordion and piano player Kroly krs, 27, comes from a family of musicians with a long and distinguished musical heritage. With his encyclopaedic knowledge of sheet music and countless hours spent at the piano, there isn't a melody he doesn't know. Bassist Richrd Farkas, 24, picked up double-bass well enough and fast enough to more than hold his own among the older and more experienced players in the band. The core band is complemented by veteran pop and rock drummer, Ferenc Kisvri, 48.