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Bud & Budd ~ The Kind Buds

Randolph, Vermont, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2004 | SELF

Randolph, Vermont, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2004
Duo Blues Acoustic




"Vibes Go Out on High Note"

BRIDGEPORT -- The 18th annual Gathering of the Vibes came to an end on a hot and hazy Sunday at Seaside Park.

The heat didn't stop the VibeTribe from crowding the staging area in front of the Main Stage, as attendees soaked up their last blast of live music at Vibes 2013.

For Vibes owner Ken Hays, it was a great way to end a roller-coaster of a festival, that saw upward of 20,000 people each day dancing to the music and having a great time in the peaceful setting. At the other end of the spectrum, a 40-year-old Connecticut man died of a suspected drug overdose on Friday afternoon.

"It's the highest of highs and the lowest of lows," Hays said Sunday.

Hays and his staff were pleased about the increasing amount of families on hand at the festival, estimating that participation in the Kids Corner and Teen Scene is up "at least 25 percent" over previous years.

"It's an awesome thing to see the families here and having a great experience together," he said. "This is the only summer vacation for thousands of families.

"And the weather gods were in our favor. After months of rain and then heat and humidity, the weather for the Vibes was perfect. I see the faces of the families that have been cooped up because of the weather and I see those big smiles. ... The smiling faces are at the core of what the Vibes are about."

Dana Horowitz, of Stamford, and her son, Jordan Wolly, 5, sat on a blanket near the Main Stage as the Black Crowes struck the first chord of their set.

The festival was winding down and Horowitz was feeling "nostalgic." This is her fifth year at the Vibes (and Jordan's second).

"I love it here," she said. "There's so much positive energy. I'm going to miss it."

Other Main Stage acts included The John Butler Trio, Blues Traveler and Max Creek.

In a touching moment, Mark Barden, father of Sandy Hook Elementary shooting victim, Daniel, came on stage unannounced with Max Creek to play guitar with the band.

Highlights of the Green Vibes Stage included performances by Fishbone, The McLovins and The Kind Buds.

Also making a return visit to the Green Vibes Stage was Band Together, a loose group of Fairfield County musicians that perform occasional concerts to raise money for local charities. Formed by Rob Fried and Jerry Vigorito, the group has raised nearly $1 million for nonprofit organizations.

Hays estimated Sunday's closing crowd to be around 20,000, helped by discounted ticket prices for state residents on the Vibes' annual Family Day.

"Without question there are more people here on a Sunday than any time since 2009, when Crosby, Stills and Nash closed the Vibes," he said.

With another year in the books, Hays was pleased that his massive festival was once again a success.

"It doesn't get easier, and the challenges at Seaside Park are formidable," he said. "I'm constantly refining things to make it all work better each year.

"And it's not just the Gathering of the Vibes team. It's (city of Bridgeport Public Works director) Andy Valeri and his incredible team, and Charles Carroll and the people of the Parks Department. Seaside Park is just an incredible jewel and they have a right to be proud of what they have here."

sspillane@ctpost.com; scott.gargan@scni.com - News Times

"Blair's Golden Road Diggin That "Dead Covers Project"!"

Blair's Golden Road Blog - Diggin' That "Dead Covers Project"!

By Blair Jackson

When Dead.net’s Dead Covers Project began a month or so ago, I thought to myself, “OK, this could be fun. I hope a few folks send in videos, ’cause it’ll be embarrassing if no one does.” I further thought, “I’ll watch them all, then maybe recommend a few I particularly like in my blog.” Well, I’m here to report that after three two-hour headphone sessions on three different days, plus a bunch of scattered listenings of four or five in a sitting, I’m not even close to having heard them all, or even most of them. What an incredible response there has been, and more are comin’ in every day. This is so cool!

But I did want to make a few observations about the DCP and, yes, hip you to a few that have grabbed my attention so far. The Powers That Be at Rhino/Dead.net have their own favorites they’re promoting every day in February on the home page, and perhaps theirs and mine will overlap here and there. But what the hell, you folks need all the help you can get wading through the sheer volume of stuff that’s been posted.

First of all, hats off to anyone who had the cojones to actually post a video. Most of you are not professional musicians—some are, obviously—and it takes real courage to “lay it on the line” (to quote “Candyman”), baring your soul singing and playing these songs we all love so much. After all, there’s no prize money to be won, no spot on Grateful Dead Idol to be earned. We’re just having fun, digging each other. (But wouldn’t it be great if someone got “discovered” as a result of posting a video here? And hopefully not for being the next William Hung!)

The range of musical skills on display in the dozens of videos is amazing—everything from novice strummers to virtuosos. There are some simple voice-and-guitar versions of songs that are as inspired as full-band, jammed-out, fingers-flying workouts by established groups. There are blown lyrics, clams galore, singers who are melody-challenged or singing and playing in different keys. What can I say? Music is hard, and as we all know, the Grateful Dead were guilty of every one of those infractions many times. I would never be so rude as to point to any examples (“no naming and shaming,” we used to say as parents of young kids), but a few are pretty hilarious. Some have evidently never heard the expression “Take two!”

The audio and video quality is similarly disparate, which is to be expected when people are using everything from iPads to smartphones to a wide range of cheap and expensive video cameras—usually a single one mounted on a tripod, often far away from the stage to capture the entire band in the shot. A number of entries came in without live video; instead they go a more conceptual route, interspersing still photos of their band or shots of outer space or whatever seemed like it worked with the music. There is a long tradition of that on YouTube (as well as using a single static image with music playing over it), so if you have the attention span to listen, you might unearth some gems among those, too. Audio from a distant camera can be dodgy, depending on the room and how loud the musicians are playing, but even a soundboard feed is no guarantee of good mix.

One thing I really got off on is the tremendous variety of settings this music gets played in. Aside from innumerable living rooms, bedrooms and basements—many appointed with Grateful Dead art and memorabilia—there is a staggering array of venues, from low stages in public parks, to small clubs with tiny stages, to echo-y warehouse spaces, restaurants, cafés, breweries (indoors and out), wineries, barns, a recording studio, even a bowling alley (OK, that one, Scarlet Mountain’s “Cassidy,” wasn’t one they posted for the DCP, but I found it when I looked for more by the band). It’s fun watching the crowds dance to the music or listening attentively or singing along (or doing all three). And when it is just a solo performer self-shot in a room, it’s interesting to see up-close how they embody the song and communicate the emotional content of the lyrics. A lot of soulful folks out there! There’s considerable geographic diversity, too—we are, in fact, everywhere.

Most common songs? Hard to say. We’ll have to wait for DCPbase to come out! There are a lot of versions of “Ripple,” as you might expect (hey, even I can play that one), along with multiples of “Jack Straw,” “Sugaree,” “Deal,” “Scarlet Begonias” and “Dark Star.” But there are also versions of “China Doll,” “Comes a Time,” “So Many Roads,” a solo piano version of “Mountains of the Moon,” you-name-it; plus all sorts of songs that the Dead and Garcia covered—everything counts! Many serious regionally popular Dead cover bands are represented, from Cubensis to Double Dose to Forgotten Space, and they are, by and large, all talented, but most of the people in the DCP are just your friends and neighbors who said, “What hell, I love thi - Grateful Dead Web Site

"The Kind Buds #8 of top 30 New Releases"

Published: 2011/09/30
A New #11. Moksha Here To Go
2. Buzz Universe Living Breathing Magic
3. Turbine Blue Light City
4. Trombone Shorty For True
5. Tea Leaf Green Radio Tragedy
6. The Holy Goats Next Round
7. Pretty Lights 2011 Remixes
8. The Kind Buds A Bear’s Picnic 2011-08-12
9. Jeff Mclaughlin Blocks
10. Mindy Canter Fluteus Maximus
11. Steve Earle I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive
12. Ivan “Funkboy” Bodley Look At That Cookie
13. Benji Kaplan Meditacoes No Violao
14. Various Artists O’ Brother Where Art Thou? (Deluxe Edition)
15. 10 Ft Ganja Plant Shake Up The Place
16. Comanchero The Undeserved
17. Ultraviolet Hippopotamus Square Pegs Round Holes
18. Pear Extemp’ore
19. Adam Stern High Country Gentleman
20. Deodato Prelude (CTI 40th Anniversary)
21. Irvin Mayfield A Love Letter To New Orleans
22. Ron Carter _ All Blues_ (CTI 40th Anniversary Edition)
23. Bill Frisell All We Are Saying…
24. Blitzen Trapper American Goldwing
25. JJ Grey & Mofro Brighter Days
26. Sean Healen Crown Of Coal
27. Bassnectar Divergent Spectrum
28. Club d’Elf _ Electric Morrocoland/So Below_
29. Dave Alvin Eleven Eleven
30. TR3 with Tim Reynolds From Space And BeyondReporting StationsEar Candy For The Mind
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Greensky Bluegrass Handguns
Graffiti 6 Annie You Save Me
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"2013 Oregon Festival Guide"

Oregon Country Fair July 12 – 14 Veneta, Oregon — 12 Miles West of Eugene Simply put, the Oregon Country Fair is not your average fair. The legendary psychedelic event is more a celebration of freedom and art than it is of that year’s vegetable yields and livestock. With upwards of twenty stages, this event has something to tickle everyone’s fancy. To clue you in on the vibe, stages bear names such as “Kesey Stage” and “Shady Grove.” Main stage events include artists such as: Shook Twins, Papadosio, Orgone, Poor Man’s Whiskey, The Motet, Rootz Underground, and the Kind Buds (all the way from Vermont!). There are also stages dedicated to folk music, jugglers and clowns, spoken word artists, hip-hop and dance among many others. The fair is located twelve miles directly west of Eugene, and many near-by campgrounds offer the perfect home-base for this beautiful celebration of our great state. Three day tickets are $57. They are NOT sold at the fair site, so get em before you show up! Family Friendly? Yes, but you should be prepared for a lot of nudity. www.OregonCountryFair.Org - See more at: http://portlandmetronome.com/2013-oregon-festival-guide/#sthash.p1L7Dsyv.dpuf - Portland Metronome.com

"Gathering of the Vibes adds More Artists"


With an already stellar line up announced, the 18th Annual Gathering of The Vibes Festival is thrilled to welcome Blues Traveler, guitar impresario Steve Kimock & funky keyboard godfather Bernie Worrell, Jason Crosby Band, von Grey, Twiddle, and local festival favorites The Kind Buds, to its already impressive four-day lineup. They join the current roster of Jam Festival Favorites: Phil Lesh & Friends, The Black Crowes, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, The Roots, Funky Meters, John Butler Trio, Galactic, Fishbone, Deep Banana Blackout, John Scofield Uberjam, Ryan Montbleau Band, Max Creek, Lord Huron, Tribal Seeds, Lukas Nelson & The P.O.T.R, Kung Fu & Dojo Allstars; and Late Night DJ Sets by Rob Garza of Thievery Corporation, and James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem.
Festival organizers pointed to June 10 as the date for the next line-up reveal, and confirmed another HUGE artist addition and special guests announcements that will not disappoint.

The daily schedule is now available. This means fans can purchase Friday, Saturday, or Sunday Single Day Passes (VIP for Single Day is also available), or the Weekend Camping Passes (that allow concert goers to enter the venue on Thursday morning enjoy music throughout the weekend - including Late Night Sets). Over 40 bands will perform on multiple stages located throughout the 370-acre beachfront venue.

Gathering of the Vibes continues its 18-year tradition of embracing new, undiscovered artists, by letting its 175,000+ Facebook fans select one up-and-coming band to perform in front of 20,000+ music enthusiasts. Fans are encouraged to vote by June 1 via the Road to the Vibes Contest App on the Vibes Facebook. The winner will be announced in early June.

Go VIP! Single day and Weekend VIP ticket holders enjoy added perks: expedited entry and rock-star parking with easy in/out access, shaded camping areas along with catered meals, snacks and beverages, air conditioned bathroom trailers, and hot showers. Located stage left on the concert field, the massive VIP hospitality tent and viewing platforms offer exceptional stage sightlines and the opportunity to mix and mingle with artists. Single Day, Weekend, and VIP tickets are on sale now at: www.GOVIBES.com.


[Published on: 4/30/13] - Jambase

"Ungathering of the Vibes"

The Kind Buds perform at the 18th annual Gathering of the Vibes Musical Festival at Seaside Park in Bridgeport, Conn. on Sunday, July 28, 2013. Photo: BK Angeletti, B.K. Angeletti

- Danbury News Times

"Unbroken Chain Symposium"

Saying Thank You For a Real Good Time
Someone there best described it as fantasy camp for Deadheads. The conference, Unbroken Chain: The Grateful Dead in Music, Culture and Memory, was truly amazing.

The conference opened on Friday morning with Rebecca Adams introducing her sociological studies on the Deadhead community. Doc Tour is the pioneer of Dead Studies, the first person to seriously do solid academic work on the scene, famous for taking her class on tour. The question she asked was how a community with no geographical home could survive for so long. Among the factors she identifies as the glue were shared love of the music, communal beliefs in concepts like synchronicity, a shared sense of being apart from the larger culture, but first and foremost, friendship. Touring created friendships that were deep and lasting, even among those who only saw each other on occasion by fortunate happenstance. It was the perfect opening as it simultaneously put out there exactly what makes the community so fascinating and wonderful, but also showed how smart, technical academic work could be done without stripping it of its magic, how legitimate analysis does not necessarily mean being dispassionately removed from it, something that would keep someone from getting it.

During the question and answer period, Rebecca was asked several questions about the uniqueness of the community and what other groups might compare. Conversation began around the fans of other contemporary bands and sports teams, but turned historical with Rebecca suggesting that a similar understanding might be set out for the Roma people of central Europe and someone else suggested early Christians at which point someone asked whether we ought to be worried that in a thousand years there might be killing in Jerry's name.

Closing the first session, at the request of Mountain Girl (Jerry's wife Carolyn Garcia), everyone joined together to sing Uncle John's Band led by the Kind Buds, a fantastic acoustic duo from Vermont. Hearing a couple hundred folks all singing "ain't no time to hate" raised the hair on the back of my neck. It really set the tone for the weekend. - Steve Gimble

"The Kind Buds open for The New Riders"

New Riders of the Purple Sage ride into Lebanon
Thursday, Nov. 16, 2006
Cosmic country-rock band New Riders of the Purple Sage will journey into town Friday, Nov. 17 for a 7:30 p.m. concert at the Lebanon Opera House.

New Riders of the Purple Sage, with roots in the 60s, are back on the road with a revived lineup.
The group, which took its name from an old country outfit, Foy Willing and the Riders of the Purple Sage, which in turn borrowed the moniker from an old Western novel, has it genesis in the late 1960s and early 1970s, when John Dawson was looking to showcase his songs and Jerry Garcia was looking to practice his new pedal steel guitar. That same year, David Nelson, a master of country and rock guitar, joined the group on electric lead guitar. Filling out the rhythm section were Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart and engineer Bob Matthews on bass, who was later replaced by Phil Lesh. Then, in 1970, Dave Torbert took over on bass and Spencer Dryden, formerly of Jefferson Airplane, stepped in on drums.

When Garcia’s busy schedule made it increasingly difficult for him to play with the New Riders, pedal steel player Buddy Cage, who had been working in Anne Murray’s band, joined the group, helping the group create sweet country harmonies mixed with pulsing rock rhythms. Touring with the Grateful Dead, the group’s initial sound was a kind of country-acid rock, later segueing into straight country-rock.

The New Riders released its first self-titled album on Columbia Records in 1971, followed by “Powerglide” and “Gypsy Cowboy.” After several band lineup changes, including the addition and subsequent departure of Skip Battin of The Byrds, The New Riders were dissolved following the band’s “Feelin’ Alright” album in 1982 — although the name was resurrected by a new lineup built around Gary Vogenson and Rusty Gautier.

Now The New Riders of the Purple Sage are back on the road with a revived lineup. Led by David Nelson and Buddy Cage, the group includes Michael Falzarano (Hot Tuna) on guitar and vocals, Ronnie Penque (Stir Fried) on bass and vocals and Johnny Markowski (Stir Fried) on drums and vocals.

Opening for the New Riders in Lebanon are Bud and Budd, The Kind Buds. The Vermont-based duo has been gaining recognition lately with live radio performances on The Point and WMRV Radio as well as a Saturday night residency at Nectar’s in Burlington, Vt. Separated at birth, by several miles and a few years, twin brothers Bud and Budd Johnson were reunited in the summer of 2004 when asked to perform in San Diego at the premiere of a documentary film on Jerry Garcia, produced by Sandy Troy, author of “Captain Trips,” a biography of Garcia, and “One More Saturday Night.”

Tickets for the 7:30 p.m. show are $25 and $18, and can be purchased in person, via phone through the Opera House Box Office 603-448-0400 or at lebanonoperahouse.org. - The Valley News

"First Aid for our Troops 2007"

The Kind Buds kicked off the Sunday, July 1 festival, "First Aid for our Toops," then they played throughout the day, in between the acts, including Jefferson Starship, Big Brother & The Holding Company, Quick Silver Messenger Service, and David La Flamme of It's A Beautiful Day. Bud and Budd also spent time with their friend Tom Constanten (TC) of The Grateful Dead.
In the Summer of 2004, Sandy Troy, author of "Captain Trips" and "One More Saturday Night," brought the three musicians out to San Diego, along with artist Stanley Mouse, to perform for the premiere of his movie documentary of Jerry Garcia and the Haight/Ashbury days. Now Constanten and the other musicians have joiuned together for the "Summer of Love" 40th anniversary tour.
This show, "First Aid for our Troops," was a benefit for wounded soldiers and their families who are struggling with the complications of receiving proper care and financial support upon returning from duty injured or disabled.

- The Bennington Banner

"WBKM 7th Birthday Party with Devin Gallucci, Bud and Budd The Kind Buds, The Seth Yacovone Band, and The Book ‘Em Blues Band at Nectar’s"

I had a great time seeing music at the Wbkm Dot Org 7th birthday party at Nectar’s on Saturday night. The show started around 7 but I had to work until 8. I did a reasonably quick turnaround at home and arrived a little after 9 and Bud & Budd ~ The Kind Buds were on stage. Everyone knew that Bud on the right was a great guitar player, but Bud on the left was pretty extraordinary too. Together they weaved their guitars and voices seamlessly to create some magical songs. I only caught a couple of songs but they seemed to have a pattern of creating a really nice song, then as it got into the middle section they brought the music to tremendous heights, before gently returning it to an average normal brilliant song. It was truly breathtaking. As I had just arrived, I chatted with Tony Gallucci and Eric Koval for a bit, but mostly paid attention to the band. They wrapped up the set with a mellow version of Deal that floated along nicely, then started building and building in the middle until it seemed like the whole room would explode, then dropped it back into the chorus, and let the ending play out. I had a vague memory of being impressed with them before and was completely blown away Saturday. I’ve got to get their music on my radio show!
During the switchover, I chatted with Rich Haskell, and before the next band stated a few of us Wbkmers took the stage and Tony chatted with the audience about the station and 7 years of music.
We hopped off stage and Real Old & Insane Donkey (really The Seth Yacovone Band) started rocking. Everyone knew that Seth was a great guitar player, but the guitar player on the left was pretty extraordinary too. I missed his name but he and Seth traded leads all night long and both were stunning. The rhythm section was super solid and the whole set was songs from Neil Young & Crazy Horse. They opened with a solid Rocking In the Free World then wowed the packed room with Powderfinger. The next was a fun mid-tempo obscure Neil song who’s name eludes me, but was lots of fun. They turned it up to eleven and played a long and joyous Cowgirl In The Sand. Mere words cannot capture how amazing it was. It seemed to go on forever and was blissful for every note. The next one was a mid-tempo rocker. I think it was Welfare Mothers (they definitely played it but I did not keep track of order of the songs), then unleashed Cortez The Killer. Unfortunately, the guitar player not named Seth lost his amp in the middle, though fortunately he got in a nice solo before it burned out. D.Davis was on it and exchanged his amp for the burned one, and had the guitar back in the game by the end of the song. Seth did a great job holding it together, though I’m sure the song would have been greater without the glitch. They followed with a killer rock version of Fucking Up that made me wish the amp burned out in that one, just for humor’s sake. They played a couple of more obscure Neil tunes then floored the room with Down By The River. They followed with a stunning Like A Hurricane and wrapped it up with a super heavy My My Hey Hey. It was a truly tremendous show.
Usually, at the Wbkm birthday parties, Tony’s kids play a set or two, During the set break I chatted with Michele Clifford Streeter and Annemarie Gallucci and asked about the opening band Bruise Box. That was a band with their kids, but a last minute breakdown had only Devin Gallucci play solo. It must have taken a lot of courage to not have your band and just get up and play anyway. I wish I had been there to see it.
Up next, the Book ‘Em Blues Band took the stage. Everyone knows that Bob Wagner is a great guitar player, But D. Davis, the guitar player on the right was pretty extraordinary too. Joined by the one man symphony, John Rogone, on bass, and the constantly attacking Russ Lawton on drums, the band were super tight and quite stunning. The songs were mostly blues classics that I did not know. It didn’t matter. They played so well, everything sounded great. The place was packed and people were dancing like crazy. The first set was not too long, and I was getting tired. It had been a long day. In the set break I headed to the WBKM studio a couple of doors down to find a less crowded bathroom. I ran into Eric and we wandered into the studio and chatted a bit. We then headed back and the band were onstage ripping up the second set. I think they were playing a Dead song when we walked in, but I’m not sure. I was really tired and barely still standing at this point, but had to stick around as they let loose a killer version of Frank Zappa‘s Bamboozled By Love. I’m sure they played a bunch more killer songs, but that was it for me. I took the happy gentle walk home with a heart full of music and a deep appreciation for all the staggering musical talent that we get in this town. - Tims Triangle Tribune - Word Press

"Strange-Creek Campout, Greenfield.Ma"

Strange-Creek Campout, Greenfield, Massachusetts – 5/22-24In my attempt to get from Point A (Plattsburgh, New York) to Point B (Greenfield, Massachusetts) in the shortest distance possible, I found myself in every which direction except the right one. Wandering up the desolate and unkempt Route 8A (trying to get back to Route 2), the enchanted Berkshire Mountains unrolled before my eyes. Ancient forests hung high over the pothole laced pavement as quiet family farms readied themselves for dinner. It was early evening, and though many were calling it a day, those at Strange-Creek were arising with excitement and anticipation of an unknown weekend. The beat-up GMC Sonoma crept down the familiar dirt road as young faces and old heads awaited entrance into their beloved festival grounds. With almost a den mother instinct over the years, Wormtown Trading Company has created a gathering of humanity, a family reunion that relatives never miss during the bookends of each summer season. The vehicle parked and a cold Pabst Blue Ribbon in hand, I frolicked over to New Riders of the Purple Sage as the last of the sunshine radiated over hundreds of freely moving bodies. With Americana dripping from their foreheads, the New Riders encompass a lost sense of showmanship and pure knowledge of the circulatory system that is the open road. From hot deserts to lonely diners, broken women and broken whiskey bottles, each tune (most notably Panama Red) conjured an era seemingly forgotten yet remembered within moments of encountering the group. Couples pulled one another closer, a little tighter, as a heartfelt Peggy O blew through the fields and lively woods. Smiles werent the only thing sparked as Rainy Day Woman #12 & 35 concluded the set with cheers and a joyful sing-a-long, But I would not feel so alone, everybody must get stoned! For the better part of this decade, Assembly of Dust is a band that always pulls my arms up in the air like a mother changing a childs shirt- their folk melodies I know by heart, their hometown stage presence a magnet for backyard fun. With the task of properly ending the evening, AOD leaped through their ever-growing catalogue. Rachel captivated the crowd, while Man With a Plan showcased the pipes of Reid Genauer, a vocalist who never fails to give the audience goosebumps. Having an audience like this gives one a sense of purpose, Genauer said afterwards. There are reasons for what you do, for what they do. For me, personally, its about the chemistry onstage. As I strolled down the winding, never-ending dirt paths, freaks and the friendly alike sauntered out of the dark funhouse that is the Strange-Creek woods. This infamous forest houses numerous strobe lights, hundreds of glow sticks, drum circles, the smell of burnt food and cheap beer as many then make the pilgrimage out towards the enormous central bonfire under a crisp New England night sky. Late-night soon turns to early Saturday as some track down their campsites, while others continue the party until mid-morning amid DJ tents, fire dancers and raging cabins nearby. Sometime around 11am, my truck turned into a sauna as I finally gave in and emerged from my sleeping bag cocoon. I washed my face, changed my shirt and cracked open my first lukewarm PBR of the day. Tranquility swept over the fields. Bodies rolled out of tents, bodies waded into the river, gently bordering the venue. Celebration began the day as an older couple united in holy matrimony- exchanging their vows on the main stage, in front of any passerby soon turned wedding party. And as the bride and groom exited the grounds, The Kind Buds (a festival staple) took over the microphone with How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You). The acoustic duo stirred up the campground like a parent getting their children out of bed, as if to say, Time to get up, you have a lot to do today. There were tambourines in the hands of some listeners, hula hoops, streaming sundresses and miscellaneous banter between old friends catching up on winter endeavors. It was evident there is a second family here. There is the family you eat Thanksgiving dinner with, and there is the family you shake your bones with. *Vernville Earthstage 11:17 am: * The Kings, a rock outfit with impressive female vocals, got the blood pumping with guitar solos and a handful of well received covers (Shambala had heads bobbing, How does your light shine?). Fathers twirled their daughters in the midday sun, while the brainfried and hung-over found a seat on the grassy knoll (which led to a picturesque colonial cemetery). *Main Stage 11:37 am: * Bubbles floated through the air and strangers told jokes in efforts of getting a fresh beer or Bloody Mary. Weight of Gravity, a catchy funk unit, provided the ambiance with climatic grooves. With a savvy saxophone player to boot, the ensemble raised more than a few eyebrows. *Riverworm Caf 12:42 pm: * As if one could never have enough horn sections, my ears followed a sweet backwoods noise until I found myself at the cafa miniature stage immersed in the far-off reaches of the festival grounds. Holmes, a group rich in instrumental texture, noodled for the curious and carefree during the early afternoon, their sound echoing far into the forest. A dreamlike state emerged as a rather large man with a tie-dyed sousaphone sat in the river, conducting a one man show for the children with painted faces that stacked rocks and swam in the brisk current of the cool water. All was at ease, at least in this corner of the world. *Main Stage 1:12 pm: * BuzzUniverse caught my attention with a mangling drum solo amid a plethora of elements (including another horn section) that only further the point of this groups intent to become a mainstay on the northeast circuit. *Main Stage 1:38 pm: * Playing Dead (Bostons Premier Grateful Dead Tribute Band as was stated) opened with Shakedown Street into a poignant Bertha. It was a treat to see their interpretation of the songs, which was not only respectful, but also enabling to my antsy dancing shoes. And so
Throughout the rest of the afternoon, a delicious burrito found its way into my hands as I rested by the river, feet dangling in the stream. Zach Deputy dusted off dreary shoulders in the distance on the main stage, while jugglers and tightrope walkers entertained passing audiences to destinations unknown. After a cat nap, it was time for my second encounter with the New Riders in as many days. *Main Stage 6:30 pm: * Spiraling lap steel solos and free flowing vocals filled the atmosphere. The New Riders of the Purple Sage again took the listener out to the shed for another belting. Their mix of honkytonk and prairie blues justified the highlight of the weekend once Ripple reared its beautiful head, ending the Riders set, queuing the decent of the sun and the kickoff to the evening. *Main Stage 10:15 pm: * Putting a musical nightcap to the evening, Max Creek summoned one and all as the main stage area burst at the seams. Led by guitar wizard Scott Murawski, the raw and jubilant sounds ricocheted off the Berkshires in a steady stream of jam-rock. Onlookers jumped for joy as old favorites and recent gems surfaced. Glow sticks were flung into the air as sweat dripped from any who lent an ear. It was a powerful statement by Murawski, who, during the last few years, is finally getting his dues for being a seemingly unknown A-List guitarist. *Sunday Morning 8:20 am: * After a frightening, yet stunning, thunderstorm throughout the night, I was awakened by the sight and sounds of two naked bodies lying in the holiest of positions outside of my truck. The sun shined as moans of passion filled the fields. Finally (after they completed their intentions), I opened the tailgate and began to pack for my long trek home. Hey man, beautiful morning, huh? the overzealous nude male said as he sat with his companion. It is, indeed, I replied, looking for my cooler. This is a magical place, man, he added. The couple then put on their clothes and said goodbye with blissful smiles adorning their faces. Strange-Creek is a magical place. All you need to do is open and embrace the unknown, the mysterious and the unfamiliar. It is a place of friends, family and those just looking for some sort of serenity in a sometimes unjust world. Pulling out of the venue and back into the rushed reality of the Eisenhower Interstate System, my mind drifted to the splendor one can experience in this part of the Berkshires. The weekend recharged my batteries- at least enough to get me through till my next family reunion in Greenfield. - Jambands.com

"Rock N Roll Resort Friday Night Review"

Anywhere the Kind Buds are, I’m going to try to be there too. Their music is made up of their guitars, their voices, and their hearts… and of course, Jerry. Bud and Budd of the Kind Buds are always accompanied by Kitty Kindbud who is a ray of dancing sunshine and promotion. She has the best stories and she makes you want to hug somebody. The three of them make you feel good inside when you are near and absolutely blissful when the Kind Buds are playing. - Live Music and Review

"Saturday Review of the Rock N Roll Resort May 2015"

I’d like to give justice to Rock n Roll Resort Saturday with this review but too much has passed. There’s been too much suspense, too much grief, but still, some of the music and events hangs in my memory. The morning was full of coffee and eyes squinting in the sun. Lagging limbs and tired smiles. Like a typical festival morning, most the people awake at 8am had yet to go to bed. Half were determined never to sleep. The hotel staff were as helpful and welcoming as usual and succeeded in finding a way to cook the bacon I so desperately insisted on having.

My Saturday music started off with The Kind Buds… again. If you hadn’t of already caught on, I love the Kind Buds. This performance had them in the Manhattan Theatre and at one point, the stage was full of girls in pretty colors with their hula hoops while The Kind Buds played the song “Spin, Spin, Spin.” It was absolutely budding with uplifted spirits. A perfect kick off for Saturday.

Following The Kind Buds, in the Manhattan Theatre was a band I was really excited to catch. The Adam Ezra Group is a six piece band that does a lot of good with their music and songwriting. When you hear the voice of Adam, the talented percussion, the song of the violin, and bring it all together with the support and collaboration of the rest of the band, your ears have brought to you a sound that is both unique, but comforting.

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At some point, Adam decided that the crowd deserved a more intimate experience and came right out into the audience with his band and played among us. It was one of my favorite of many moments. My favorite song by this band is “Let Your Hair Down.” Most of us with our hair up, feel like we should have a response to the sweet lyrics of a man, calling gentle instruction to a beautiful woman. This song can be found on the Better Than Bootleg Vol. 2 CD. I know this because after the show, the Adam Ezra Group gave out CDs to their audience in real love and gratitude. Thank You Adam Ezra Group. I haven’t stopped listening to it once a day since.

At this point in the day, I decided the elevator hadn’t been ridden enough. I grabbed a friend and took the gravity tunnel to the basement to visit the friendly and healing vibes of the Holistic Village. They had set up a center in the basement for people to come and have tea, coloring, massages, crystal healing, and some cuddle puddling. I met a couple of fellas who had just arrived at the Resort and had yet to venture much and discover what there was to discover. Well, my Cheshire Cat grin was in full force after hearing that. Suddenly “I worked for Rock n Roll Resort” and I “gave haunted tours” to attendees. They hadn’t been there long so they were easy to convince. What I hadn’t expected was that a few others would overhear my offer to give a haunted tour and before I could say, “rrr banoobaI’m kidding!” I had a healthy group of 5 or 6 people excited to follow me to the hall of cement with fingernail marks raked into the walls. I really had no idea what to do. There was no haunted tour and I did not work for Rock n Roll Resort. Luckily, the sound of swing, jazz, and a killer voice came to my rescue as my new friends and I walked into the resort lounge.

Check out Krystal’s review of the first night of RnR Resort 2015.

The Mary Jane Jones band is full of brass, full of class, and has some nice ass. Coming out from the elevator and hearing the voice of Mandy, the lead singer, was like hearing the bell on a large farm to come have dinner. I literally flew across the floor to the Main Ballroom when I heard her voice. I frequent Northampton, Massachusetts for the music and the people. I had heard Mary Jones Band before at Bishops Lounge so I knew this band could make a big group dance… and hopefully help my tour group forget they were on a tour. In brutal honesty, I must admit that I basically ditched a group of people for a bunch of horns and some red lipstick.

In the end, my group didn’t mind that I had bullshit them to follow me around. As I discovered, they were big fans of jazz. Rock n Roll Resort was full of odd coincidences and connections. I didn’t make a point to be present for music again until Banooba played the Empire Lounge at 11pm. WOW. If you have not seen them, and I mean SEE them, you are doing yourself a great disservice. That band had it all. Theatrics, diversity, skill, talent, patience, and stage presence. I danced in the front row and witnessed in awe what that singer can do with those notes from that mouth of his. Jason Murden didn’t just sing. He ran around the stage with such energy, I remember thinking of him like a younger and upgraded Jagger. Banooba will be a band I will be following as much as I can from now on.

At this point in the night, I was given a fork in the road in the form of conflicting schedules. Twiddle was playing in The Manhatten Theatre. I have plenty of friends that follow Twiddle, but I’ve never seen them. However, Demse vs. The Cheatcode Nebula was playing in the Main Ballroom. I’m a fan of Demse because he’s the drummer and founder of The Alchemystics. RRR cheatcodeWe had recently been introduced a couple months ago and I felt honored when he arrived at Rock n Roll Resort and he made a point to share a hug and tell me about his show at 11:45. I can not tell you the relief I feel inside in knowing that I took the road and the hallways that led to Demse vs The Cheatcode Nebula. The room seemed empty but the space was full to the brim with sound, lights, and energy. It was surreal. I felt like I had stepped into an alternate and better dimension and it even included a fog machine.

On stage I recognized Demse on drums with headphones and focus. In front of him was what I assume to be The Cheatcode Nebula. I view DJs with awe because in my mind, a DJ is a person who took ADHD, sound, video games, computers, and too much money and turned it all into a twentieth century masterpiece. It’s really a hit or miss thing, you’re either really good, or you have still a lot more to play around with until you get “there.” I’m not an expert and I am technically ignorant, but The Cheatcode Nebula was all “there” for me. And with Demse added to battle, support, and lead, the stage in front of me went from being “there” and entered into a place for me I describe as “galactic.”

To go up in the line up at the same time as an act like Twiddle is a hard room to fill, but it didn’t take long before I noticed that others were entering this world my feet jumped around in. The fog cleared at times and I could see more and more people had came in as the show played on. Demse vs. The Cheatcode Nebula didn’t give to their audience only music. They gave to us creation and awareness on such a high level in the small span of just 45 minutes.

I have never been exposed to acts like Demse vs Cheatcode Nebula before, but I wasn’t surprised to see special guests come up on stage to rap and lay down lyrics and lines in collaboration. Live music like this is a gift to witness. Its a once in arrr kind budds lifetime opportunity every single time. I just had no idea exactly how special this show really was.

I figured I’d catch up with Demse later, and left as soon as I could tell it was winding down. I have a hard time staying for finales at a music festival. Most of the time an encore isn’t possible out of respect for the next act and I always hate being stuck in a large crowd packed like sardines, filing out through one small door or pathway.

I walked passed the elevator and ran into The Kind Buds. Immediately I forgot where I was going, who I was looking for, or why my level of energy often needs to be toned down. I exploded rainbows and appreciation all over Bud, Budd, and Kitty. Of course they were all smiles and Thank Yous, but they went beyond the gratuity a band gives to a fan. They invited me to a private party and dubbed me their roadie. I have never been a roadie. I think starting out with The Kind Buds is the start of a great career!

The Kind Buds were heading up to the 8th floor to give a private performance for a man who had missed their show because he was in the hospital. He had broken his leg skateboarding and he was crushed that he had missed The Kind Buds. So with tapestries, a projector, and guitars in hand, The Kind Buds and their roadie came in to surprise the broken budhead.

The party was full of his friends and those in the hall that were blessed to hear the goings on. The group was very hospitable and welcoming, excited to be part of such a giving experience. We all sang along and listened closely to The Kind Buds as they played for THREE HOURS. The mood and love in the room was just the right ingredients needed to provide such fuel for the musicians. Kitty told us stories all night that made us laugh, smile, and hug each other. Being the roadie and guest of The Kind Buds is another one of those top ranking favorite moments that just kept piling up for me through out the whole weekend.RRR Bud and Budd

I stayed with Bud, Budd, and Kitty for a bit longer and we laughed and talked and they shared with me their excitement to be going to Chicago. They will be playing at Hyatt Regency Chicago on July 3, 4, and 5 to celebrate 50 years of the Grateful Dead. Their happiness is always so contagious and before I knew it, I was declaring I would be there. The Pied Pipers always at their work.

I left The Kind Buds with such love in my heart and appreciation for the universe I live in. My eyes could hardly stay open and I traveled around the Resort, always taking the long way back to my room. Saturday was the last night. With feet dragging, I admitted that all good things may come to an end. This was my kick off for the summer of a life time. And Rock and Roll Resort was the best strategy to kicking it all off. Next year I will mini golf. Next year I will go on a hike and take an extra day and night to explore the area. Next year I will have an actual haunted tour planned. Next year, I will be at Rock n Roll Resort again.

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CD "Live at Bears Picnic" ©2011 BMI
*Listed #8 by Relix Magazine & jambands.com Oct. 2011
1. Destiny Waits
2. Dead Man's Gold
3. High On A Hill
4. Deal (Garcia/Hunter)
5. Captain Of The Trip
6. Because (Lennon/McCartney)
7. Hobo Song (Bonus)
8. You Can't Always Get What You Want (Jagger/Richards)
9. Spin
10. Echoes (Gilmour/Waters)
11. How Sweet It Is (Holland/Dozier/Holland)

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6. Destiny Waits
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8. Captain Of The Trip
9. I Continue...
!0. I Know You Rider

CD "Hangin' At The Lazy J" ©2006 - Featuring all original music and lyrics.
1. How Lucky
2. Out Of The Earth
3. Echoes
4. Burger Queen
5. Destiny Waits (Hey, Hey, Hey)
6. New World Order
7. Problems and Blame
8. Killer Neckties
9. Keep Up
10. I Continue...

CD "Live at the Underground" ©2005 - Covering Garcia/Hunter, Beatles, Motown, and a variety of traditional songs.
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11. Crazy Fingers - Garcia/Hunter - Ice Nine Publishing, Inc.
12. He's Gone - Garcia/Hunter - Ice Nine Publishing, Inc.




3 Pre shows at the Hyatt Regency Chicago (the biggest Hyatt in the world) before the 50th Anniversary of the Grateful Dead

One of the 50 artist chosen for Songs of Their Own #38  http://www.jambase.com/soto.aspx by Jambase/Telefunkin

Rock N Roll Resort, Kerhonkson, NY

A Bears Picnic, Roaring Branch, PA

46 Anniversary of Woodstock @ Yasgur's Farm, Bethel, NY

Logee's Summer Solstice Celebration, Danielson, CT

Shuck N Jive Fest, Sandy Hook, CT

StrangeCreek Music Fest, Greenfield, Ma

Wormtown Music Fest, Greenfield, Ma


Rock N Roll Resort, Kerhonkson, NY

Garcia's @ The Capital, Port Chester, NY

StrangeCreek Music Fest, Greenfield, Ma

Camp Easy Wind, Franklinville, NY

Bears Picnic, Roaring Branch, PA

August West Fest, Jay, VT

45 Anniversary of Woodstock @ Yasgur's Farm, Bethel, NY

Logee's Summer Solstice Celebration, Danielson, CT

Wormtown Music Fest, Greenfield, MA

Shuck N Jive Fest, Sandy Hook, CT


Community Village Stage - Oregon Country Fair, Veneta, OR

Kesey Stage - Oregon Country Fair, Veneta, OR

Saturday Night Main Stage - Oregon Country Fair, Veneta, OR
Gathering of the Vibes, Bridgeport, CT
Live on Radio Vibes, WPKN Radio, Bridgeport, CT
44th Reunion of Woodstock 2 Yasgur's Farm, Bethel, NY
Rock & Roll Resort, Kerhonkson, NY
Bears Picnic, Hughsville, PA
Grateful Dead Fest @ Warwick Winery, Warwick, NY
Strange Creek Music Festival Greenfield, MA
Sugarbush, Bromley, Jay Peak, Okeemo Ski Apres

Gathering of the Vibes Late-Night VIP Tent Bridgeport, CT
Bears Picnic, Laurelton, PA
Jackson Gore Music Series, Ludlow, VT
Black Rock Yacht & Athletic Club Black Rock, CT
Strange Creek Music Festival Greenfield, MA
Warwick Winery Grateful Dead Fest, Warwick, NY


Voted # 8 for JamBase.com New Releases the wk of 10/5/11
"Holiday Show" Stanhope House in Stanhope, NJ
The Spot Providence, RI
Mexicali Live w/ Tony Trischka & Steve Martin Teaneck, NJ
wbkm.org "Fundraiser" to bring Farm Aid to VT
"Saturday Night Coffee House" Rutland, VT
The Magic Room benefit for Rex Foundation Brighton, MA

StrangeCreek Music Fest
Sterling Stings,  NY
Gathering of the Vibes VIP Tent following Furthur
Bears Picnic, Pa
Bella Terra Music Fest, NY 
Warwick Wineries Grateful Dead Fest, NY 
Stratton Mountain Resort
Iron Horse Music Hall Rex Foundation Event 
Sugarbush Resort, VT 
Theodore's, Springfield, MA 
Stowe Resort, VT
Beach House,Greenwich, CT 
Tierney's, Montclair, NJ - Feb
The Saint, Asbury Park, NJ
Killington Resort, VT
StrangeCreek Music Festival, MA 

Fire On The Mountain, Stratton Ski Area, Stratton, VT 
Fairfield Theatre Company, Fairfield, CT
StrangeCreek Music Festival, Greenfield, MA
Nateva Music Festival, Oxford, Maine 
Gathering of the Vibes VIP Tent, Bridgeport, CT 
Bears Picnic, Laurelton, PA
Okeemo Under the Stars Music Series, Okeemo Mt. VT
A Festival of Family, Millerton, NY 
Radio Show WPKN, Bridgeport, CT 
Milford Yacht Club, Milford, CT 
A Taste of Danbury, Danbury, CT 
Wormtown Music Festival, Greenfield, MA 
The Iron Horse Music Hall, Northampton, Ma
NYE AHA Celebration, New Bedford, MA
VIP Tent - Gathering of the Vibes following Bob Weir & Ratdog
2 Post Ratdog Shows @ P & G Cafe in New York City
August West Fest - Jay Peak, Vermont
Sugarbush Resort 4th of July Celebration 
Tweed River Music Festival in Vermont
StrangeCreek Music Festval in Greenfield, MA 
Acoustic Cafe in Bridgeport, CT
Tammany Hall in Worcester, MA

"Sunshine Daydream" Festival, Killington Ski Resort

Acoustic Cafe in Bridgeport, CT 
Radio performance on WPKN , Bridgeport, CT
Sullivan Hall in New York City

WBKM Birthday Bash at Nectar's, Burlington, VT - November
Television performance on "Late Night Saturday" WCAX-TV Burlington, VT - October
Wormtown Music Festival in Greenfield, MA - September 2008
Gathering Of The Vibes in Bridgeport, CT - August
Bear's Picnic Music Festival, Laurelton, PA- August
Camp Creek Festival in Mariaville, NY - July
Mountain Jam in Hunter, NY  June
StrangeCreek Music Festval,Greenfield, MA - May
Milford Fine Arts Coffee House, Milford, CT - April

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