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Budda Holly

MP3: Budda Holly -- Never Let You Go

"Somewhere between a dead rock star and a nugget of nirvana" is how Timothy DeMattio describes his stage persona -- Budda Holly.

Miami native DeMattio adopted the unusual moniker while living in Savannah, Ga. Now he's back home and hitting stages around South Florida with original tunes and an infectious groove.

He refers to his songs as combining the "youthful joy of the '50s, the youthful idealism of the '60s, the space-exploration hangover of the '70s, the salty crashings of '80s new wave and the tattered blue jean ethos of '90s grunge."

Budda/DeMattio is a self-taught, one-man band on guitar, bass, keyboards and drums.

Budda Holly usually strums his stuff at open mike nights on Mondays at Cheers, 941 E. Cypress Creek Road, Fort Lauderdale; 954-771-6337. He also plays at open mike nights on Tuesdays at Moonshadows, 939 N. Federal Highway, Hollywood; 954-927-6666. Visit myspace.com/postrockalypse.

-- Beth Feinstein-Bartl
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Timothy Alan DeMattio was born in and somehow kept alive at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Throughout school he was either placed in advanced classes to help him learn, or in the general population to help the teachers teach. Wanting to be an animator but disliking the tedium, or wanting to be a musician but doubting his talent, he went away to study Fine Arts at the University of Florida. After finding Graphic Design not fit for his shaky hands, he eventually found his niche in Electronic Intermedia. By this time, his multitrack experimentations were yielding conceptually satisfying results. He was the man behind the mouse and the visionary behind the visuals of Sloth Bear Records’ velvet revolution. Without abandoning his design duties, he was promoted to keyboardist and auxiliary guitarist for Gainesville’s legendary psychedelic pop practitioners, Edward the Bear. After that dream was torn apart by differing view points, Tim tried out the life of a pizza-delivering home improvement vehicle. He learned to drive without fear, and knock on strange doors in dark neighborhoods at all hours of the night. He saw the potential of using delivery as a method of cross promotion, so he set about building his cross. In 2004, an exploratory trip to Portland Oregon showed him what the world could be like if everyone was polite and got along. He saw no reason this could not happen in Florida. He tried his compassionate communal ideas in 2004 and nearly started a revolution, before four hurricanes were sent hurtling at his fragile home to shake his confidence in love. It was too expensive to flee to Oregon, so he headed north to Savannah Georgia. They had bricks, they had a river, they had beer, and they had an art school—it was an interesting fit. He learned to please a crowd by busking for strangers. He trained his voice to sing by nightly Karaoke and daily meditations amongst the beautiful bees and fragrant flowers. Again, the youth were listening, he was given a name, Budda Holly. Somewhere between a dead rockstar and a nugget of nirvana, he found his following. In the summer of 2005, Budda’s extreme nature had begun to polarize the citizens of Savannah, and he had to flee before something vital was destroyed. He took the remaining shreds of his belongings and returned to his childhood home in what would eventually be known as Miami Gardens. Back amongst family and friends, he began hitting the open mike circuit and making a name for his particular brand of energy. Now, a lone wolf with many forest friends, he can be seen from time to time spreading love and confidence with a smile, a strum and a wink of his third eye. But, there’s only so many people willing to get out of bed and listen to real rock’n’roll. Where there is a demand, we must supply for it. And so, after years of experimentation, planning, and practice, Budda Holly is getting ready to record the “Album That Saved The World.” He is open to collaborate with all open-minded artists. He plays guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, and other things, in his own way, but would not mind working with someone who plays things different. There’s nothing wrong with different. The only way to change things for the better is to change them. Nothing was ever improved by keeping it the same. There is nothing is stasis but death. Energy is motion. Time is an imaginary number drawn by a clock on the wall. So, I rearrange the hands on the face and say, NOW IS THE TIME!