buddha da great

buddha da great

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A breath of fresh air. Something new to the industry. exciting and entertaining, with an imagination thats limitless.


Born in colorado springs, raised in atlanta georgia now residing in upstate new york. With two cousins in the business, one indie and one major buddha has music running thru his soul.He actually never intended on rapping , it was just something that He caught on to after it was introduced to him. Recording his first track in his early teens, now 22 he records and makes music everyday. Freestyling and writing songs effortlessly. Influenced by the best in the game, is one of the reason why he strives to be the best. Raised by an single mother due to his father being incarcerated, buddha da great was forced to move place from place. Which is why his music is so different and heartfelt at times. Wat sets him apart from all the other artist is the fact that, he is not afraid to push the envelope. He also has an talent to appeal to all genres, and a very distinct voice. Coming from a place where not too many people make it out he is blessed to still be here today.


fresh to death, and plenty of mixtape tracks but no albums

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