Buddha in a Chocolate Box

Buddha in a Chocolate Box


Buddha in a Chocolate Box are all from Hamilton Vic & strive to produce a good southern foot stompin' time for punters.They have a strong belief that all bands must 'earn it' by sweating it out in there local pub scene, doing the hard yards, coppin' the alcohol fueled abuse and the over exaggerated praise.They love and respect any act that has been through this or aim to go through this!This has been their training ground for 10 years, they keep on keepin'on, flying the flag, continuing to uphol


Buddha in a Chocolate Box

Music is our religion, the pub is our temple, shall we pray?

This is the mantra instilled in the four boys who collectively form Buddha in a Chocolate Box, they’ve got their instruments in hand, a beer in the other and are ready to provide a foot stomping good time for all.

The boys from south-west Victoria are eagerly awaiting the next chapter of their musical lives.
With their debut EP ‘The Keep On Keepin’ On EP’ gaining increasing success on the Triple J Unearthed charts, the self confessed ‘pub band’ are ready to branch out.
Having played local pubs and venues throughout Hamilton, Port Fairy, Warrnambool and Mt Gambier, Buddha in a Chocolate Box are ready to bring their raw and un-planned live performance to a wider audience.

The uniqueness of this band is evident, which sets them apart from other stock-standard pub acts.
The bold introduction of the good ol’ fiddle to the band makes their live set evoke an old Irish feel, whilst maintaining an up-beat rhythm that will have the crowds flocking to the dance floor.
Front-man Adrian Calvano’s raw and rough vocals provide the glue that holds this band together, whilst Matt Pitman on violin, Shane Baker on bass and Gav Kelly on drums all play their part and bring a unique dynamic to the band.

These lads are looking for a good night, a chance to get their music heard, connect with their audience and provide a fun experience for all involved.

Supported - James Reyne, Dave Larkin, Ash Grunwald

2nd in Guinness Live Thursday National Competition

'She feel like home' debuted at #1 of Triple J Unearthed

Won Film clip competition through triple j and ABC - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GB7CIXBxosI


The Keep on Keepin' On Ep (2011)

Set List

45 min set - original

can play three 45 mins set of mixed original and covers