Buddha Pie

Buddha Pie


My songs? Elevating. Spiritual. Some angry, some sad...all written with the intent to reveal the opportunity behind closed doors. Go ahead, take a chance...open them. From strong and powerful Rock Ballads to Electronic Scapes for the mind.


"After 27 years of living and dying in Brooklyn, I find myself with an armload of songs. All tales of love, change and hope." ~epp

Born in Los Angeles, Ernest Patrick Paiz, founding member of Buddha Pie, found himself moving slowly Eastward.
After spending a few years in the desert capitol of Salt Lake City, he found his way to Brooklyn, NY, where he lived for more than half his lifetime.

After a 12 yr. "hiatus", an answer to a question led Buddha Pie to pick up his guitar and write again. Singing to share the pains and joys of life as we travel through it. A life packed with strife, bitterness and pain served as inkwells for the armload of songs he now carries with him.

Performing in open mics in Brooklyn and the Lower East Side of Manhattan, led to onstage performances at noted venues in and around the city.

The Sidewalk Cafe, Desmonds, Williamsburg Publik House, Artland, C-Note, Club Matchless and The Charleston are only a few of the stages Buddha Pie played on. Repeated performances at these venues and others had his friends and fans snapping to the rhythm of his music, enjoying the night long.

Performing with former members of Six Iron and 3rd Man Out, the Brooklyn based BUDDHA PIE went through several phases of existence and finally disbanded in the fall of 2003.

Arriving back to SALT LAKE CITY in March, 2004, his continued effort to write, record, and perform are non-stop. Buddha Pie spent the remaining months of 2004 writing and recording. He also continued performing solo sets throughout Salt Lake City.

May, 2005 was the month it all came together again. Friend and co-worker ERIC WILLIAMS teamed up to play bass and another slice of Buddha Pie was born. FABIO BARBOSA carries the band with his smooth and steady beat on the drums.

Since then stages at Sugarbeats, Mo's Grille, Sugarhouse Arts Festival, 5 Monkeys, The Urban Lounge, Mojo's Caffe in Ogden, Burt's Tiki Lounge, Liquid Joe's, The Huka Bar & Grill, The Circuit, The Broken Record (Formerly Todd's Bar & Grill) and the Gallivan Center's Lunch Bunch Concerts have rocked to the beat of his powerful songs. This year's Utah Arts Festival played host to Buddha Pie as well.

Radio/internet airplay and winning slots in songwriting contests grace the pages of his portfolio.

I've taken a slice from many pies. I find myself
leaning towards:Robin Trower, Roy Buchanan, Van Morrison, Ken Hensley, ELP, Canned Heat, J.J. Cale and many others.


Pumpkin Room

Written By: Ernest Patrick Paiz

There's a room that we both know
in it's pumpkin glow
I just held you,
I just held you

The sun was pouring in
the walls were paper thin
I held you near me,
I held you near me

There's a little tiny bed,
nothing ever said.
We said nothing
Oh, we said nothing.

I used up all the words
that ever could be had
to say I love you,
To say I love you

Now you're gone
Now you're gone
You never said good bye
You didn't even try

The cinnamon was thick
I could taste it on your lips
when you kissed me
Oh, when you kissed me

I could smell your pretty hair
Strawberries in the air
when you walked by,
Oh, when you walked by.

Now you're gone
Now you're gone
You never said good bye
You didn't even try

You walked on hot, hot sand
I was busy with the band
you tried to tell me
Oh, tell me

The reasons you would hide
the one's so deep inside
you never told me
you never told me

Now you're gone
Now you're gone
You never said good bye
You didn't even try


Release date: 7/7/07

LIVE @ 5 Monkeys
Release 11/7/09

Set List

Buddha Pie's set consists of 12-15 songs, all original. All written by Ernest Patrick Paiz/founding member of Buddha Pie.

Typically sets are 45-60 minutes long.

Set list:
01. Falling Moons
02. Cheap Perfume
03. Is It You?
04. Dance Floor
05. You Cannot Kiss a Dream
06. Your secret
07. Tired of the Cold
08. Piper Blues
09. No Stranger
10. One More Day
11. Behind Closed Doors
12. You're Not There
13. Churchbells & Hound Dogs