Buddha's Sister

Buddha's Sister


Self-taught and soul-driven, Buddha's Sister (aka Jessica Peterson) creates unique and powerful songs. Her hauntingly rich and soulful voice laced with her rhythmic finger-picking style, brilliantly accent her potent lyrics.


Growing up, I was taught many things, but I wanted to teach myself how to play music and write songs. I believed that that was the only true way to learn your own distinct sound. I would sit for hours playing with my guitar (not always strumming the sound I wanted), but eventually, playing became like breathing and my fingers took on a life of their own when they joined up with the strings. Over the past few years, I have written over 70 songs and continue to write more and more each day.

Influenced greatly by her honesty, independence and strength, Ani Difranco has been a staple figure in my CD collection. Other influences include Janis Joplin, Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, The Band, Joni Mitchell, Kristen Hersh, Dar Williams, Phish, Grateful Dead, Bob Marley, Toots and the Maytals, etc.


Where I Go Now

Written By: Jessica Peterson

Your building up these walls of delusions
And they're clouding up you mind
They're clouding up your mind
Your building up these walls of delusions
And all you have is time
Babe all you have is time

So I go away
Flow away
Thats where I go now
Won't you stay away
And long for the day
Thats where I go now

Your building up these walls of illusions
And they're taking up your time
They're taking up your time
Your building up these walls of illusions
And all you have is time
Babe all you have on this earth
All you have on this earth


Your building up these walls of confusion
And its taking up your time
It's taking up your time
Your dreaming up these walls of illusions
And all you have is time
Babe all you have on this earth
All you have on this earth


The Path I've Found

Written By: Jessica Peterson

You're trying hard not to remember
All those faces in your head
And when you walk on down the street
Do you see the people dead?
Can you look into their eyes?
Can you see into their hearts?
Do you ever feel like you
Just do not come from this part?

Bottled up inside you brewing
Is a drink I used to like
Poured myself too many rounds
On too many lonely nights
And if you wanna see right through me
All you have to do is look
And lemme know just who you find
She might be someone I mistook

How beautiful everything turned out to be
When I first understood
How miserable everyone turned out to be
When change themselves they could

And I only play my guitar
When I need to feel ok
Seems I play it all the time
That must be why I'm this way
I wouldn't be happy on the latter
So I'll find middle ground
Pouring my heart out to you
Seems to be the path I've found


Written By: Jessica Peterson

Way to go
Don't you know
That you've done it once again
Said to me "we'll see"
And left me standing here
Alone to my head

Baby try
See me cry
And don't fly away tonight
'Course its up to you
What you wanna do
But if you go, please tell me
Where you've been

In my room
Finding solace in this tomb
Captured times of fun
Laughing in the sun
Mocking me
When will it be?

Save me
From my foggy
Beating drums and sums
Calculating funds
Even the silence hums

Back again
So called friend
What you want from me this time?
Think I got ahead
And you can make your bed
Based on the fact
That this is mine?

Nice to know
When you go
You'll be back again one day
Acting coolish, schoolish
You foolish boy
You'll never, ever change


Jessica Peterson (self-titled debut album); Seaside EP

Set List

30-90 min
The Path I've Found; Welcome to LA; Holding My Hands Down; Colors; Your Cloud; Call Me Out; Where I Go Now; Calico; This Child Grew; Euphoria; Take It Upon Yourself; Fire and Ice; Faded; A Walk With My Discretion; Crashing Down; Touch the Sky; Over and Under; Just A Dream; Blackbird (cover); For Free (cover); Anyday Now; Little Girl; My Blue Mind; Whirwind of Philosophy; The Next Round; Fall Away Again: Criminal; Artemis; Catacomb; etc...