Buddha's Sister and TheMajicBulletTheory

Buddha's Sister and TheMajicBulletTheory

 Long Beach, California, USA

BSMBT is Music's future...Soul, Funk, R&B and Jazz, with Hip Hop Elements...The J.B.s Meets '70's Miles...Virtuosity Meets Depth, Head Noddin' Meets Butt Shakin' and Contemplation...BSMBT is a can't miss, multi faceted juggernaut!


BSMBT grew out of Long BEach, Ca. 5 years ago. Dave Williams recruited players from other bands he'd performed with, who weren't satisfied just "backing up' a singer!
These guys wanted to explore Jazz, R&B and Funk, without watering down or dumbing down the music.
Inspired by Miles Davis, John Coltrane, The Roots, The Meters, Mandrill, War, James Brown and other iconoclasts...sustained, groovin' creation is the mission!


Reduction E.P.
Fresh, Frozen and Fried
The Bid'Ness Card EP

all availiable at http://www.jahworks.net

Set List

"Limbo" or "Voltron" (originals. A 6/8 Jazz waltz, and a James Brown-like Funk workout)
"Welcome 2 LA"/"My Fortress" (songs featuring our vocalist)
"Summertime" (the Gershwin Standard, performed as a Reggae instrumental)