Buddy Greenbloom

Buddy Greenbloom

 Pasadena, California, USA

"If you were to roll Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and Hunter S. Thompson into one man, he'd be something like Buddy Greenbloom."
Ralph Michael Brekan - producer, My Little Underground


"I first discovered Buddy Greenbloom at Woodstock 99 while working backstage. I noticed Buddy fiddling with an acoustic guitar over by Sheryl Crow's gear."

"After introducing myself to Buddy, I asked if he'd be interested in recording at my studio. He was thrilled to oblige."

"Needless to say, the synergy is magical and years later we're still grooving together. Our first collaboration, "My Little Underground" is now out on CD and LP vinyl. The rest is modern history."

Ralph Michael Brekan, producer.


Steal This Album (1999, reissue coming 2015)
My Little Underground (2003)
Songs from Tent City (coming late 2015) 

Set List

Classic Country 
T For Texas 
Don't Fence Me In
This Land is Your Land 
and dozens more! 

Outlaw Country
Family Tradition 
Ring of Fire 
Good Ole Boys
and many more!

New Wave
Sheena is a Punk Rocker
Boys Don't Cry 
People Are People 
and dozens more!