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Vision: Be a positive rolemodel, make timeless music, and spread the gospel to this generation and the generation to come through music and entertainment all over the world.
This is mainsream ministry.Buddycrunk has been rapping since he was 12 yrs old. Producing for 3 years and has been called truly annointed and called by God. Hailing from Atlanta, Ga, buddycrunk has a sound that compliments the south but not limited to. He has comercial appeal as well as street side that everyone will feel. You will not be disappointed.

Currently at work on his solo mixtape, The Great Divorce, Buddycrunk is a holy hip-hop artist and producer who is versatile like a chameleon. Buddycrunk has been doing shows independently for nearly a decade. His diligence in perfecting his showmanship abilities has helped him perfect his gifts, and he has gained a dedicated local following.

Buddycrunk has cultivated relationships with a number of local artists and producers; forming an informal artist collective of sorts. Through these relationships, he has been able to cultivate various aspects of his own musicianship; such as bringing out his personality in his music, sharpening his skills in freestyling and developing his own brand of lyrical content. One of his major motivations in working on this particular album is the small number of credible southern rappers in the music industry. His mixtape title, The Great Divorce, clearly reflects his aspiration to raise the bar and change the at-large perceptions of southern hip-hop.

Born Demetrius Nail, Buddycrunk is a native of the southwest region of Atlanta, known as SWATS, in the Ben Hill community. He was raised in a single parent, middle class household. He began rapping at age 12, when he and a friend started a short-lived group called DNA. Undaunted by the collapse of his first group, Buddycrunk joined another group called South Messiah. Throughout the years, Buddycrunk rapped with several other groups, until he enlisted in the U.S. Navy. During this period of his life, he found that he tended to get into trouble frequently. In his own words, “I have a metal plate in my chin to show for that.” After he left the Navy, he returned his focus to music with a vengeance.

Buddycrunk’s music is always deeply heart-felt. “Hunger pains” tells of problems and depression faced in society today. He struggled to restrain his emotions while writing and recording this song. “Tomb Tears” is a song about standing at Jesus’ tomb as one of the disciples; reminiscing on Jesus’ life, torture, and death. Buddycrunk’s mixtape is not all gloom though. Much of his music is guaranteed to fill the dance floors.

Buddycrunk has come a long way since he was 12 years old in DNA. His growth and life experience have matured him as an artist and a person. The Great Divorce is a tool for the kingdom of God.