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Buddy Leezle

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Buddy Leezle is a rhyming tour de force. He is known and respected in Hip-Hop, as well as Electronic music circles for his distinct voice, lyrical dexterity, and dominating stage presence.


How many emcees can EQUALLY claim respect from Harcore Hip-Hop fans, as well as the Hipster Rap/Club scene??? Not that many!!! With that said, here stands Buddy Leezle (pka Buddy Leroy). Leezle would OFFICIALLY begin his musical career with Atlanta Hip-Hop supergroup, BROADY CHAMPS along with MARQ SPEKT (INVIZZIBL MEN), HUEY P. CAPONE (pka N.Y.C.E.), POINT GOD, and GOLDEN SCHOLAR. From late 1999 to 2004 they would dominate the local and national scene, performing with acts such as KRSONE, BIGG JUS, SWOLLEN MEMBERS, STRONGHOLD (C-RAYZ WALZ, BREEZ EVAHFLOWIN, POISON PEN + some), AKROBATIK, SCIENZ OF LIFE, and MORE! B.C. has self released numerous projects, and saw their OFFICIAL studio album, BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS" released thru MF GRIMM'S DAY BY DAY ENT. in 2006. Towards the end of this era, our hero would begin experimenting with Electronic music courtesy of producer extraordinaires BRETT ECLECTIC and COPATONE.

In search of new inspiration, B.L. would move to Austin, TX in early '04 where he would annihilate shows on the solo tip, until briefly linking with mystical TX emcee/producer JUST BORN (aka COOLEY FLY). As LOS OJOS DE DIOS, they would go on to perform over 30 shows with acts including KILLAH PREIST, SHAPESHIFTERS, and iCON THE MIC KING. Before departing ways on amicible terms, they would release a legendary untitled street album. During this time, Leezle would also work with San Antonio formed/ATX based label CULTURE SOUND RECORDS. He would release a critically acclaimed solo album titled, "THE INTROSPECTRUM" with inhouse producer JAZ INFINITE and a mixtape with crew GALAXY HIGH (ASSASYN DYNASTY, AMORPHOUS, CEREBRAL VORTEX, smaals culture, and LOU ONE). In between all this gulliness the Leez would also delve DEEPER into working with Electronic music producers such as DIMLITE (Sonar Kollectiv), FULGEANCE (Musique Large), BFLECHA (Arkestra), CURTIS VODKA, and more.

Before relocating to his current home in San Francisco (2006), he would form 215:THE FRESHEST KIDZ with CEREBRAL VORTEX. They would establish this group based on their mutual love for FASHION, FLY WOMEN, and ELECTRONIC MUSIC. As a member of 215:TFK, he has shared stages and recorded with artists such as COBRA KRAME$, TURBO CRUNK, WGL, TITTSWORTH, DJ BLAQSTARR, STEED LORD, YO MAJESTY!, TOP BILLIN, HOTTUB, ROBOT KOCH, DAEDELUS, and WAY MORE! In 2007 they (produced by WHITE GIRL LUST) were chosen as one of the Winners in the WeSC/VICE "Lets Get Physical Song Contest". They were also featured on "BROKE THE BLOCK" from BIRD PETERSON'S "HOT NOISE!" album. 2008 gave way to MOCHIPET's "MICROPHONEPET", featuring 215 on two cuts, as well as the "CAFE DE PHRESH" vinyl ep produced by Glasgow uberproducer RUSTIE.

Before the title "LAZER BASS" (aka "FUTURE BLAP") was even coined by some New York journalist, Leezle had already collaborated with forerunners of this genre including MEGASOID, SALVA, DJ FUNNY INDO, LAZER SWORD, BORETA, GHOSTS ON TAPE, HUDSON MOHAWKE, ME GUSTA, etc.

Currently he can be found performing solo, as well as a regular guest vocalist during MOCHIPET'S live set. His next OFFICIAL release will be "LAZER RAP" with Oakland based beat wizard BEN SANDOVAL. Before then, he will will release the LONG awaited mixtape collossus, "HIPSTER JESUS" and the "BLACK TERMINATOR EP". STAY TUNED!


BROADY CHAMPS "The Appetizer Ep" (2000), "Starvation Lp" (2003), "Breakfast of Champions" 2006; ABNORMUL "Buddy Leroy VS The Analyst" (2002); BUDDY LEROY "The Misadventures of..." (2003), & "The Introspectrum 2007)"; BUDDY LEEZLE "Fashion Rap Vol. 0, 0.5, & 1 (2004-06); 215:TFK, 'The Miami Vice cd' (2005), "Phre$h 2 Def" (2006), & "Cafe de Phresh w/ RUSTIE (2008)"; COLLABS/APPEARANCES: DIMLITE "This is Embracing":"Sophisticated Youthpower" (2005), MOCHIPET "MICROPHONEPET": "Rambunktion" & "VNecks" (2008), DEBRUIT "LETS POST FUNK": "Sole's Sweat"

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