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Buddy Nuisance @ Martyrs

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Buddy Nuisance @ Bar Louie

Naperville, Illinois, USA

Naperville, Illinois, USA

Buddy Nuisance @ Metro

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Chicago, Illinois, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Buddy Nuisance's self-titled release offers you melodic hooks from guitars, mandolin and fender rhodes that come and go, along with left-turn chord changes that create extremely interesting music...This album is definitely worth a close listen..."
--Richard Milne (93.1FM WXRT dj) - 93.1 WXRT (Chicago)

"Their closeness shows not only in their friendships, but in their music, which is an eclectic mix of melodies with tight vocal harmonies."
--Donna DeFalco (staff writer) - The Naperville Sun- April 23, 2004

"Buddy Nuisance is new, yet the sound is already developed. These guys are great musicians, but they already know that the song comes first...the vocals put this stuff over the top!"
--Steve Jacula (independent producer / engineer) - Old Plank Sonic Labs- June, 2004

"There is no denying that the mandolin and electric piano-infused instrumentation of Buddy Nuisance elevates them above your average indie pop-rock band. And the diversity of sound displays their commitment to crafting quality individual tracks, avoiding the temptation to photocopy one particular style." -Carter Moss - Illinois Entertainer

"Wow! Chicago indie-rockers Buddy Nuisance does its best to capture the attention of the fussy and fickle rock listening public with a collection of songs which (I’m glad to say) defy safe categorization. Rhythmically, there are similarities with The Police and one may hear a little of Primus (and even Rush) in the progressive jazz elements. What I like is the sheer variety of sounds and styles the band runs the rule over in the course of this challenging and intriguing album." - Kevin Mathews- Power of Pop (nighttimes.com)


¿Who-Hey? Recordings - ©2006 BN

BUDDY NUISANCE - Buddy Nuisance
independent release - ©2004 BN


Keith Vojta
Dot To Dot Management
3926 W Byron Ste 2
Chicago, IL 60618


Feeling a bit camera shy


Buddy Nuisance creates an equillibrium between Indie Rock and Pop music. This balance is met within an unfinished home in Chicago, IL. Drenched in Highlife, happy with a temper-----BN

There was a time, not too long ago, when the clouds above the horizon of Chicago’s indie-rock scene were so ominous that many of the city’s most devoted followers of underground music contemplated suicide. Some decided to go deaf, while others strapped on their headphones, closed their eyes and listened to OK Computer while dreaming of a time when music was just that much better. But in 2004 the clouds broke. The dark horizon relaxed and brilliant rays of sunshine ushered in the musical revolution that is the band known as Buddy Nuisance.

Buddy Nuisance is that rare group composed of four devilishly handsome young men who are all the best at what they do. And what they do is play tightly arranged nerd pop with a synchronistic verve that betrays their youth. Sure, they’ve been playing together for only two years, but brother, it sounds like they’ve been playing for ten.

Not that any of these guys are rookies; they’ve been honing their skills as musicians for years, it’s just that when they come together they form a potent and unique identity. They’re sort of like Voltron, but they’re more like the short-lived early nineties cartoon Captain Planet. And it took all the rings to summon Captain Planet, just like it takes the combined talents of Luke, Jay, Darren and Brian to form Buddy Nuisance.

Since their self titled debut, Buddy Nuisance has been hard at work writing songs, blessing ear drums and accumulating a following all across the Midwest. Their energetic live shows reveal the guys’ infectious love for music while their songs convey their raw talent and academic understanding of melodic rock ‘n’ roll. Theirs is the oft-coveted balance of simple yet smart pop music; easy-going songs and melodies cleverly arranged with tricky time signatures.

But who are these mysterious characters pulling off the miraculous feat of writing pop songs without sacrificing rock-snob credibility? Why, they’re just down to earth guys who live for writing and performing great music. Luke Schmitt plays the Rhodes and sings the songs, while Jay Marino backs him up and plays guitar and mandolin. Brian Aiken is the stoic bass player, while evil musical genius and drumming prodigy Darren Garvey holds things down with the sticks.

Catch a hometown gig and witness an army of devoted fans singing along to every single lyric that Luke Schmitt sings. Buy them drinks, too, because if you were on stage, they’d buy you a drink. Of course, it’s fun to kid the boys in BN. And hey, they’ll kid you too. After all, they’re just four guys who love playing quality rock ’n’ roll, or whatever the kids call it these days. Indeed, Buddy Nuisance is the musical equivalent of an episode of Cheers.