Buddy up!

Buddy up!


5 dudes about having good times. They are based out of long island they have a catchy Pop punk sound, with a bit of an edge. The best way to describe them would be Movielife meets generic Long Island hardcore, and add in a pop sound.


Buddy up started in September of '07 when craig and billy worked together looking up pop punk on Myspace. After about five or six time just playing guitar, they called up Nick for bass, Nick said "No, I'll play drums tho." So now they call a friend, Lance, He plays bass for about a month an a half. Then when looking for a singer, Nick call Chris. Chris give an I don't know, goes to a practice, and starts on writing lyrics right away. Right after demo recording, Lance leaves, Randy steps up, this puts randy in two bands and a full time job at a recording studio. Something happens involving Randy Chris and a girl, So randy winds up leaving. Someone calls Ricky, Ricky at this point is the longest running bassist about 4 months, a buddy up record. But after recording the ep, and a couple of shows, Everyone in the band decides it's time to let him go for being a negative Nancy, Enter Tim, everyone knows Tim, He's been a friend to everyone for at least 3 years, things start working out and that brings up to now. I'm sure I forgot a few bassists, but they've had so many it's not even funny any more.


Good times ep.
Available from their myspace, www.myspace.com/buddyupyours

Set List

Usual Set is five or six originals and a cover of Movielife, or saves the day.