Dover, Delaware, USA
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BUD-EZ, are conscious, fun loving, weird at times guys who to the unknowing would not be hip-hop artist. With an Incredible Flow, Insightful lyrics and heartfelt passion for music. BUD-EZ wants to positively change the minds of the people across the world. "Music is the heartbeat of the soul"


Bud-EZ. A Hip-Hop duo from Dover, Delaware, who’s style, flow, and presence is unmatched in the music world today.
Made up of J-Dubbz (Jay) and TreySoul (Trey), two like minds with very contrasting abilities, which is why they've work so well together, almost a Yin and Yang if you will.
From a young age, both had no real direction of where they wanted to go in life, but they did know
they wanted to do great thing. That perception soon changed around the ages of 17/18 when both soon to be emcees
were heavily involved with Drugs, Alcohol, girls, parties and all around not giving a F**K.
though on different paths it would be those same vices that brought their creativity together.
Now fast forward a year to 2007, both clean of all unnatural substances and a re-found passion for music.
It was at that time during a friends party, Jay recalls, "when a certain song came on, I looked at Trey and he looked at Me
and we said... HELL NAH!!! We gonna start taking this music serious and bring thinking back to Hip-Hop.."
From day one they made a promise to each other to never compromise their soul and to enjoy every moment of the journey
and that's what they are doing.
In late 2007 and 2008 Bud-EZ released two street Demo-Mixtapes (1. The Seed, 2. Blaze in the Obvious) which the people took a positive response to,
from the quickfire politically conscious verses to the relaxed smoke anthems and wise beat selections.
Then in 2009 with the release of 'The Ep' BUD-EZ hit the road, from NY to VA and in between. Performing at some of the hottest hip-hop venus from The Pyramid Club in New York to The Ultra Suite Lounge in Baltimore.
2010 BUD-EZ would release 'State Of Mind' a collaborative effort put together by BUD-EZ along with Guerrilla Republik to bring together Delaware hip-hop artist. The release show for State Of Mind was used as a medium to give back to the community with a food and clothing drive which benefited over 50+ households.
In 2011 BUD-EZ released We eat Industry Beats, opened up for some top names in the music Industry and are gearing up for the release of what they say is their "Best Work to Date" GLASSDREAMS (2012)
I do want to say that Bud-EZ are more than just musicians, they are a Mind State, a conscious voice, a Groovement that shows everyone positivity goes a long way
and together as friends, as Buddies << (how you pronounce Bud-EZ) there is NO BOUNDARY to what we can accomplish...


Bud-Ez the "E.P"- Released April, 20. 2010
Mixtape "State of Mind"- Released Nov. 11. 2010
Mixtape "We Eat Industry Beatz Vol.1" Feburary 2011
Mixtape "The 4:20 Session" April 20 2011
GlassDreams (Winter) 2012

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Set List

from 10mins - 1hour are the shortest and longest sets we have done