Budian's music evokes emotion, thought, and movement. It's sentimental, quietly powerful and yet leaves a smile on your face. That's Budian.


Budian's music tells the story of the songwriter. The emotions, struggles and triumphs are all there. Together, Janiene, Josh and Scottfrancis make the soundtrack to this story possible.

Musically the band has been influenced by bands like Rainer Maria, Kind of Like Spitting and Fugazi.

We've been a lot of places, made (and lost) a lot of friends, and experienced much. Our music reflects that.


Death of a Remote Control (Single - Electronic Download)
Getup (Single - Electronic Download)
Live Studio Session - http://www.krtu.org/noc_trans/shows/LFSA/asx/budian.asx

Set List

Our typical set list is currently 6 to 7 songs including:
Death of a Remote Control
Get Up
Loving Ordinary
Break it Down
The Sweetest Thing (U2 Cover)
Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want (The Smiths Cover)