Unique blend of folk and reggae. Slow, sensual tunes to relaxing island beats. A result of living between Bali, Indonesia and Northern Alberta, Canada and the stories of his life experiences as a surfer & entertainer in Bali to iron worker in -40 winters. A truly original mix of world music.


Budiman Kardino was born in Bali, Indonesia. Growing up, life was almost always a struggle so music was an escape. Budiman learned to play guitar at an early age, but living in poverty meant that a career in music was nothing more than a fantasy. As a young adult, Budi took work in the construction industry and by night played music at local tourist clubs and as luck would have it, he met and fell in love with a Canadian girl. As a child he dreamed of one day seeing snow, so when the opportunity arose, Budiman was excited to start a new life in Canada. He had no idea how different life would be.

Budiman moved to Canada over a decade ago, culture shock and extreme winter weather sent him into a dark and depressed state. As a form of self healing, he once again turned to his music; writing over 200 original songs about his life experiences. In 2006 he was invited to record his first album of original music; "Budiman and Friends". This album has sold nearly 2000 copies in northern Alberta and continues to be popular with new fans. In 2009, Budiman traveled to Halifax, Nova Scotia to record his second album "On The Way to Whitecourt". He is currently promoting his work by performing at local venues, festivals and touring throughout western Canada.


Budiman & Friends- 2006
On The Way To Whitecourt- 2009