Buena Buya

Buena Buya


Buena Buya leaves crowds shaking with heavy guitar and key driven melodies, deep percussion fueled grooves, and an undeniable energy that inspires neck, hip and arm movements, not once thought conceivable.


Embodying the sound the West Coast, Buena Buya (pronounced, /boo-yah/, and Spanish for “Good Noise”) has been gaining momentum since their creation in the fall of 2006 and are poised to take their music further by continually reinventing and redefining their sound. Unbounded by any particular musical genre and bringing diverse influences from the six members of the band, Buena Buya's tone draws on several elements to keep the crowd on its feet and moving. With a three-piece percussion section pumping out Latin rhythms mixed with the lively sounds of Ska, Funk, Jazz, Reggae, R&B, and Surf it is very rare that the audience can stay put.

Each member of Buena Buya ushers a distinctive ingredient in the creation of the band's sound. Dana Tower, now in his fourth year as a professional drum instructor, establishes the group's dynamic pulse encompassing world rhythms in his unique style. The ensemble's djembe player, Paul Wolda, provides earth-shaking undulations finely tuned on the djembe. On the congas, bongos, and clave Colin Daly asserts the groove with Latin flavour. Lead guitarist and vocalist, Kurt Loewen, aficionado of funk and blues guitar, weaves effortlessly between driving rhythm riffs and tasty solos. Bass player, Juan Poirez, switches between driving funk bass lines to simple, yet precise, reggae groove. Cam Wallace, formerly of the Victoria based ska group, the Hoochy Girls, implores his experience and talent vocally, on the keys and on the rhythm guitar to round out the group's roster.

2007 proved to be a formative year for this up and coming band. The summer began with sold out performances on Pender Island, Cortes Island, and Lasqueti Island. Their reputation for high energy music, crowd captivating chants, and charismatic theatrics found the band playing in excess of three and a half hours of music on many occasions. The band was stoked when it discovered it would share the bill at Texada Island's Diversity Festival with such well known acts as Vancouver's Five Alarm Funk and the revered Adam Shaikh. Shortly thereafter, the group hit the road on a two week tour spanning the distance of Victoria through Calgary, playing 14 shows in as many days, and culminating at Sundre's Mukwah Jamboree. The group was well received along the way and is already planning their summer 2008 tour.

Buena Buya has been fortunate enough to play music that suits both their personal tastes, and the attitudes of those who frequent their shows. The Buya’s comprehensive sound entices audiences from all musical niches, and is a true pleasure to the senses. When these six friends join in musical sodality, the experience hits you like a wave and the profusion of rhythm and melody lifts you from your seat.



Written By: Buena Buya

I woke up this morning with a thorn in my side.
Roses had all withered away.
When you came around, I didn’t expect no free ride.
Thought you’d just be here for a day.

YOU – You play the Victim
YOU – You say you’re hard done by
YOU – You don’t belong here, something’s wrong here.
YOU – You gotta fly

Are you naive or just plain dumb?
Wrapped around my finger, you’re still sucking your thumb.
If you wanna be my baby you can’t just be my sugar hun.
Now I can only love you when I’m knee deep in rum!


I woke up this morning all alone in bed.
Sounds kinda sad, but I slept good instead.
The bills are paid and the wrong unmade, you’re moving on.
Thumb out on the highway, hitchin’ for your next con.


Dub up It

Written By: Buena Buya

Yeah my love is so unlike you.
In my legs and in my pants, I feel you.
But an old One gotta be the murder today...
An old one gotta listen radio play.


Written By: Buena Buya

I don't know what to tell you but you can't have my heart.
And though I know you're not asking, you need a fresh start.
Without mine you are dieing, I pray for you all the time.
But I swear to you, I'd be lieing if I said you could have mine.

It ain't right for sure it's wrong, but it's the way it's gonna be.
When you're ship's sinking, you're locked inside, I've got the only key.
My brother, oh my friend how I could wish to lend a hand,
But I can't go on drowning, for you to breathe again.

When you were a baby, your ma' fed you well.
With no idea to mother you, create your living hell.
When you were a youngster, your dad he don't speak.
His time belong to everyone, to you he's out of reach.

It ain't right for sure it's wrong, but it's the way it's gonna be.
When you're ship's sinking, you're locked inside, I've got the only key.
My brother, oh my friend how I could wish to lend a hand,
But I can't go on drowning, for you to breathe again.


Buena Buya EP - 2007

Set List

Feelcopper (Harmless Field Helicopter)
Dub up it
Buya Roll Call
Space Funk
Limber Soca
Funk in Vic City
Samba pa' Victoria
Mystery Petals
Vista al Mar
Blown Out
I Don't
Change in Season
High on the Ska

Changes, Buddy Miles and Santana
Pipeline, Dick Dale/ Beat up Drunks, the Dead Kennedys
Wiggle Wagle/Chameleon Medley, Herbie Hanock
Medley of Manu Chao Songs
Yellin in my Ear, Operation Ivy
Roots Rock Reggae, Bob Marley
Stir it up, Bob Marley

A typical set for us is 40-60 minutes in length, ranging from covers to original. And we can do 2 or 3 sets depending on the situation.