Buffalo Breath

Buffalo Breath


This Is A Vintage Sound Influenced By The Modern Age! The True Spirit of OLD Country, Blues, Rock'N'Roll, and Folk is Revived and Delivered With Pure Twenty-First Century Force!


My name is Joe Luciano, I was raised in Chico, CA.
I moved down to San Diego, CA at 18 to attend the University of San Diego. While at USD, I met and learned with many formidable musicians and artists. My extensive studies in philosophy and communication led me toward setting my focus solely on music and consciously developing my sonic imprint. Parting ways with the university before graduating, I started a group that would eventually be known in San Diego as The Ancient Sunrise. We independently recorded and released a seven-song compilation we called "Optimistic Chaos".
After The Ancient Sunrise members went in our own directions, I wanted to head for bigger waters. I chose to move just out of Seattle, WA, in an attempt to reconnect with the fresh outdoor world I enjoyed in Northern California during my childhood and to be in an area with a larger, well-known music audience (without having to be in Los Angeles just yet!). I am now going by, "BUFFALO BREATH", and continuing to live and breathe music.
Buffalo Breath is currently working on an independent album in Seattle, I plan on calling, "Spirit For Hire",full of "Creepy Country" tracks....


Metaphysical Wind

Written By: Joseph P. Luciano

The last time that I saw her she was face down in the mud
Tattered dress
Hair covered in blood
I rose to my feet,
ashamed of what I done,
I put down that gun and I went on the run

When I was just a child livin in the countryside,
my head was full of dreams,
put there by a friend of mine
He told me of town just over those hills,
where a man does what he wants if he keeps from gettin killed
Blowin' through those hills,
callin' from The Other Side,
the wind would moan;
it would howl every night,
as I would lay in bed and listen to it cry,
"All will be lost"

Now I'm headin' for that city
I'm gonna try my fortune there
I got nothin' to lose
If they kill me I don't care
Cuz I had me a wife,
a woman I could hold
We lived a simple life,
tryin' to grow old
But I could not tame my spirit
God damn this restless soul

When my train pulled in the station there was darkness in the sky
Violent bursts of light,
and when I close my eyes the faces of the gods' are laughing with delight
"All will be lost"

Danger creeps in these dusty streets
Everyone's a thief
There are hoards of sleeping bodies breeding children for the streets
Try to wake them up and they'll hang you from the trees

A man can not go anywhere without packin' his gun
and a pocket full of money,
if he ever wants to love someone
These streets are never safe,
but they can be lots of fun
Bar rooms full of filthy women workin' on their knees
Don't have to treat'em right
They'll do anything you please
and when you're satisfied,
rid of all your fear,
they'll lay you on your back and whisper in your ear,
"All will be lost"

Drunk as I could be at a shady saloon
Take down my last whiskey and stumble from the room
Rub the sun out of my eyes
They take me by surprise
Stick me in the stomach, and two times in the side
Barely alive,
and they shoot me from behind

A lady runs to me to hold me as I die
Take down my last breath, and gaze into her eye
And as I fell in love I began to see just why,
All will be lost

Twenty-First Century Blues

Written By: Joseph P. Luciano

Every night my dreams are drown by machine sounds
City livin's got me down
Then I wake up alone
she love me like a stone

Beat sweet meat
Feed me please

Flesh and bone
Piss and blood
Tissue thin memories and couple a drugs
It's all I can do just to subdue all the pain I have aquired since I been lovin' you

Beat sweet meat
Feed me please

Do what you've done to hide from all the pain that it requires just to love someone


The Ancient Sunrise: "Optimistic Chaos"
seven song compilation written and sung by Joe Luciano, produced and performed by Joe's former group of collegiate friends, The Ancient Sunrise

Set List

Metaphysical Wind 5:46
Twenty-First Century Blues 3:33
Let It Down 4:52
Smooth Trip 5:12
Hop Scotch 3:47
Transcendental Disease 3:24
Commercial Colored Crown 4:17
Transylvanian Two-Step 3:04
Dirty Needle 4:38
Walk Away 5:03
Typically 8-12 songs, 45-75mins, Originals