Buffalo Riders

Buffalo Riders


At the heart of the Buffalo Riders sound are mysterious guitar and bass riffs,flavored with inspiring lyrics. The Buffalo Riders are truely a unique sound.


The Buffalo Riders band, a trio from Astoria Oregon, USA,since November 2004. The Buffalo Riders present all original music, Alternative Classic Rock and World Beat. Like bands;Blue Oyster Cult,The Doors,Little Feat & ZZTop.The band name originates from a place called St. Thomas. While on tour in the Virgin Islands Ramon was nicknamed "Buffalo". 25 years later Ramon and his wife Jaki along with drummer Jeff,started the Buffalo Riders band.


Promotional six tune demo. Produced at Portland Recording Co. Continous live recordings at shows.
currently finishing the demo album "Heat Of The Day"

Set List

Three one hour sets,with 15 minute breaks.
song list:
St. Thomas,Heat of the Day,Kill Another,Welfare Tune,Unnecessary,Backstabber,Destiny,Freeway to Love,Flamenco Tune,Save TheWorld,Janitor,Concrete& Glass,Side By Side,Our Song,Volcano Ride,Junk It,Cowboy Tune,Everything Beautiful,Keep Movin,Use to Live,Apathy,Over There,Just Not Right,I've Been Happy,On The Street,Xpu-Ha, and a whole lot more!!!!