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Dublin, Leinster, Ireland | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | INDIE | AFTRA

Dublin, Leinster, Ireland | INDIE | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Rock Alternative




"Hot Press | Buffalo Sunn - Told You So"

One of the highlights from their debut album By The Ocean By The Sea, 'Told You So' sees Buffalo Sunn in world beating form. Swathed in strings, it's a grandiose, anthemic number which tips it's cap to the Manics' 'A Design For Life' while still retaining their reverb-soaked, sun-kissed vibe. Arguably their most mainstream-bothering effort to date, the single has all the right elements to soundtrack the summer and deserves to be an arena-sweller. - Hot Press magazine, Edwin McFee

"Single of the day : Buffalo Sunn "Told You So" (2015)"

April 28, 2015.
Dubbing themselves a "cosmic rock" group hailing from Dublin, Buffalo Sunn have fast become a favourite here at AU HQ. Today we're proud to feature their new single “Told You So” as our track of the day. It’s taken from their debut album “By The Ocean By The Sea”, produced by Pat McCarthy (R.E.M, Madonna, U2, The Waterboys). Listen to the track here and just try not to enjoy its excellent production. We dare you. - AU Review, Larry Heath

"TXFM | New Music Monday: check out these beauties, 'Told You So' review"

This is the new single from the band formerly known as Sweet Jane and its taken from their debut album By The Ocean By The Sea, released last year. The sound of Buffalo Sunn isn’t a million miles away from the anthemic, big chorus approach taken by Oasis and Embrace. That would be a difficult task if the songwriting wasn’t up to scratch, but Buffalo Sunn clearly know what they’re at. ‘Told You So’ is a fine example of what they do very well. - TXFM, Joe Donnelly

"The Mixed-Tape | Buffalo Sunn - By The Ocean By The Sea"

Buffalo Sunn deliver on all of the promises made during recent live shows with a studio album that fully captures the band’s massive sound.

Working as a slow-grooving introduction, opening track ‘I Wanna Be In Love’ gives a pounding glimpse into the various styles and musical flourishes that dominate By The Ocean, By The Sea.

Through songs like the ‘By Your Side’, ‘Witches’ and ‘Told You So’ the thematic and great use of dramatic harmony that filters throughout the group’s sound pushes out the boundaries of the album both dynamically and tonally.

Blending indie-rock swagger with alternative-folk leanings that introduce Fleet Foxes-esque weaving vocal parts the Dublin six-piece use their strength in numbers to cover a broad sonic palette.

The album meets it’s mood driven pinnacle with ‘Let It Go’. Finding Buffalo Sunn opening out the scope of the L.P. to its full extent, this mid-record track is where the six-piece commit fully to the expansive nature of their music.

Leading to the dramatic pounding finale that is ‘Oceans’, By The Ocean By The Sea feels like an album wherein the band have spent time and thought on how it’s presented and flows throughout it’s running time. Indeed. ‘Oceans’ works as the perfect release of energy to close the L.P.

By The Ocean By The Sea is an album that occupies a very particular soundscape. Built from the ground up, the record reverberates with echoing vocals and glistens with harmonic textures that culminating in a widescreen, cinematic sound which is as vast as it is captivating.

Indeed, the sheer weight of harmony, melody, rhythm and texture layered within the L.P’s overall sound is astonishingly immense. And considering Buffalo Sunn not only avoid becoming engulfed by this production choice but instead thrive in its openness is very impressive indeed.

A more confident and greatly realised debut album would be hard to come by. Rating: 10/10 - The Last Mixed Tape, Stephen White

"The Irish Times | Buffalo Sunn - By the Ocean By the Sea"

Twists and turns, swings and roundabouts. A band should always experience flux – not so much a case of not knowing what to do next as having the sense to take stock and reinvent if necessary. And so last year Dublin band Sweet Jane changed its name to Buffalo Sunn and altered its direction –from enjoyably sleazy guitar fuzz/pop to a swaggering Laurel Canyon vibe infected with a strain of tuneful, loud guitars. The result is a debut that at times veers close to Jesus & Mary Chain covers of Buffalo Springfield. But (and it’s a life-saving but) there is such a strong, intuitive sense of West Coast US music that repeated plays send any niggling doubts packing. - The Irish Times, Tony Clayton-Lea

"Album review - Buffalo Sunn 'By The Ocean By The Sea.'"

Buffalo Sunn is a band that promises quite a lot when on stage. Seeing them live is a little transformative, at once drawing you back in time to the sixties, while also anchoring you in the moment as their expansive sound washes over you. Their album, then, had a lot to live up to. Having worked under the guise of ‘Sweet Jane’ until last year, this six piece has released quite a bit of music in the past. However, this is the first full record they’ve released as their new incarnation Buffalo Sunn.

With ‘By The Ocean By The Sea’, Buffalo Sunn have created a record that is wonderfully evocative of West Coast USA while still remaining original. The guitar heavy sound is softened by the lads’ mastery of vocal harmonies, which lend a little sentiment to each song. The album kicks off with ‘I Wanna Be in Love’ which is perhaps the most reminiscent of sixties rock ‘n’ roll, but they quickly ease into more authentic fare with their first single ‘By Your Side.’ Still steeped in nostalgia, this is a tune that showcases the guys’ instrumental expertise, acknowledging their ability to elicit feeling with the mere strumming of chords.

A personal favourite, ‘On The Right Side’ hits a sweet spot. An uptempo number that balances perfectly with the lyrics, it introduces a more expansive sound which persists throughout the rest of the album. ‘Let It Go’ falls in the middle of the record, and it signifies a shift in the tempo. Slowed down, with the vocals taking centre stage, it exhibits the wonderful talent in the mix. The harmonies add a haunting effect to a song already drowning in poignancy, and as the lyrics “I will take your body home so you will never be alone” soar across the soft guitar riffs, it’s impossible to remain unaffected.

Their latest single is ‘Ocean,’ which also serves as the final track on the record. Less Americana rock, and once again utilising gorgeous harmonies to intensify the emotion in the song, it’s easy to see why it was chosen as a single. The beat is entirely infectious. The closing lines “I will be by the ocean, I will be by the sea” inspired the album title and faultlessly draws this impressive work to a close. - InDublin, Sorcha Tyndall

"GoldenPlec | Buffalo Sunn - By The Ocean By The Sea"

‘By The Ocean, By the Sea’ is something of a sea change for Dublin five-piece Buffalo Sunn. Formerly better known as fuzzed-out sleaze rockers Sweet Jane, the band have brought along with the change in name an overhaul in musical direction – a sound soaked in reverb, warm guitar tones and sweet harmonies.
This, the band’s debut full-length, is a modern take on ’60s Californian summer pop vibes and ’90s alt-rock heart-on-sleeve anthemics.
Opening track I Wanna Be in Love sets the tone for the remainder of the album, with a synth-laden intro backed up with lightly delayed guitars that give way to frontman Daniel Paxton’s bright, direct vocal and a guitar solo that channels both Noel Gallagher and the oft-overlooked Mark Gardener of Ride fame.
The resulting sound is simple but powerful, and full of devil-may-care swagger.
I Wanna Be In Love is immediately followed by lead single By Your Side, a more up-tempo but somehow mellow affair. Both tracks display the hazy textures and blissful atmospherics, something of a signature of Buffalo Sunn if ‘By the Ocean, By the Sea’ is anything to go by.
Buffalo Sunn are keen to show off their abilities in managing differing tempos and dynamics. Album highlight Gimme Truth is a slow building piece with a truly riveting chorus, while On The Right Side and Witches are straight ahead rockers.
Let It Go serves as the album’s obligatory heart-wrenching ballad – a simple acoustic song fleshed out with prayer bell harmonics, ethereal synths, dramatic single-note piano parts and washed out guitar leads.
At times, over-production detracts from the power of the songs (it comes as no surprise that producer Pat McCarthy has previously worked with REM and U2). The aforementioned Witches is a particular victim, with the layers of strings taking away from the driving force of the guitars which end up buried in the mix.
Meanwhile, Told You So comes across as an excessively melodramatic poor man’s A Design For Life. In terms of songwriting and lyricism, the brothers Paxton and drummer Donagh O’Brien favour a simple, direct approach. What is lacking in virtuosity or complexity or lyrical depth is made up for in honesty.
It is clear that Buffalo Sunn play the music they like and that they want you to hear, as opposed to what they think you might like as a target audience. Accessible and warm, ‘By The Ocean, By The Sea’ is the first step in a what will surely be a bright career for Buffalo Sunn. - GoldenPlec, Danny Kilmartin

"Album review: Buffalo Sunn debuts with By The Ocean, By The Sea"

We wrote about Buffalo Sunn this summer after they released the first track off of their forthcoming debut full-length album. That track “By Your Side”, with its clear influences of the 60s and 90s and west coast feel left us curious for more. We wanted to know what the band is all about and what their sound is. Their album ‘By The Ocean, By The Sea’ is due out later this month and we were able to get a copy to help us answer those lingering questions.

To give you some background, Buffalo Sunn is an Irish indie-rock band, formerly known as Sweet Jane up until about a year ago. As Sweet Jane, the band released the 2010 album ‘Sugar for My Soul’, which received positive feedback. Based in Dublin, the six-piece band is made up of four biological brothers (Paxton) and two honorary brothers. Still with the same record label, Reekus Records, they’ve transformed into Buffalo Sunn, under which they’ve been staying frequent on festival and other live stages, and, of course, recording.
‘By The Ocean, By The Sea’ opens with “I Wanna Be In Love” and follows with the album’s first single ‘”By Your Side”. Collectively these songs serve as a great intro to the album and the band. Daniel Paxton’s vocals are controlled and clear, but echo against the heavy reverb of guitar, creating an almost dreamlike lightness to them – a signature of the band’s sound.

The album showcases the Buffalo Sunn’s take on songs of varying tempos. “On The Right Side” and “Witches” kick things up a notch into true rock form. “Let It Go” slows down the pace for an emotional ballad, though marking the low point of the album. Buffalo Sunn’s sweet spot lies in its mid-tempo tracks, such as “Gimme Truth”, “Told You So” and “Seven Seas”.

Another A+ goes out to the band for its songwriting. That nod goes to the skills of Daniel Paxton who is the band’s lead vocalist, guitarist and lyricist behind all of the songs on ‘By The Ocean, By The Sea’.
‘By The Ocean, By The Sea’ is produced by Pat McCarthy, who has previously worked with U2 and R.E.M., amongst others. - Concertblogger, Kathy McConnell

"Buffalo Sunn / By The Ocean By The Sea (German)"

Buffalo Sunn ist eine Rockband aus der irischen Hauptstadt Dublin. Vor 2013 firmierte sie mit einer anderen Besetzung und unter anderem Namen: Sweet Jane. Beim Label Reekus Records hat sie nun ihr Debütalbum veröffentlicht - genauer formuliert, in ihrer Heimat erschien dieses bereits am 10. Oktober 2014.
Sofort auffällig ist dieser breitflächige und eingängige Sound. Das ist energischer Rock im Indie-Gewand. Dabei scheint sich der Sound auch an der Musik längst vergangener Tage zu orientieren, schimmern doch die Sechziger (und aufwärts) immer wieder durch. Sehr viel Melodik und Harmonie bestimmen die Musik, die auch vor psychedelischen Schlenkern nicht Halt macht. Dabei dominieren die satten Gitarren stets das Klangbild. Verglichen worden sind sie bereits mit Bands wie The Jesus & Mary Chain.
Gleich zu Beginn schimmert etwas durch, das mich gedanklich an die Westküste der Vereinigten Staaten trägt. Das ist teilweise der Sound der Sechziger, transportiert in die Jetztzeit. Ja, ich vernehme doch Anteile solcher Bands wie Buffalo Springfield oder in Teilen auch der Byrds. Stets ist ein Hauch von Psychedelic zu spüren. So schwebt die Musik regelrecht und kann in eine abgehobene Stimmung versetzen. "By Your Side" trägt mich in die weite Welt hinaus, nach Australien und Neuseeland, denn ich vernehme Anklänge an solche bekannten Bands wie
The Church und The Chills. Da quellen die Harmonien förmlich aus den Boxen, das kann einen mit dieser 'Wall of Sound' schon so richtig erdrücken. Dabei schwebt der Gesang stets über diesem Klangteppich. Er ist nicht unbedingt vordergründig, sondern in die 'wattige' Atmosphäre eingehüllt.
Aber auch ein gewisses Hitpotential wohnt einzelnen Songs im Besonderen inne. Sind es zwar "By Your Side" und "Ocean", die als Singles ausgekoppelt wurden, empfinde ich "On The Right Side" nicht minder singletauglich. Viel Nostalgie schwingt in diesem Sound mit. Diese Musik besitzt ein hohes Maß an Wohlfühlcharakter und kann durch ihren Zauber für durchaus gute Laune sorgen.
Mit "Let It Go" wird dann erst einmal ganz auf eine sehr ruhige Stimmung heruntergefahren, die mir aber nicht so sehr zusagt - erst, wenn der Song langsam in der Intensität hochgefahren wird, wird es für mich dann gefälliger. Besser passen zu Buffalo Sunn diese voranpreschenden und drückenden Lieder, weil sie es sind, die wirklich mitreißen! Und das geht dann noch einmal zum Schluss gewaltig über die Bühne, wenn mich der energisch satte Einsatz irgendwie an
Big Country erinnert, ohne jedoch diesen keltisch klingenden, speziellen Sound aufzunehmen. Schade, eine irische Band wäre doch geradezu prädestiniert dafür gewesen. Wenn ich mir also etwas wünschen dürfte, dann wäre es noch ein wenig Keltisches dabei, bitte...
Fazit: Ein hervorragendes Debütalbum, das die Weichen für eine gute Zukunft der Band stellen könnte. Ich jedenfalls drücke die Daumen! - Rocktimes.de - Wolfgang Giese

"The Mixed-Tape | Buffalo Sunn – By Your Side"

In this edition of our song of the week feature The Mixed-Tape the spotlight turns to Buffalo Sunn’s new single ‘By Your Side’.

With the joyous burst of vibrant melody and harmony that suddenly introduces ‘By Your Side’, the large-scale indie-rock production of Buffalo Sunn’s latest release comes crashing into focus in a tryst of interwoven guitars, vocals and percussion.

Filling a vast sonic spectrum, the Dublin group’s full-bodied sound creates an engaging tapestry of perfectly blended musicality. Showcasing Buffalo Sunn’s pop-sensibilities the recording jumps quickly from vivid hook-laden choruses to similarly captivating verses.

Brilliantly set vocals provide not only the engrossing foreground of the recording but also a textural backdrop from which the entire song sits upon. Constantly evolving and weaving amongst themselves, both lead and backing harmonies highlight the sense of space found in Buffalo Sunn’s (and indeed the production’s) music.

A pounding, attention grabbing, swaggering release from the indie six-piece ‘By Your Side’ is a single made to be played on repeat.

It is for these reasons that ‘By Your Side’ by Buffalo Sunn is this week’s addition to The Mixed-Tape. The single itself is out now. - The Mixed-Tape, Stephen White

"New music video: Buffalo Sunn "By Your Side" (2014)"

Those sweet, psychadelic vocals layered over a floaty rock instrumental, takes single "By Your Side" by Buffalo Sunn and propels into a very special place. This Irish six-piece have given us something extremely warm and pleasing to the ear, completing it with a gorgeous nature-focused music video directed and edited by Daragh Murphy (November Seven Films).

Don't miss these guys at this year's Music Matters in Singapore as they preview their upcoming album, By The Ocean By The Sea!
"By Your Side" is officially released on June 6. - AU Review, Chris Singh

"Sound of Confusion | Buffalo Sunn - By Your Side"

If you like your guitar tunes to come with a slightly classic feel, have plenty of wall-to-wall sound and a sunny disposition - much like The Sound Of Confusion favourites Elephant Stone in fact - then welcome to your new favourite band. With a name like Buffalo Sunn and a very American-looking desert mountains shot on the cover, it might be a surprise to learn that these guys are Irish; and in fact they're essentially a family band consisting of the brothers Paxton (with drummer Donagh O'Brien as an honorary family member). The sextet have an album in the bag, 'By The Ocean, By The Sea', which will hopefully be landing later this year, and also an EP called 'Witches' which is out now.

It's the glorious 'By Your Side' that's on heavy rotation here though, and rightly so; they've taken indie-psych and perfected it, seemingly without batting an eyelid. This track is assured, very strong and sounds as though it's always existed; as if it was a naturally-formed phenomenon. Nothing feels forced or contrived and at no point is it lacklustre. With melodies that are built to stand the test of time and production and arrangement that gives a casual jangly sheen, you know you're going to love it from the very first bars. Drums crash and guitars wind through the chorus but are never allowed to overpower the harmonies. It's a neat trick. It could be argued that 'By Your Side' is a retro song, but it sounds fresh and the overall feel is timeless, not dated. I have a feeling this will become essential listening for a fair few people out there. - Sound of Confusion

"Persuit of Dopeness | Buffalo Sunn - By Your Side"

We got an email about this band called Buffalo Sunn that hails from Ireland who are set to release a new album, By The Ocean, By The Sea, and after giving it a listen, the reverb-driven track (“By Your Side”) was plenty entertaining. The production really gives off this vibe like it came straight out of the 60′s but with enough of a contemporary artsy spin to keep it sounding fresh. - Persuit of Dopeness

"The Daily Krapht | Buffalo Sunn - By Your Side"

July 3, 2014 · by Jen Wiater

Formerly known as Sweet Jane, Buffalo Sunn is proving that change, even just a name change, can be a good thing. The release of their first single “By Your Side” off their debut album By The Ocean, By The Sea (Reekus Records) produced by Pat McCarthy (REM, Waterboys, US) coming out later this year is definitely an amazing start. The 6 member “cosmic reverb rock band” as they call themselves is made up of four Paxton brothers and two honorary family members, Donagh O’Brien and Patrick McHugh. Based in Dublin, Ireland they are not strangers to the music festival scene and were recently Festival & Gig Guide‘s artist of the week.

The video for “By Your Side” directed by Daragh Murphy at November Seven Fields was released June 5th. Sticking to their stellar, artsy sound and showcasing their perfectly crafted songwriting skills the cerebrally stimulating video takes place in a forest. The chosen location combines dying off flora on backdrop of lush green of vibrant colors that pair perfectly with the lyrical explanation of how it feels to be s emotionally tethered to someone who is only using you as an emotional stepping stone in their life. Our protagonist in the “To be continued…” video provides verbal reassurance that he will be there even though he knows the reality of the relationship and understands he sees the one he loves as a whole even yet the point of view is not a shared one. “By Your Side’s” cliffhanger ending will leave you full of anticipation awaiting the sequel to Buffalo Sunn’s debut release. - Word Krapht, Jen Wiater

"Buffalo Sunn - By Your Side"

Comprised of the Paxton brothers: Daniel, Neil, Connor, and Ruairi, as well as Donagh O’Brien and Patrick McHugh, Buffalo Sunn is a Dublin-based band on a mission. Formerly known as Sweet Jane, the band takes influences from everything from the 1960s until now. Reverb soaked vocal harmonies and a careful mixture of guitars help create the band’s signature sound. When you also consider the superb songwriting skills of Daniel Paxton, you will realize why this band’s songs are all over a multitude of television programs.

Getting set to release a new album, By The Ocean, By The Sea, Buffalo Sunn has released the single, “By Your Side”. The song starts with such soft sounding guitars and vocals that you almost miss the wall of sound behind them. The group of instruments fits so well together underneath the harmonies that it is easy to get lost in the music. If you detect a hint of R.E.M. or a speck of U2, don’t be surprised, the record was produced by Pat McCarthy, a veteran producer of both bands. Ultimately, “By Your Side” provides a reminder that there is excellent music out there, and you can find it right here in our Fresh Rotation.

Buffalo Sunn’s new album, ‘By The Ocean, By The Sea’, will be released September 19, 2014, through Reekus Records. - Static Beach

"The Daily Krapht | Buffalo Sunn – “Ocean”"

Let’s pick up where we left off when we covered Buffalo Sunn’s single, “By Your Side” (the first single off their debut album, By The Ocean, By The Sea. Buffalo Sunn ended the music video for “By Your Side” with a cliffhanger and we’re here to present the sequel.

In a continuation of the last video, lead singer, Daniel Paxton, is walking through the woods in search for something in the music video for “Ocean.” Other members of Buffalo Sunn run past him and he follows, but as the lyrics, “I’m better off on my own” enter the song, these bandmates start disappearing and Daniel ends up on his own. The video is artistically intriguing as the band leaves the video and the message of the song open to interpretation.

Daniel Paxton’s lead vocals entwine through the music like two pieces of thread creating a masterpiece. Echoing harmonies and the blending of the guitars along with Donagh O’Brien’s steady beat sweetly mix with Daniel’s voice. “Ocean” lightly floats through the speakers in a dreamlike sequence with the music flowing like waves in an ocean.

The Paxton brothers, along with O’Brien and Patrick McHugh (who are lucky enough to join this talented family) have established a strong, veteran rock sound with songs that intertwine together to construct this musical masterpiece. - Word Krapht, Melissa Landrin

"Festival and Gig Guide Blog | Buffalo Sunn - “Ocean”, Single Review"

From their Debut album “By The Ocean, By The Sea” Buffalo Sun release their track “Ocean”. It’s an awesome representation of these brothers (some honorary). A beautiful and atmospheric vibe that is sure to deliver.

The sound in “Ocean” is youthful but powerful with all the elements of festival camaraderie. It’s a building, harmonised anthem of “Cosmic Rock” with a memorable melody. With hard-hitting drums, vocal distortions and instrumentation of all sorts, the lads are onto something seriously good in this track.

Keep an eye on what they have in store, they have released their debut album “By The Ocean, By The Sea”. These guys are serious artists with an amazing sound. Not to be missed.

Buffalo Sunn comprises of four musically tuned Paxton brothers (Daniel the songwriter, guitarist and lead vocalist, Neil on keys, guitar and backing vocals, Conor on keys and guitar and Ruairi on bass) along with Donagh O'Brien on drums, the honorary brother of the Paxton clan.Their sound incorporates sounds from the 60's all the way up through the ages they mix big reverb leaden harmonies with carefully placed guitars that take you on an epic journey through their songs.On their recording don't be surprised to hear a choir or the odd string arrangement thrown in to take you on a voyage whether it be on sea or land. - Festival and Gig Guide Blog, Yvonne Hegarty

"Seven Seas single review"

Drenched in reverb and seeping with sonic sunshine, ‘Seven Seas’ is the debut single from Buffalo Sunn, and an absolutely gorgeous, heart-swelling stab of wax. The band, who will no doubt be familiar to many readers by their former moniker of Sweet Jane, really pulled out all the stops for this track and the chorus is without doubt one of the best of the year. - Hot Press magazine, Edwin McFee

"Buffalo Sunn release first track off of upcoming debut album"

Buffalo Sunn is an Irish indie-rock band of brothers (four biological and two honorary). Formerly known as Sweet Jane, under which they released their only album Sugar for My Soul in 2010, the band rebranded themselves just this past October. Now they are looking to make their mark in the music world with By the Ocean, By the Sea, their first full-length album as Buffalo Sunn.
On June 6th, the band released the first single off of their new album, “By Your Side,” a modern, easy listening track with a west coast feel and clear influences from the 60s and 90s. The album is produced by Pat McCarthy, a true fit for the band’s sound having worked in the past with acts such as The Waterboys, REM, Spiritualized, and U2.
So, here’s the thing about this band at first glance: they’re not reinventing the wheel. They know how to create a catchy sound, they know how to write strong lyrics and they know how to make good music. Are they changing the face of music? Not yet. Are they keeping pretty (yes, I said pretty) alt-rock alive? Absolutely.
That said, this band has great potential and I feel it’s unfair to fully critique them considering we’ve yet to hear a whole album from Buffalo Sunn.
Find out more about Buffalo Sunn, check out their music and a list of upcoming shows at www.buffalosunn.com, or follow them on Twitter at https://twitter.com/BUFFALOSUNN. And, be sure to keep your eye out for By the Ocean, By the Sea’s release via Reekus Records later this year. - Concertblogger, Kathy McConnell

"Buffalo Sunn - Irish Band of the Week (October 2014)"

Music has come a long way in recent times, with home studios spreading like wildfire and recording quality set to unbelievable standards from a bedroom, the bigger studios have had to up their game and show what they are made of. The production value of Buffalo Sunn’s debut album, ‘Ocean by the Sea’, does just that. ‘Ocean by the Sea’ was recorded at the famous Grouse Lodge studios, with Grammy Award winner Pat McCarthy of R.E.M. and U2 fame.

The five-piece band are made up of 4 Paxton brothers and 2 honorary brothers in arms. You might remember them as Sweet Jane until late 2013, where they racked up several big time support slots along their journey. Now under the new moniker they are making a name for themselves across the globe from Sallynoggin to Singapore.

Describing themselves as cosmic rock’n’roll, the Dublin boys have brought back that reverb loving sound of the 90’s, while improving and modernising it to a perfect collage. ‘Ocean by the Sea’ is a collection of 10 songs that are smooth, feel good numbers with the stand out track ‘Witches’, a rip roaring rock track which drives home their sound to a tee. - Dublinconcerts.ie - Pat Byrne

"Jagermeister Freezer Sessions at Crane Lane Cork"

There are elements of shoegaze in the band's schtick, with waves of guitar carrying the music forward , but they have a harder rock core. Chanelling the The Byrds and the Stone Roses, they mix melody and guitar attack with superb effect. Songwriter, guitarist and vocalist Danda Paxton pulls the strings, masterminding the band’s big sound superbly. They go down a storm. - Hotpress

"The Hideout Review"

This band from Dublin Ireland rolled out their softer poppy sound reminiscent of mid 60′s rock. Not really psychadelic and not really hard rock, they had a great sound with a very strong vocal presence. The Hideout patrons were grooving to these guys. - Canadian Music Week 2013

"Sweet Jane Reviewed on AmazingTunes.com"

Sweet Jane - Take Me Home

An strong Brit-pop/Indie air moves around this tune, with definite likings toward giants such as Oasis and Stone Roses. Not looking to confuse matters, the straightforward nature of the track looks to drive it onward, a powerful drum beat with a full compliment of sound from the back-line easily filling the sound-stage. A strong sense of importance on the production of the vocals comes through and this ultimately creates that textbook Brit-Pop sound. - AMAZINGTUNES.COM

"Sweet Jane ''BEST DISCOVERY'' of RockSellOut.com"

One of my favourite discoveries of the past year, Sweet Jane release the eagerly awaited Blackboots & Blackhearts EP on October 17th (Dead Flower Records). This Irish band with real shades of the Velvets are fast gaining critical acclaim and have been invited to open for Glasvegas in both Irish shows in December. There is something I just love about bands with that wall of sound, lots of reverb and fuzzy guitars!!! This band have won a real place in my heart, everything about them sounds right. Tracks such as "Take Me Home" and "Blackboots & Blackhearts" and "Your Making This Hard" could step right from a Velvets album. Onto track four and we see a harder edge from Sweet Jane - its more JAMC finishing up the EP is the really catchy "Wheres Your Money", which rattles along at a fair old pace. You know I have made all those comparisons and the influences are there, but these guys are more than that. Its a fantastic EP!! Go grab yourself a copy, its the best promo that hit my doormat this week!! ROCKSELLOUT.COM - WWW.ROCKSELLOUT.COM

"Sweet Jane live review"

Sweet Jane AKA "Operation Cannot Possibly Fail"........

That's my new name for this Dublin band, because let's face it, they simply CANNOT possibly fail, these cats are gonna be huge. The Dublin music scene is what it is and being very big fish in a small pond will most certainly not be the extent of what Sweet Jane become. Sweet Jane are not afraid to branch out of the usual comfort zone and have already supported the likes of our beloved Glasvegas and A Place To Bury Strangers and PPP just know that more greatness awaits them :)

Don't merely go on to their My Space and trawl through their pictures and listen to a song or two, BUY their EP, SEE them live and you'll get the full, delicious Sweet Jane picture. The upkeep of this blog has involved PPP heading to alot o gigs and we've seen most of the big Dublin based bands but Sweet Jane are different on a lot of levels. It's more than just a music thing.... I'm not going to go down the road of comparing them to other well known bands, just let me say their sound is unique, brassy, and full of general awesomeness. Visually, Sweet Jane have a lot to offer, being fronted by the vivacious Lydia Des Dolles, a completely enthralling blonde who just draws
you in..... tis inevitable but to look at her as sways about the stage.
Believe me when I say, this is a band you HAVE to see live. If you're
in Dublin and you want to be completely immersed in rock and roll in a completely hypnotic way, Sweet Jane are the band to see.

PPP have seen Sweet Jane numerous times, and despite them having to compete with some unz unz unz electro DJ a few doors up, it was potentially the best gig I've seen them play, even though Lydia herself was worried that her voice would still be AWOL on the actual night. Annie and I potentially had had one or 2 vodkas too many though, we honestly danced like it's 1999. And why not?! Sweet Jane rocked Crawdaddy :) My highlight was "Where's Your Money Gone?" and of course I had to bop around in front of the stage on my own for that one, Annie picks the most inconvenient times to pop to the bar!

Not only are Sweet Jane da shiz professionally, personally, you couldn't meet a nicer group of people. Refreshingly so. No airs and graces about them at all, Lydia even put us on the guest list..... She's the sweetest thing to happen to Irish music in years dudes! Watch this space. So we bopped away to the calming, soothing tunes of Talulah Does The Hula, having an oul drinkie or two when we ran into our old friend BP Fallon who was out to support the Sweet Jane cause. He took a few photos of us (which we're scared to see cause we'd had a few, fair play!) and then we headed back in to see Sweet Jane, where BP was almost as snap happy as me. :)

Afterwards, we hung around backstage for a while, caught up with some old friends, chatted with BP a bit more, Annie almost broke her back....the usual :) Then Annie and I headed back to Ruairi from Sweet Janes place in BPs little Clio. More drinking, chats and general tomfoolery ensued.

Daylight began to break out yonder window, people started to disperse and having had the tights ripped off us by the lovely Ciaran Ryan,(who I don't owe a tenner to) PPP decided that bedtime beckoned..... till our next adventure!

Peace and sweet sweet love, - Professionalpartypeople.blogspot.com

"20th Century Girl review Blackboots & Blackhearts Single"

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

please don't throw it all away.

My New Favorite Song:

When I was doing my radio show over the summer I came across a demo. A song called "You're Making This Hard" by Irish indie band Sweet Jane. The song was reminiscent of Darklands (1987) era The Jesus & Mary Chain and featured a duo of male and female vocals, steady bass drum beats, and driving guitars.

Unfortunately, they changed it up a lot for the version in their EP,
which can be previewed on their myspace.

"Blackboots Blackhearts" is the title track on the EP. It is really the style of
stuff I'm into right now. In lieu of something lovey and valentine-y,
I'll go with something that reminds me of exactly how I feel. Just the
right blend of melancholy and feedback. - http://radiobolical.blogspot.com/2009/02/please-dont-throw-it-all-away.html

"Art To Choke On Blog Review Sweet Jane"

Sweet Jesus.

It’s possible I might be in love with this hot little Irish band, Sweet Jane. For a split second I thought they may just be too good to be true. Imagine The Raveonettes, The Velvet Underground and The Jesus and Mary Chain all having a baby together. Yeah, I know! Then I read they have toured with The Kills, A Place To Bury Strangers, The Duke Spirit and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club! My God, some of my favorites all wrapped up into one delicious Irish bundle… sigh!

I recently purchased their EP, Blackboots Blackhearts from
iTunes and was not immediately disappointed. The comparisons to such legendary bands can sometimes equal bad news, but I think it is safe to say they’re dead on. I’m still fairly new to it, so I can’t say I am officially obsessed with them yet, but they show incredible promise. I need to create more time with the record. It’s sad, the same day I made the purchase I also picked up the new Fever Ray record… and haven’t been able to put it down. Unfortunately, others are forced into the backseat. But, not for long. I am forcing my way out of the Fever Ray fog, and ready to dive head first into the fuzzy sexiness of Sweet Jane. Since they are on the up & up, it is sort of slim pickin’s on
YouTube for any videos or live footage… but I did discover this
acoustic performance. I think I might be on to something here. - Arttochokeon.wordpress.com

"Hard Working Class Heroes Weekend Review"

Afterwards we hotfooted over to Meeting House Square yet again, a thankfully short journey considering the typically Irish mid-October weather, to catch Sweet Jane a band that has been around for quite a while now and one we’ve seen many times in various locations over the years, this however did in no way dampen our enthusiasm as these lads can seriously play. Made up of four brothers from clan Paxton and an “adopted brother” Sweet Jane or Buffalo Sunn as they are now known are a big, old school guitar band and it comes as no surprise that they have been a regular on the Irish festival scene or that their music has been featured on home grown TV shows such as RTE’s Raw. We hope that the name change does not hinder this band and hopefully their November single release of Seven Seas continues the success that the group have enjoyed in recent times. - Make Noise Make Music

"Current Obsessions : Sweet Jane"

January 31, 2009, posted by Audra

So sam posted that sweet jane thing awhile ago, right? oh em gee. loves them. i feel like the dandy warhols had a baby with x & the black keys. really, can that get any hotter? track 4 on their ep titled ‘heartbreak’ is my current obsession. love, love, love it. it makes me think of the makeout scene in the virgin suicides when lux runs out to kiss trip, all whilst ‘crazy on you’ is in the background(!). one of my very favorite movie scenes ever. but anyway. ‘heartbreak’ just has that super hot, i have to touch you right this very second or i’ll die feel to it. delicious. i promise, promise, promise(!) that the
recorded studio version is way more bassy, guitary & percussiony. - Arttochokeon.wordpress.com, Audra

"State Magazine : Sweet Jane Live"

.....are also female fronted and play rock, but that’s where the
similarities end. Dressed entirely in black and displaying an on stage
energy that’s very much all about the music, the well-rounded four
piece deliver a highly polished selection of straight up rock – exactly
the kind of music you’d expect from a band named after a Velvet
Underground track. Singer Lydia is a charismatic front woman, swaying
around the stage or gently caressing her mike stand for the duration,
leaving her sharp-sounding band to fade into the background and
concentrate on producing a clear and clinical musical backdrop.
The band have the misfortune to be competing with Hed Kandi’s DJ set
a couple of rooms away, and play to a noticeably diminished crowd, but
those who remain prop their lager-filled bodies and lap up the rhythmic
energy on offer. There’s something a little sleazy about the show,
which consistently hints at 80s rock influences. Their tracks succeed
both in being unique and giving a strong sense of nostalgia, and would
fit in comfortably alongside bands like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and
the Raveonettes. They might not be as up-to-the-minute fashionable as
Talulah Does the Hula, but the night definitely belonged to Sweet Jane. - State.ie, James Hendicott

"Jane's Addictive"

If you look back at the first half of 2010, you’ll find it hard not to agree that we’ve been served with some excellent music. Whether you’re an album fiend, download junkie, or a casual browser, you should be pretty happy with the array of aural pleasures of January to June.

Some of the highlights for me include UNKLE’s album ‘Where Did The Night Fall’, ‘Nerve Up’ from Lonelady, Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip’s ‘Logic Of Chance’, and God Is An Astronaut’s fifth album ‘Age Of The Fifth Sun’. It’s great to see so much high quality domestic music being made too, from both newer acts like Realisms and Talulah Does The Hula, and older names such as Oliver Cole and Cathy Davey.

For the past couple of weeks, Sweet Jane’s debut album ‘Sugar For My Soul’ has been the soundtrack to just about everything that I’ve been up to. It’s a mixture of youthful exuberance, with some classic influences brewed up in intoxicating measure.

The band is made up of Lydia Des Dolles (vocals & Percussion), Ruairi Paxton (Bass), Donagh O’Brien (Drums), and Danda Paxton (Guitar, Vocals & Keys). The latter Paxton had until recently been splitting his time between Sweet Jane and The Brothers Movement (another great band), but recently decided to concentrate his efforts on Sweet Jane. The move caused one publication to report that ‘Dana’ had left The Brothers Movement!

You can hear what Sweet Jane’s musical diets have been – a dash of Siouxsie & The Banshees, a helping of Jesus & Mary Chain, some Cocteau Twins, and as their name would suggest some Velvet Underground in there too. I’ve never been one of those people that has a problem with music that shows where its roots lye; as the saying goes, if it’s good, it’s good.

Much like The Kills and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Sweet Jane have taken a formula, shaken it up, and added some of their own ideas. The end result is something that is going to be the subject of much laudation, and deservedly so.

Over the past couple of years, Sweet Jane have busied themselves by touring with names like White Lies, Glasvegas, The Duke Spirit, and the aforementioned BRMC and The Kills. Things don’t look as though they’ll be relenting anytime soon, they are due to open the 2fm Hot Press Stage at Oxegen on July 9th, then it’s on to the Spraoi festival in Waterford (July 31st), Indie-Pendance festival, Cork (August 1st). Along with headline shows around Ireland, Sweet Jane have also been booked for dates at the Death Disco night in London in September and November.

People often ask, what constitutes good music? That’s kind of like asking how long is a piece of string? Music is and always will be a very subjective or even spiritual thing (keep that one to yourself otherwise you’re opening a world of ridicule on yourself!) What ever the answer is, Sweet Jane have won me over with ease.

by Dan Hegarty
29/06/2010 - Heineken Music

"'Sugar For My Soul' Irish Times Review"

Dublin band Sweet Jane (there’s an oh-so-obvious clue in the name, needless to say) sound as if they’ve been reared on a diet of Velvet Underground, My Bloody Valentine, The Stooges and all the other usual suspects that are mentioned when a band’s music clearly references the slo-mo, WTF nature of drugged-up psych-rock. Such matters quickly disappear, though, when you realise that Sweet Jane have at their disposal more smarts than most; yes, they sound like they sound because we’re familiar with the influences, but the songs on Sugar for My Soul , their debut album, are just terrific.
The killer clinchers are the interplay between guitarist Danda Paxton and singer
Lydia Des Dolles , who nail the louche Johnny Thunders/Patti Paladin vibe with panache and pizzazz.

- The Irish Times Broadsheet

"Sourmash Music Review"

Friends of Sourmash Music Reviews, 'Sweet Jane' are finally releasing their long awaited debut album, 'Sugar For My Soul'. With their blend of 60s inspired Rock n Roll combined with sublime psychedelia and shoe gaze fuzz, I wait in anticipation while I listen to their first full length LP.

It's a kick straight into the proverbial gut with 'Bleed', with it's driving bass heavy riff rock magic that is like riding a wave of trashy atmospheric noise. Joyous and like a lady of the night standing in the doorway inviting you in. A great introduction and a solid example of keep it simple but make it memorable. A touch of alt. country in the shape of 'I've Been Waiting' up next with hints of 90s britpop thrown in as Danda and Lydia both take on vocal duties here. Interweaving quite beautifully and with near mystical atmospherics, thanks to the brilliant production that can be found throughout of 'Sugar For My Soul'. So we come onto the first single off the album, and one you would have heard before, certainly on here anyway, it's 'Black Eyes'. Aching heart sentiments with powerful lyrics, that with every listen seems to get you on a different emotional level every time. Swirling haunting guitars and crashing symbols all pulling at the heart strings and to striking effect.

Their EP 'Blackboots & Blackhearts', which was my first introduction to Sweet Jane, was full of heavy driving riffs without an acoustic guitar in site. So it is a pleasant surprise that tracks like 'Save A Little Place' are present. West Coast vibes just beaming through this wonderful and subtle love song. Trippy, frivolous and oozing in charm, all ending in a cheeky, but rather touching ending of 'All I Have To Is Dream' by The Everley Brothers. I could be mistaken but I am sure 'Where's Your Money?' is 'Hey Boy' from their last EP, revamped and dragged through a rock n roll dirt track. Lydia sounding more menacing than on her previous efforts to with comparisons to Alison Mosshart not too far away either. Lydia is effortless and sinks her teeth in where needed and not just for the sake of being the token 'Rock Chick'. 'You're Making This Hard' is a homage to the Velvet Underground, with it's obvious nod to 'Waiting For The Man'. It is however one of the more psych heavy songs on the album and lends itself well to that steady 60s influenced melodic chord progression. So as we edge closer to the end we crash into the progressive and sublime 'Fade To My Heartbreak'. With it's long instrumental introduction that keeps going and going until it's reached the depths of the very soul that they sing about throughout the aptly titled 'Sugar For My Soul'.

We talk about musical journeys and how whole albums can send you on a ride of discovery and sometimes mystery. 'Sugar For My Soul' has the intent of 'Classic' status as it hones in on all the right elements of a great record. It grabs you by the hand and flies away with your emotions at a steady speed, while letting you take in the scenery and escape with a much more open mind. Simply put it's brilliant and you would be a fool to let this one slip away.
- Sourmash Music

"Battery In Your Leg review 'Sugar For My Soul'"

Sweet Jane – Sugar For My Soul


Two years ago now a little known Irish band approached me via e-mail about an introducing post – little did I know that they would become one of a small handful of bands that I am still passionate about!

I listened to some early mp3s by Sweet Jane and was very impressed. Then came the wonderful Blackboots and Blackhearts E.P. that still rips loudly through my speakers in 2010. That alone is some achievement, as anyone who receives in the region of 50 promos a week will confirm that you become pretty fickle! Maybe too fickle.
Fast-forward to the present day…Sweet Jane have grown into a fully fledged heavyweight! This debut release that arrives on July 2nd on Reekus Records is everything and more that I hoped for.

Sugar For My Soul is a full-on wall of sound, rock ‘n’ roll record, right from the opening bars of “Bleed”. Sure, you can draw comparisons to the likes of The Raveonettes and Mazzy Star in places, but that would do Sweet Jane a real disservice as tracks like “Close Your Eyes” show that they have their own unique slant on the world of shoegaze, nugaze or whatever the smart journos are calling it now.

What I’m driving at here is Sweet Jane don’t fit into clichéd genre boxes. Take “I’ve been Waiting” and its real bluesy feel wrapped around Lydia’s dulcet velvety vocals. It seems to me that Sweet Jane have benefited from playing live with the likes of Glasvegas, White Lies, A Place to Bury Strangers and The Kills to name but a few.

I expected something special from Sweet Jane but the magnitude of this record has astounded even me! The depth and layers of “Something For My Soul” are mixed beautifully. The track sequencing throughout gives it that ebb and flow that I love. I hate it when a record feels like it is just thrown together as a collection of songs.

The legendary BP Fallon has described the band as “The Raveonettes having sex with The Jesus & Mary Chain”, but I would sprinkle in a little Velvet Underground to that mix. The album closes how it starts -with a bang – in the form of “Fade To Heartbreak”, but with a twist at the end. You will have to buy the album to find out what though!

I could wax lyrical all night about this record but for those of you who like to rate things this one hits 9.75/10 on the Richter scale for me!

"Von Pip Music Express Review 'Sugar For My Soul'"

Sweet Jane believe in putting the swagger back into rock n roll, injecting new life into an indie music scene that seems swamped with trainee accountants enjoying a gap year and who know all about business plans but have little real feeling for, or indeed knowledge of, the music that they cynically seek to produce. Ownership of a pair of skinny jeans and a twatty little hat may be voguish but passion not fashion is what really counts and personally I’d much rather judge a band on the content of their heart than the content of their wardrobe.

Sweet Jane wear their hearts on their collective sleeves and clearly understand what makes great rock n’ roll, they take their influences and forge them on their own artistic anvil to produce something thrilling, visceral and very much the real deal. Hailing from Dublin they have only been together for a few years but in that short space of time have already supported some heavyweight acts, accompanying the likes of The Kills, Glasvegas, A Place To Bury Strangers and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and now with the release of their debut album it’s their turn to take centre stage. If you’ve ever been held in the sway of bands like The Velvet Underground , The Jesus and Mary Chain , My Bloody Valentine, Ride or 60’s West Coast rock then we submit that you may well be smitten with their debut album ‘Sugar For My Soul’. The album begins with the Mary Chain strut of ‘Bleed’ and ends with the Hendrixesque psychedelic space jam of ‘Fade To My Heartbreak’ whilst in-between you will be hard pressed to detect a filler on the entire album, in fact it would not be an overstatement to say that ‘Sugar For My Soul’ is littered with songs that in any right thinking, artistically sophisticated society, would be regarded as classics. (Listen to ‘ Don’t Hold Your Head So Low’, ‘Texas Tears’ or ‘Black Eyes’ and tell me I’m wrong ;) )

So whilst people of no discernable musical taste are soiling their trousers with excitement at the prospect of a Gary Barlow/Robbie Williams reunion (which let’s face it is about as exciting as Ken Barlow discussing how to procure the perfect cardigan) we spoke to Sweet Jane’s Lydia .


VP: How did Sweet Jane get off the ground, I’ve read that the band originally started as a side project?

LYDIA: That’s true, Our bass player Ruairi introduced me to Danda at a party, and he asked if I’d like to sing on some songs he wrote, I guess when we saw other people get excited about the songs we thought it would be good to do a couple shows, we pretty much steam-rolled since then.

VP: Your rather excellent debut album ‘”Sugar For My Soul’ has just been released, after being delayed a few months. Was it frustrating having release dates put back, or do you think it worked in your favour ?

LYDIA: It wasn’t really something that we worried about, or thought about. We planned to go into the studio to do the record by ourselves, during that period, we signed to Reekus, so we knew that they had to prepare their schedule, and we had to make sure that the record was the best it could be, when you sign contracts you get a certain confidence that your band is hopefully in it for the long haul, so we were fine waiting an extra couple months.

VP: Do you have a favorite album track?

LYDIA: ‘Don’t Hold Your Head So Low’ is special, the lyrics mean a lot to me, it’s sort of a self-help song, it was really emotional to record, we’ve never played it live yet either, I don’t think I would make it through the whole song. All of our songs are special to me, when I hear them, I go back to where they were wrote or what happened when we played it together for the first time, I guess the record is a story book for the last two years.

VP: Which bands would you say have been the biggest influence on your songwriting and musical style?

LYDIA: It comes in two parts for me, what I’m influenced by isn’t really how I write. I don’t think in terms of songs I get influenced by other artists, Danda writes the majority of our music so it’s hard to talk about music influences without him here, he’s a really big country music fan though. Melody wise, the original pop stars like Ike & Tina and that whole Phil Spector sound is inspiring. In general I’m a big Brit-Pop fan, the Creation Records back-catalogue, Oasis being the Holy Grail y’know. I think though people and attitudes inspire me most.

VP: What have been the most memorable moments thus far as being a member of Sweet Jane?

LYDIA: We’ve had a lot of great nights with this band, we’re easily pleased, a good rider and good company, getting to travel to places and have people know your band is pretty great. We’ve met some pretty cool people along the way, 3am in an att - Von Pip Musical Express

"Sweet Jane: Thoughtful Indie Rock 'n' Roll - "Sugar For My Soul" Review"

"Sugar for my Soul" is a crisp, melodic album from a promising group. Sweet Jane, presumably named after the Velvet Underground song, have been getting rave reviews across the board - and this is no exception. With echoes of REM's vocals and The Edge's guitar, their airy, bright sound is infused with country and rock 'n' roll. In fact, their self-descriptor, "dreampop rock 'n' roll", despite sounding contrived, is surprisingly accurate. The almost-title track, "Something For My Soul", is extremely catchy.
Sweet Jane have been around for around two years, releasing an EP in 2008, touring throughout 2009. They have just released this, their first LP, a surprisingly mature piece of work for such a recent band.

Look out especially for "Save a Little Place", which seems to be a subtle tribute to "All I Have to Do Is Dream" by the Everly Brothers. With quirks like this, and a hidden track (better not give the game away by saying where it is), it's obvious that this album is deeply thought-out, as well as being plain good. - CLUAS

"Across The Line review Sweet Jane at Oxegen Festival 2010"

2FM Hot Press Academy, Friday 9th July, 3.30pm

Describe in a tweet: A one dimensional ride into the heart of darkness.

What happened: Clearly in thrall to the dark gods of rock and roll, Sweet Jane seek to channel that twisted muse into a rock and roll ride through musical history. Unfortunately they get stuck in a groove pretty quickly, coming off more Black Rebel Motorcycle Club than Velvet Underground. Guitars drone, drums pound, and bass throbs, whilst glacial boy/girl vocals soar overhead.

Happily wearing rock and roll cliches on their sleeves, it might not be the most original thing ever made, but they're very good at it. A dash of invention wouldn't go amiss, but there's definitely a lot to work with...

Crazy in Love: Recent single 'Black Eyes' towers above the rest of the set, dragging the ghost of Slowdive kicking and screaming into the present.

99 Problems: A couple "frolicking" in the middle of the tent manage to distract a lot of the audience from what's happening on stage.

Oxegen rating: 6/10 - BBC

"AU Magazine Review 'Sugar For My Soul'"

Anyone who has seen Sweet Jane live can testify to their onstage prowess. On record, they are indeed a different animal.

Sugar For My Soul follows on from the EP Blackboots & Blackhearts and sees the band weave old school rock with dream-pop lullabies. After guitar-packed opener ‘Bleed’ it becomes a much more understated (but never underwhelming) affair. From the Beach Boys-esque intonations of ‘Save A Little Place’ to ‘Where’s Your Money?’ a pure Stones-inspired rock track, the album is a melting pot of influences.

It is, however, Mazzy Star that the band share most with – throw in the sexy vocal interplays between Lydia Des Dolles and guitarist Danda and you have a glorious debut. - AU Magazine, Lisa Hughes

"'Blackboots & Blackhearts' EP Review"

One of my favourite discoveries of the past year, Sweet Jane release the eagerly awaited Blackboots & Blackhearts EP on October 17th (Dead Flower Records). This Irish band with real shades of the Velvets are fast gaining critical acclaim and have been invited to open for Glasvegas in both Irish shows in December. There is something I just love about bands with that wall of sound, lots of reverb and fuzzy guitars!!! This band have won a real place in my heart, everything about them sounds right. Tracks such as “Take Me Home” and “Blackboots & Blackhearts” and “Your Making This Hard” could step right from a Velvets album. Onto track four and we see a harder edge from Sweet Jane - it’s more JAMC finishing up the EP is the really catchy “Where’s Your Money”, which rattles along at a fair old pace. You know I have made all those comparisons and the influences are there, but these guy’s are more than that. It’s a fantastic EP!! Go grab yourself a copy, it’s the best promo that hit my doormat this week!! - RockSellOut.com

"Sweet Jane Live at The Metro London"

The Metro is bloody dark, and bloody loud, and I can't see anyone I knew, so I retreat to the back and message D to see if she's about - before the message even goes, she sticks her head around the corner of the bar and waves. Yes! The gang is all out - the whole Psychodahlia crew.

I haven't actually seen Sweet Jane before - we keep missing each other, at gigs I'm supposed to go to and can never manage to attend - so this is a treat. 'What the hell is that?' I ask, swooning, pointing at the bass, bristling with switches and knobs. 'It's a Jaguar bass,' D observes. 'I want one!' I howl. The bassist starts to play, it's got that Fender punch with the kick of a Rickenbacker.


Sweet Jane play sinewy, swaggering rock'n'roll, very 70s, very CBGBs, all black leather jackets and bristling riffs and Velvet Underground dark sunglasses. But let's face it, it's Lydia who's the star, stalking the stage with her Debbie Harry white-blonde hair and Ronnie Spector eyeliner. And it's her that makes the band extraordinary, lifting them above the usual dirty dronerock suspects - her voice a low sexy growl, whisky and cigarettes, in that bad girl tradition from Patti Smith to Joan Jett to Courtney Love. When she and Danda sing together, in a woozy boy-girl harmony, all the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. She struts, she shimmies, she loses herself in the music, carrying on playing, even as she accidentally smashes her finger on the edge of her tambourine, sending a shower of blood all over the stage. Grandpa Iggy Pop would be proud. - Masonic Boom

"The Irish Times | Ten must-sees for Electric Picnic 2014"

This Dublin band – featuring four brothers – has gone through some hefty changes over the past two years. Once known as Sweet Jane (you may recall that group’s very sleek’n’sleazy 2010 album, Sugar For My Soul), some members reunited as Buffalo Sunn late last year. The sonic style this time around isn’t so much Sweet Jane’s New York/Velvet Underground disturbances as California dreaming. Certainly, the band’s latest single, By Your Side, reveals a particularly harmonious disposition redolent of Laurel Canyon inhabitants – albeit with occasional slash’n’burn guitars. Waiting in the wings is the band’s debut album, By the Ocean, By the Sea, which is steered by no less a figure than former REM producer, Pat McCarthy. - The Irish Times, Tony Clayton-Lea

"The Irish Daily Star | Buffalo Sunn review"

24 October 2014 by Mark Kavanagh. Four brothers and two others make up this Dublin outfit whose penchant for west coast surf-pop, harmony-drenched vocals and psychedelic flavours is most evident on this engaging debut album - The Irish Daily Star, Mark Kavanagh


Still working on that hot first release.



Buffalo Sunn incorporate sounds from the 60’s right
up to the present day, mixing big reverb-laden harmonies with carefully placed guitars to take the listener on an epic journey through their songs.

After months spent in the studio rehearsing, writing, and recording in Sunset Sound Recording Studios, Los Angeles, with renowned American producer Joe Chiccarelli (recipient of no fewer than 8 Grammy awards, and noted for his work with My Morning Jacket, Beck, The White Stripes and Morrissey), they are back with a brand new single Idle Man.

They found an enthusiastic audience for their music on their recent three US tours, where they played high profile shows for companies such as Yahoo and Delottie, top venues at festivals including SXSW, CMJ and MUSEXPO, as well as a very successful West Coast tour which incorporated live shows sponsored by radio stations (Radio 94.7 Sacramento and 94/7fm Alternative Portland), several of which invited them to record studio sessions, and gave huge support to their single, By Your Side.  They attracted high level interest from US industry at their MUSEXPO showcases.  Music from their debut album, By The Ocean, By The Sea, is featured in an Australian advert for leading clothing company General Pants Co. and Visit Dublin advert by Fáilte Ireland.  They are one of the artists picked to perform at Bank of Ireland’s ‘backing emerging Irish artists’.

Harmony-drenched vocals and psychedelic flavours” **** The Irish Daily Star
Accessible and warm, ‘By The Ocean, By The Sea’ is the first step in a what will surely be a bright career for Buffalo Sunn” – GoldenPlec
A beautiful and atmospheric vibe that is sure to deliver.” – Festival And Gig Guide
A strong, intuitive sense of West Coast US music” – **** The Irish Times

Further information please contact Elvera Butler – elvera@reekus.com /  087 6865801 

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