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Buff Clout

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Don't miss: Buff Clout"

Buff Clout: Polyrhythmic, precise and densely structured, Buff Clout's music is a controlled chaos of sound waves. Guitarist Blake Armstrong and drummer Devin Grant waltz through technical scales and shifting time signatures, notes and beats coupling then re-dispersing in a haze of distortion. Formed in Jacksonville, Fla., earlier this year, the duo has wasted no time, kicking off a cross-country tour this month. Hideous Infant opens.

8 p.m. Sat. Free. 21+. Amnesia, 853 Valencia St., S.F. (415) 970-0012. www.amnesiathebar.com.

- Ryan Villareal - SF Chronicle

"Reviews: BUFF CLOUT: Demo"

Imagine if the Japanese dude who wrote all the original Nintendo songs, like Mario and Zelda. Had an unhealthy obsession with RUSH and ZAPPA but modernized it with a twist of Tom Morrello guitar. Then and only then can you even comprehend the musical powers of BUFF CLOUT.

This 3 song demo is intense and precise math rock from deep space 69. What’s that you say? Only 3 songs? Well don’t worry these 3 songs clock in over 10 minutes and that’s with no vocals. The guitar and drums are so cohesive that they sound like Henry Ford must have felt when he stole the assembly line idea from Native Americans and secured himself as Hitler’s 2nd in command. If you like your Rock n Roll complicated, intense and trippy. Then check this duo out. Hopefully this Demo will only be the first of more to come. 3 songs. RECOMMENDED. - http://southernshedpunk.wordpress.com/2009/11/03/reviews-buff-clout-demo/


EP "Buff Clout's Serious Pants"



Buff Clout just finished a going west tour and now resides in Sacramento, where they are recording their first full length album.