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Cincinnati, Ohio, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Hip Hop Fusion




"Hailing from Cincinnati, Buggs is most definitely one to watch."

Buggs Tha Rocka, hailing from Cincinnati, is most definitely one to watch. He was voted the ‘Best Hip Hop Artist 2014′ by the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards, and when listening through to this new project, it’s easy to see why. He has an intelligent and energetic style that is always pleasing to listen to, and the beat choices are well thought out; you can hear the integrity in ‘Scattered Thoughts Of An American Poet’. This project serves as a pre-cursor to an upcoming EP and album, and Buggs demonstrates his unquestionable rap ability, as well as an ear for raw and reputable beats, whilst still retaining commercial sensibilities. Hi-Tek and Talib Kweli have both taken Tha Rocka under their wing, and when names like that are enjoying and supporting your music, you know you’re doing something right.

The soulful samples and knocking drums on ‘Bad Habits’, courtesy of Ohio producer Hop Trax, are sure to please any authentic hip hop head. Buggs’ lyrical dexterity and cutting tone makes for a heavy listen, and he asks the listeners to ‘observe how I put these words together on some scrabble shit’. His writing ability is slick and skilful, approaching the track with confidence, and it’s impressive for sure. Hop Trax contributes 4 of the albums 19 tracks, and another standout is ‘Angel Of Death’. The crisp drums of the piano laced instrumental back Buggs’ charismatic and animated delivery, with his melodic flow sounding dope over the solid production. The beat isn’t cluttered, allowing the Cincinnati MC’s vocals to be felt to their fullest potential, and Buggs keeps it on a local steez, with fellow Tri-State rapper Piakhan giving an impressive showing.

On the !llmind produced ‘Rolling Stone’, Buggs states that ‘this the type of shit that make you rethink your top five’, and his ferociously delivered bars definitely find their target. Throughout the album he really represents for his city, and this track is no different. His lyrical but not over-complex approach really shows his integrity, and the enthusiastic tone and delivery makes for another strong cut. !llmind’s legacy speaks for itself; he’s worked with everybody from 50 Cent to Little Brother, and he is responsible for 5 of the albums 19 tracks. Buggs takes us in a different direction on ‘Celebration For Us’, which is produced by Rusko. It’s nice to see his versatility and ability to deliver on a commercial level. The high pitched synth lines are catchy, and Buggs flows with consistency; throughout the album there are moments of crossover appeal, but Buggs never sacrifices his content or his technical ability, and that is a very refreshing characteristic. ‘Skates’ is another of my favourite songs on the album; the Sal Dali produced instrumental is a melodic one, with frantic hi hats, interesting percussion and fantastic piano lines backing Buggs Tha Rocka as he spits with passion.

Buggs Tha Rocka has delivered a quality offering here, with dope rhymes, dope beats and a unique approach. After listening through to the 19 tracks on display here, it’s no wonder a shock that legends like Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek are throwing their weight behind the Cincinnati MC, and his knack for spitting well structured bars over a selection of pretty chilled instrumentals will definitely stand him in good stead. Throughout the album he retains his hip hop sound, and when he does stray into a more commercial area, Buggs always manages to pull it off. ‘Scattered Thoughts Of An American Poet’ features clear, golden era influences, as well as a diverse range of styles. One thing is for sure though; this kid can definitely rap.

-Sam Bennett @TheRealPP - Wordplay Magazine (UK)

"Two Things To Say"

Deux choses à vous dire // Playlist Rap, Buggs Tha Rocka, M.ANIFEST
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Par lespetiteschroniques25 / 11/25/2014 / Afrique, Les Playlists, Rap/ HiP hOP / Un commentaire
Cette semaine nous sommes retombé sur deux choses dont nous pensions vous avoir parlé, en fait il s’avère que non.

Nous nous excusons platement mais sincèrement, mais nous ne trouvons pas toujours le temps de tout vous dire.

Et comme c’est assez régulier, attendez à revoir ces deux trois choses à vous dire régulièrement.

La première chose c’est que nous avons reçu l’album de Buggs Tha Rocka, Scattered Thoughts of an American Poet et que c’est vachement bien.

Ensuite, on continue à vous parle de rap mais celui-là vient du Ghana, M.anifest tourne en boucle depuis quelques temps sur nos platines.Buggs Tha Rocka, Scattered Thoughts of an American Poet

D’abord Cincinnati c’est dans l’Ohio, et là bas, Buggs tha Rocka s’est déjà pas mal fait remarquer. Bon, concrétement, vous savez que vous n’êtes pas sur un média mainstream et que même si on écoute pas mal de rap, on ne vous parlera jamais de Jay-z, beaucoup d’autres le font beaucoup mieux que nous et ce n’est pas ce que vous venez chercher ici. Ici, on lit les mails, surtout ceux qui annoncent quelque chose de nouveau et quelque chose de simple du style, salut cet album est bien et vous pourriez l’écouter.

Parfois, ça fonctionne, parfois pas, mais là c’est un 100%, GROS MATCH.

De cet album on aime tout, le flow, les collab’s, et surtout l’ambiance globale, le mélange habile de sample jazzys, les petits coups de « I dreamt I was Rich » sur les basses trap, et surtout l’omniprésence féminine.

Sur cet album vous retrouverez, Phoenix Aphrodite, MOOD, Tanya Morgan et Aida Chakra par exemple, mais aussi des prod’s de Sal Dali, !llmind, Hop Trax, Kill Will ou Jake One.

Pour nous, le Bonus c’est ce morceau, Thirsty, un morceau suave et chaud, de quoi donner soif. - Les Petites Chronique

"25 Facts About Buggs Tha Rocka"

Here is the brand new HHK exclusive with 25 Facts About Buggs Tha Rocka – Scattered Thoughts of an American Poet. The album will be released on the 10th of December 2014 and the iTunes pre-order link will be available soon.

1. For the “Scattered Thoughts of an American Poet” project I originally did over 40 tracks for it
2. I started the new project after taking a trip to Amsterdam last summer 2013
3. I had to search for Piakahn for a few months to get him to put a verse on “Angel of Death”. Very hard to find the OG !
4. I literally named this project “Scattered Thoughts….” because I had so many different ideas, thoughts and emotions that went into this project
5. The Jake One produced track “Thirsty” was originally a MOOD record that Donte personally gave me for my project after I recorded my verse
6. The artwork on the project has 3 different versions. Whether I ever put them all out is as yet still undetermined.
7. Aida Chakra who is featured on a few records on “Scattered Thoughts….” is a Galaxxy Enterprise member
8. This project was initially gonna be a visual album. No audio, just all visuals made up of video releases
9. I had such a hard time cutting records because of emotional attachment and the long sabbatical from hip hop that I almost put out a double disc mixtape
10. The original title of “Scattered Thoughts of an American Poet” was “Mutant Level II: Rise of the Phoenix”
11. This project had two initial release dates before the official December 10th date
12. The first song recorded for the project was “My$tery” produced by Sal Dali
13. Mac Miller was supposes to be on “Phantom of the Opera ” but we couldn’t make it happen because of my time restrictions to finish the project
14. Talib Kweli was supposes to be on “Religiously ” and “Royalty interlude” but again we couldn’t because of scheduling
15. Donte from MOOD and Mac Miller’s DJ Clockwork were basically the unofficial executive producers for this album
16. In the process of recording songs for the project I linked up with Monopoli Management who helped back and support the project
17. My favorite song of the project would be either “Rapture” or “Against Me”
18. “Until the End” is the first official collaboration between MOOD & me
19. Kanye West’s “Graduation” LP and Talib Kweli x MOOD’s “Doom” LP were big inspirations for this album
20. This is the most comfortable I ever been with a project in full
21. Hi- Tek gave a lot of advice to me which helped shape my project
22. “Electric Eel in a Pool of Catfish” got its title from a quote in a local cafe I go to in Cincinnati called SITWELLS
23. 3 of the tracks were recorded in Amsterdam, the rest at home in Cincinnati where I feel most comfortable song writing
24. In a few records you hear my saying “FREE see Hussell” who is my cousin. He has just recently been released from jail after 2 in a half years in time to witness this project’s release!
25. I plan to set up a tour in Europe as well as the States for this particular project, and feel it will be one of the best new hip hop releases of 2015 even tho it will release a bit before the new year on December 10th - Hip Hop Kings (UK)

"Scattered Thoughts Review"

Genre: HIP-HOP / RAP

With a co-sign from mentors Talib Kweli and Hi Tek, Buggs Tha Rocka already has a little boost on the competition. A co-sign by well-known rappers is a good jump-off for any MC, although it also brings heightened expectations and a penchant for comparing the protégé to the mentors. However, the Cincinanati rapper has enough about him to stand up to the scrutiny.

Heating up stages from Atlanta to Amsterdam, Buggs Tha Rocka has already found some success with his mixtapes and debut album, 2010’s ‘Mtant Level 5.’ With a classic hip-hop feel, Buggs is one of the nbew generation pushing a ‘Golden Era’ hip-hop, seemingly fed up with the light, insubstantial state of hi-commercial rap music right now.

Lyrically thick, Buggs delivers his thoughtful yet personal, at times autobiographical thymes over heavy beats, samples and a frequent jazz tinted vibe. Spitting hard lines such as on the word-heavy ‘Royalty Interlude, and the strong ‘Until The End,’ Buggs Tha Rocka’s high-pitched tones carry plenty of weight.

As expected, Buggs doesn’t step out alone, with sme fine guest vocals from names like Aida Chakra, MOOD, Phoenix Aphrodite, Piakhan, Tanya Morgan, and others. The underground hip-hop bangs with no regard for commercial aspirations, yet has plenty of appeal for fans of classic, back-to-beats-and-rhymes rap fans.

At 19 track in length, and clocking in at well over an hour, this offers some genuine bang for your buck. If you miss some of that old-style spitting over breaks, then you may want to investigate this release from the man who is being described as Cincinnati’s best new MC. - PopCulturez (UK)

"Cincinnati Entertainment Awards recap"

Gold Shoes performance at the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards / wins 2013 Best Hip Hop Artist - City Beat

"Buggs Tha Rocka & Talib Kweli perform together for A3C hip-hop festival"

Buggs & the legendary Talib Kweli connect to surprise the crowd at A3C 2013 crowd at the bar exam -

"BUGGS Tha Rocka wins Cincinnati Entertainment Award 2014 (hip-hop artist of the year)"

Buggs wins best hip-hop artist/album of the year 2014 for the second year in a row this time for his solo efforts - CINCYmusic.com

"Gotta hear this!!"

Each week a different member of the XXL staff waxes philosophical on all things hip-hop. With so many different personalities making up the team, the posts reflect each individual’s personal perspective on the culture and gives insight into the people behind the brand. It’s hip-hop on a higher level, live from 1115 Broadway.
You Gotta Hear…
LINK TO PRESS - http://www.xxlmag.com/news/bloggers/2009/04/you-gotta-hear…/Who are you listening to these days?
I get that everyday. No for real, eeverrryday I get hit with the, “Have you heard about such and such? They are that new shit…” I’m always open to hearing new artists. The way the newbies come in the game with the big dreams and bigger statements makes it all worthwhile. With the help of the internet the market has been flooded with garbage though. Just people thinking that since they can listen to music and enjoy it, that they can make it and either become famous, make money or bone some chicks (if it’s a female MC then it’s get the latest handbag). I see where the game is going though, I look at all these new cats coming into the game dealing with label drama and MC beef before people can even get a grasp of their music. It’s a sad state of entry folks, but fuck all that. Some of you readers seem to be experts in this forum (y’all be off as hell sometimes, but then again so are we…not!), so who do you think is the next hot MC or group? It can be whoever you know around your way that you believe in, or some super underground crew we all should be up on, or that cat that we’ve covered in the mag that should get even more light. Whoever you think is dope let us know right here, cus you never know why I’m asking.-DT

Just so you know, I’m listening to:
*Spree Wilson – The ill voiced dude that has the 3rd verse on Novel’s “I Am” single. The way he just took the track and owned it with an intricate flow, left field content and a collegiate hipster style. Watch him. www.myspace.com/spreewilsonexperience

*Buggs Tha Rocka – I can’t remember who put me on to dude off top, but when I went to his www.myspace.com/rockaboy page I so wasn’t expecting what I heard, dopeness. I really like his choices of instrumentals to “rock” over.

*Kovas – I don’t know if this counts since he’s my homie from back in the days (and I made a guest appearance on his ill mixtape The Stimulus Package), but ‘Vas has his own ghetto world beat sound that mashes all elements of hip-hop together. He rhymes, sings, produces (joints with Justin Timberlake to De La Soul) and plays instruments. International flow, just ask about his travels.

*Nitro – Met dude in Barbados in January. He’s got the swag, the timing and the mainstream appeal. Being from the Caribbean doesn’t hurt his chances of winning, especially since he really doesn’t have an accent you have to decipher when he’s spittin’. www.myspace.com/nitroeverhype

*Nipsey Hussle – Just swore dude was a light-skinned Snoop when I saw pictures him and I still think that now that I’ve met him. I’m sure he’s tired of the comparison but he gives me that early Snoop in the streets before the pimpin’ kicked in. He lays out on tracks, not hype, but still aggressive and gives you that Cali feel just from the sound of his voice.

*U-N-I – I’m really into West Coast cool cats, Pharcyde, Hieroglyphics and such and these new dudes are in that lane to me. No rah-rah craziness, no super space rhymes, just dope content and topics that run the table of what young West Coast regular cats deal with. Production by Ro Blvd fits them perfectly.

*J Cole – I met him through DJ Green Lantern recently. Went to the studio to hear his amazing story of how he linked up with Jay-Z. Smart guy first, dope rapper second. He’s going to be one to check for as long as he can get through the pressure of Jay-Z shadow. He’s one of those cats where the more he rhymes with heavyweights, the better he’ll become.


*38 Special – Now this is another Green Lantern intro. Met him at Green’s radio show a few months back. Street dude so much that he’s currently taking a street vacation, feel me? He has a voice that automatically catches your attention and the way he details his life in “the life” is fresh in a Clipse kinda way. Where they add humor with the punch lines to hard times, 38 does it like that, but with a smirk.

*Jon Connor – Got put on to dude through a homie that knows the type of hip-hop I like to listen to. JC is cut from that Kanye cloth, not a Kanye clone but seemingly inspired by Ye. His beats are melodic, but his rhymes attack. JC is definitely feeling his own movement, gotta love that shit.
www.myspace.com/asquadrecords - XXLmag.com

"Buggs Tha Rocka : strange is cool"

There are some artists who are able to function in the industry as a “Jack of All Trades,” playing different roles with ease, all while putting out quality music. Buggs is one of those artists. Both a solo act, as well as a member of an immensely popular band called “Gold Shoes” in his hometown, for Buggs, it’s about being able to excel in all avenues of music. In short, whichever lane he chooses to drive in he makes sure that it is done well.
Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio; it is a state that Kid Cudi, Chip the Ripper, and Stalley, some of which he has shared a stage with, call home. Buggs has quietly been paying his dues to land his name on that list as well; releasing acclaimed tracks and landing features and tours with some of the hottest cats out right now. Now poised and ready with a new release that could potentially elevate his career, he sat down with us to discuss both his progression as well as what the future holds.
AllHipHop.com: At 27 you’ve already been in the game since your early 20s; was there ever another path that you considered?
Buggs Tha Rocka: I attended Central State University and pursued a degree in Business for a period of time, but music just kept calling me. It’s hard to balance it when people want you to travel, to be out there, to put your music out there. Music won.

AllHipHop.com: Most people first became familiar with you with the release of the critically acclaimed Hip Hop Supa Hero in 2009, which led to even more buzz with 2010’s Mutant Level 5. How did you feel about the reception you received?
Buggs Tha Rocka: “Mutant” had all original music and it was really that “break out” mixtape that I needed to give me added credibility. I got to collab with Freeway, Lil Brother, etc. and it brought more shows. I got the chance to share the stage with artists like Jeezy, Big Sean, The Cool Kids, Wiz, John Mayer, Method Man and Redman, Stalley. It was dope.
AllHipHop.com: You followed that with Lost Luggage in 2011, but it was a departure from the mixtapes that came before it, exactly how did it come about?
Buggs Tha Rocka: I wasn’t completely happy with that project. My hard drive crashed and I lost a lot of material that I had been working on. We were able to recover some of it, but it was put together as a “concept project” of sorts, the name itself symbolizing the material or “luggage” that had been lost and later found. Not getting the response that I wanted along with personal issues is what led to a slight break in music for me last year.
AllHipHop.com: Not everybody knows that you’re also in a band that was created in 2009. Does that have any effect on your career as a solo artist?
Buggs Tha Rocka: The group that I’m in Gold Shoes, was actually individual artists coming together to form a band. It’s different from what I do on my own. On my own I’m a rapper, but the group mixes hip hop and jazz. So for them you get to hear me sing as well. That’s actually the reason that I’m still in Ohio, I’ve thought about moving but for now I’m dividing my attention between my career as well as the band’s.
AllHipHop.com: In between projects, what were you involved in?
Buggs Tha Rocka: I actually got to go on the Midwest portion of Talib Kweli and Mos Def’s “Prisoner of Conscious” tour. I’ve come into contact with a lot of other artists just while I’ve been coming up and they all treat me like a little brother of sorts. It was a great experience.
AllHipHop.com: So now that you’ve had a chance to step away, collect yourself, and now you’re returning with the Wrath of Zeus. How does this project differ from your past releases? What exactly can we expect?
Buggs Tha Rocka: The Wrath of Zeus casts me as Zeus. It’s paying homage to the Gods (of Hip Hop) that came before me. I make music that I actually would want to hear. It’s a return to the Hip Hop that we grew up on. The idea is that “Zeus” is returning the game to what it once was. Good music.
[Download The Wrath Of Zeus mixtape]

AllHipHop.com: Ok, ok I see you with the Greek mythology. Can we expect any features like we saw on “Mutant Level 5?”
Buggs Tha Rocka: I actually don’t have any features this time. I feel like on a classic project they need to be able to hear you. I didn’t want to crowd it with features this time. I need you to feel me. I don’t want to be played strictly off of who I’m cool with that I can get to jump on a track with me. I love music that comes from the heart, that comes from the soul; and can’t nobody tell my story better than me.
Hear him tell it by staying in contact with him: @rockaboy - AllHipHop.com

"Introducing: Buggs tha Rocka"

As Cincinnati rapper Buggs tha Rocka gets set to drop Scattered Thoughts of an American Poet, he talks to GIITTV about making genuine music, his love of anime and being co-signed by Talib Kweli.

Buggs tha Rocka may not yet be a household name, but his achievements to date are enough to make serious hip hop fans sit up and pay attention.

His triumph at this year’s Cincinnati Entertainment Awards – bagging Best Hip Hop Artist – is just the latest indicator to the Ohio native’s talent.

Probably more impressive than scooping gongs at the CEA two years in a row is the love shown to him by hip hop hall of famers. Buggs has released mixtapes hosted by DJ’s Mick Boogie and Clockwork, while Donte from MOOD, Hi Tek and Talib Kweli have become long-term mentors and supporters of the come-up wordsmith.

Not bad for a guy whose musical exploration began at age six with the unlikeliest of gifts. “My mum gave me a harmonica of all instruments at the time. She wanted me to be like Stevie Wonder, but I guess I had other plans,” says Buggs.

A keen poet that “sucked at playing harmonica” Buggs was eventually lured into the world of hip hop because of how “honest and truthful it was”.

“I wasn’t allowed to listen to hip hop in the house, but I got tapes from my older brother who was in high school,” says Buggs before explaining why the genre was banned in his house: “Rap music was violence and profanity – that’s what they thought. They didn’t realise there were different styles of hip hop because all of the stuff that was promoted was negative.”

It’s fair to say Buggs tha Rocka is now doing his bit to ensure hip hop’s prominent “ying” is balanced with some much-needed “yang”.

Influenced by hip hop’s Golden Era, Buggs’ music is a concoction of conscious rhymes, intelligent wordplay and creative flow; explanation enough for why Talib Kweli has taken a keen interest.

“When he co-signed me on stage at AC3, I was like ‘this is serious.’ I went on tour with him. Before that we were kicking it and I was hanging with a legend. It was weird he liked my music, it was a weird and surreal feeling,” he says clearly humbled.

The gift of the pen is not the only thing that sets Buggs apart from his contemporaries.

His sky-scraper haircut and choice of clothes isn’t what you would call standard hip hop garb, but dressing like this for as long as he can remember Buggs laughs: “I’ve always had my own individual style. Some people say unique, some people say weird.”

Looking to fashion magazines and blogs for ideas, Buggs says he is deeply influenced by things going on in Japan. His love of Japanese culture includes Bathing Ape and another of its famed exports – anime.

Describing himself as being “big into manga and anime”, he becomes animated and says: “It is so funny you should ask me about manga, because my next video is based on an anime: Full Metal Alchemist. It’s going to be the visual for Angel of Death.

“I’m very excited about putting it out because I don’t think many people have done videos like this. And the people who have, I am very sure they haven’t used this anime.”

Needless to say, it would be near impossible for anyone to classify Buggs as just another rapper concerned with bitches, bling and Bugatti’s. While capitalism and all the trappings that come with it provides the majority of subject matter for a good few rappers enjoying success, Buggs has a knack for portraying the myriad of emotions and experiences faced by the average person.

“I’m inspired by people, situations and things that happen around me. The beat is just the soundtrack to the emotions I’m trying to get out and it’s like having a conversation with myself or a real close friend. One minute you might want to save the world and the next minute you say: ‘fuck the world’. But it’s cool to feel like that. It means you’re real – you’re a human and not a robot. You can’t wake up like a tough guy or wake up conscious every day,” Buggs says.

It’s hard not to be impressed by the level of passion and commitment Buggs exudes when talking about hip hop and what he has to offer the culture. His desire to produce honest, sincere music is translated perfectly into his latest EP Scattered Thoughts of an American Poet. While music loosely termed “conscious” or “real hip hop” can at times suffer from being sanctimonious or contrived, Buggs serves up an authentic, relatable body of work that captures the essence of its namesake.

“It really is scattered thoughts: things I was feeling and needing to say. Instead of focusing on a concept, it was more about making genuine music and great songs. It’s kind of hard to put your life into 60 minutes so I had to take it one track at a time.”

Wrapping up, Buggs gave a shout out to all the people who have supported him so far: “Much love to all the Space Invaders who want to get familiar and who are already familiar with the movement!” - God is in the TV (UK)


Here’s Buggs Tha Rocka’s interview by BNHH. The Ohio rapper presents his 7th mixtape entitled Scattered Thoughts of an American Poet, which features artists like Chuck Inglish, Dante from MOOD, Aida Chakra and top producers like Swiff D, Jake One and !llmind.

Buggs has developed a big presence in his area. His past projects (School of Rock, Ultimate Experience, Mutant Level 5 or Wrath of Zeus) made him one of Ohio’s hip-hop main artist. Learn more about his new tape and his future projects.

Brand New Hip Hop: Can you introduce yourself for those who don’t know you ?

Peace & blessings, I’m Buggs Tha Rocka, tha lyrical alien from planet Cincinnati, Ohio!!! I started making music as early as 6 years old. In 2004 I made the choice to go full throttle with music as being my only career.

BNHH: Who would be your biggest musical influences ?

Too many to name but ones that have impacted me the most would be Nas, Notorious B.I.G, Outkast, Q-tip, No Doubt, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Pharrell Williams, Lupe Fiasco, Talib Kweli, MOOD, and Common.

BNHH: Can you tell us more about Scattered Thoughts of an American Poet ?

Well the project itself evolved from my trip in Amsterdam last summer. It’s basically inspired by all my scattered thoughts and emotions and life experiences, and that gives the all around shape to what you hear. I worked with people who I thought would sound good on the record, who I genuinely enjoy as people and artists. I didn’t want to pick people simply for their names, I wanted this to be organic, work with people I know and have a good relationship with. As a result, there is a strong representation from Cincinnati itself.BNHH: It drops today, are you ready? How do you feel, pretty excited ?

Honestly, I’m anxious and excited all in one. I’m ready for it to happen. The energy surrounding the release is electric and amazing. I have to thank my team Galaxxy Enterprise, Monopoli Management, my PR John at Urban Elite, Whitney Stevens and all the space invaders who have been supporting the journey of Buggs Tha Rocka through the years.

BNHH: Can you tell us about your group, Gold Shoes. What was the concept behind them ?

Just bringing different genres and backgrounds together to create one unique sound. We opened for John Mayer, performed with Wiz Khalifa, and we could rock out with anybody of any style at any level, and add to the overall experience to the show. And no we aren’t rocking out together anymore, but it was one hell of a ride and experience. I personally just needed people who had the same drive and work ethic as me.

BNHH: We read that you are close with Talib Kweli. How did that develop and do you have plans to work together in the future ?

Donte from MOOD initially connected us. We went on the Midwest portion of his tour at the time. We built from there, did a load of shows together. Hopefully we’ll work together in the studio, we will decide next year. People have been waiting on that, but it’s really Talib’s call. I don’t want it to be forced because we are cool and we respect each other. Music is the only reason to do a track together, not just for the sake of it, and I want it to be an organic vibe. He helped me in a lot of ways already. I’m sure us together on one track would be legendary but it’s something I’d rather save for the right time.

BNHH: We also heard that you were possibly planning on working with Hi Tek in the future. Can you tell us about how you first met and if you two will be producing something together ?

We’re from the same city so it’s only right. I’ve developed a big presence as an artist in my city, and with the type of music I do, I think we compliment each other’s styles very well, frighteningly well!! We are always in the studio catching a vibe. I honestly don’t remember the first time we met, but for sure something is very possible and in the works for the future. But just as with working with any artist, I want it to be organic as well.

So there’s no rush, but when it happens, that particular project will stop the world! Maybe it’s already happened and I don’t wanna let the cat out bag!! lol The people will have to wait and see though, Hi Tek is a perfectionist and a lot like Dr Dre in that regards so when he is ready to move, it will happen. Make sure y’all pressure him to make it happen and release sooner than later!!!

BNHH: Have you heard any French rap? If so, which artists have stood out for you ?

Honestly, I have heard some but don’t have any artists in mind to single out. The French rap I did here I heard while in Amsterdam and it was sick!! There was also someone spitin in French in a cypher I did too, it was super ill.

BNHH: Have you ever been to Paris ? Do you plan to come here in the future, and if so, when & why ?

No I haven’t been, but I want to so bad!!! I will for sure though, hopefully next summer. I’ve heard so many awesome things about Paris, always has been on my bucket list. It’s a place for lovers and people with impeccable taste, correct??! Sounds like a place I wanna be!

BNHH: Which projects do you have planned for next year ?

I got a new EP coming and a crew mixtape in the works, but for right now it’s all about « Scattered Thoughts of an American Poet ». It’ll be available as a free download today from www.buggstharocka.com! That’s my main focus and then touring and pushing this to the people! - Brand New Hip Hop (FRANCE)


Still working on that hot first release.



In resistance to commercial gangsta rap, Buggs Tha Rocka performance of shrewd and cultured rhymes maintains golden-era techniques while carving a creative outlet for the succeeding hip-hop generation. Hailed by his peers as a “rapper’s rapper”, Buggs tha Rocka has reinforced underground hip-hop with his eccentric lyricism and versatile flows.

Born Speed Walton III on February 16th, Buggs was raised in a full house of family in Cincinnati, Ohio. He began rapping at age of 6, soon after purchasing his first rap album, “Life After Death” by Notorious B.I.G. Buggs’ earliest recordings told stories and demonstrated wordplay with a clever mix of hip hop and rock. Also drawing inspiration from artists such as Andre 3000, Q-Tip, Missy Elliott, Pharrell, and jay-z. Buggs enhanced his skills to exude a smart and stylish sensibility. He ultimately developed a niche for pairing eclectic samples with amusing and conscious rhyme schemes.

In 2009, he released his first mixtape titled, “Hip Hop Supa Hero” (hosted by DJ Mick Boogie). One year later, Buggs’ debut album Mutant Level 5 was met with rave reviews after releasing a promotional single “Get Away,” featuring Little Brother (2010). The album’s strong reverence of intelligent, balmy hip-hop also featured Freeway, Tanya Morgan, and SAS. In an effort to broaden his listening audience and perform looser subject matter, Buggs released the “Lost Luggage” mixtape with DJ Clockwork in 2011. His follow-up project titled, “Wrath of Zeus” (also hosted by DJ Clockwork), was sponsored by Allhiphop.com and livemixtapes.com and promoted with a sizzling performance at the 2012 SXSW Duck Down vs. Blacksmith showcase. In late 2012, he caught the attention of Talib Kweli, who invited him as a guest on “The Prisoner of Consciousness” tour. Buggs has also shared the stage with fellow hip-hop acts: Talib Kweli, MOOD, HI-Tek, Young Jeezy, Stalley, The Cool Kids, Method Man and Red Man, Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, Wale, Little Brother, and Colin Munroe and many more.


Always finding ways to expand his repertoire, Buggs helped formed a hip-hop fusion band in 2009 named Gold Shoes, in which he leads vocals. The band also consist of a guitarist, singer, bassist, synth and keyboardist, and drummer Tony Kuchma. Gold Shoes incorporates indie-rock, jazz, and electronic dance styles with Buggs’ rhapsodic lyrics and suave syncopations. The band released “The Gold Shoes LP” in April 2012, which yielded a Cincinnati Entertainment Award for best hip-hop album of the year From City Beat in 2013. Gold Shoes’ devoted fan base and Buggs proficiency in social media promoting landed them opening gigs for the likes of John Mayer, Wiz Khalifa, The Black Keys, Kings of Leon and Walk the Moon’s album release show.

Fresh off another Cincinnati Entertainment Award (2014) for Buggs solo success with “Wrath of Zeus” in 2013 w/ DJ Clockwork (Mac Miller's DJ). Tha Rocka sets out to release a new album later this year. Buggs’ Scattered Thoughts: of an American poet promises to thrill listeners with masterful beats and game-changing revelations. With his brilliant lyrical techniques and appreciation for various styles of music, Buggs is adamant that his music will reach new heights in engaging and inspiring diverse music lovers like himself.   

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