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"Bugs Multiply on Smother.Net"

Bugs Multiply hark upon that post-grunge alternative rock that the Foo Fighters embraced early on. Easily the independent version of the aforementioned band with a vocalist who if you close your eyes for a moment could easily be mistaken for Dave Grohl. Their songs are driving with fiery moments rarely held in check for long. Lavishing in harmony in the vocal and guitar departments, Bugs Multiply have no issue at all with taking the helm of alternative pop’s next radio-friendly champion. - Smother Magazine

"April 2006 Review by BabySue LMNOP"

Rather than play noisy alternative rock, these guys present surprisingly radio-friendly hard pop that is immediately catchy and uplifting. Mr. Cox (the band's songwriter) comes up with songs that borrow from 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s pop...reinventing them with unusual chord structures and modern recording techniques. Fourteen smart tracks here including "Loveyougone," "If You're Wrong," "Perfect Scenes," and "All the Everything." Cool, clever, and upbeat. (Rating: 4++++)
- BabySue.Com

"Asheville Mountain Xpress Review"

Bugs Multiply, Bugs Multiply (Coma Gun Music): Four Stars

• Genre(s): Rock, Post-Grunge, Pop

• You'll like it if: You love grunge that's actually progressed from its early-'90s heyday.

• Defining song: "If You're Wrong" -– Full of subtle string arrangements, this multiple-personality tune demonstrates the trio's ability for hopping from one genre to the next.

I'll be honest: The term "post-grunge" does a rake down my spine that's unsettling. However, Asheville trio Bugs Multiply has taken the '90s format (one reviewer aptly describes them as "Foo-Fighter-esque with the rawness of punk") and made it digestible for the 21st century. With hooks catchier than a Gold Glover, Bugs Multiply traverse through subjects like: dissecting hippie culture, youthful recollections of a Cheryl Tiegs poster, and even metaphorical allusions to Hüsker Dü. Despite the radio-friendly format, the lyrics are open to numerous interpretations, and the constant chord changes throughout reveal a band that's much deeper than their surface simplicity.
- Mountain Xpress


Bugs Multiply: Bugs Multiply (Coma Gun Music)

RIYL: Foo Fighters, Everclear, Marcy’s Playground, Husker Du

Matt Cox heads up this quartet of ex-Yankees in the sleepy Dixie town of Asheville, N.C. and, in Bugs Multiply, releases a highly polished first LP, perfectly honed for radio play. Cox has over 15 years of songwriting experience in numerous bands and his lyrical talents are featured prominently. The vocal harmonies and guitar hooks alone make Bugs Multiply worth checking out. Highlights from this self-titled debut include “Dins and Feebles,” with a glorious chorus, punchy guitars, and quite possibly the most quirky lyrics ever, “dreams of punk rock in a taco.” Stretched out guitars and distorted keyboards are showcased on “Thinking Husker Du” and “Cheryl Tiegs” has a fun summer jam sound to it. With a definite flare for the indie-rock sound, this band has the potential to garner some much-deserved adoration. | Mary Beth Hascall


2008 Strung Out on the Placebo EP

2006 Bugs Multiply - Full Length Album



In a self published novel about futuristic criminals and detectives, James Cox writes about Insects so out of control that cars have to have "bug suckers" to drive through swarms and instead of continually putting away repeat criminals you just blast them with a "Coma Gun" to wipe their memory and then re-program them using Coma Replacement Therapy.

In 2008, Matt Cox and his band Bugs Multiply have used the themes from this book to not only name the band but also a music company and a record label based in Asheville, NC. Coma Gun Music and Coma Gun Records are quickly becoming recognized name in the local music scene.

Themes, characters and language from the book also show up in the Bugs Mutliply song lyrics and a concept record based on the novel is always being talked about by the band. Not to mention helping James Cox release the book on the record label just for fun!

With multiple projects going on the Asheville band has been much more involved in the local music scene and recently had a spot in a summer local rock music festival. They will be playing in and helping put on another festival in the fall - The first annual Asheville Rock Fest.

A new EP is on the way with an release date set for October 7, 2008. "Strung Out on the Placebo" is the title and has Bugs Multiply creeping around the punk pop genre a bit more, but still defined with voluptuous choruses and another stainless recording from the hands of engineer Steve Mabee.

The addition of seasoned Warped Tour veteran Toby Brown has the new songs faster and harder, but with even more harmonies to saturate those catchy choruses.

With their own label and booking company going strong, the band just has to finish the new EP and get on the road to play some shows. The October release of the new EP will coincide with several Southeast shows and then a tour up to New York in the Spring with label mates New Killer Stars.