Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Music that makes you groove. Staying true to Rhythm and Blues, Funk, Hip Hop, Soul, Jazz, and Rock and Roll, and at the same bringing something of substance vocally and musically to the drought of true music in the industry.


BugzyRoze was born Candice Neal in Atlanta Georgia.
Exposed to nearly all music at an early age, Candice always had a plethora of music to listen to. While her family worked as laborers by day , they frequently gathered for musical celebrations at night. At and early age Candice was told by many that she had to be a singer one day because her voice was to good to miss.
With her mind set on other things such as, a career in Law, or Business Candice decided to put singing on the back burner and shoot for a more prestigious position always fighting the urge to just want to sing.

Finally after receiving an Associate's in Paralegal Studies, becoming owner of 2 small business, and co-owner of several more, Candice has emerged with a fresh, naturally soulful, yet funky sound, that is so new yet so classic. Now dubbed BugzyRoze by those who know her personally for her straight forward and fearlessness on political issues, music, religion, and social issues, BugzyRoze checks the crossover at the door staying true to the music. A great new songwriter, BugzyRoze's very first song written and recorded entitled "Cry" won a Platinum Auddy from Uplaya .com. "Cry" has also been one of Popcuts.com Top 10 R&B Songs for over 6 months..and top 10 Soul Songs.. BugzyRoze's Hip Hop collaboration with Xclusive Writes entitled "Crazy Luv" has remained top 20 on the Popcuts.com Rap/Hip Hop charts for nearly a year. Also gracing Reverbnation top 100 in R&B.
Stats to be continued....

Looking into the future, with her funky, r&b, and hip hop roots. BugzyRoze a.k.a Havanna Brown and her music, will definitely be here to stay.


All Songs Currently Available for Streaming or Download Include:

* "CRY" by BugzyRoze (written, recorded,and performed by BugzyRoze).

* "Crazy Luv" by BugzyRoze ft. Xclusive Writes(written, recorded, and performed by BugzyRoze and Xclusive Writes).

* "Love" (feels so good) by BugzyRoze (written, recorded, and performed by BugzyRoze).