Building Better Bombs

Building Better Bombs


we play loud, abrasive hardcore. lots of fun breaks and dueling guitar madness.


Building Better Bombs is not your average hardcore band. True, the instrumentation is standard: two guitars, bass, drums, and keyboards, however their execution is somewhat radical. Given the wide array of backgrounds each member comes from, the sound is rarely akin to one particular genre. By drawing from each of their individual influences, from punk rock and hip hop, to film and ADD, Building Better Bombs unveils an abrasive onslaught both musically and aesthetically. From the beginning, they have set out to include anyone interested in contributing. From enlisting a variety of different artist to create their record covers for their recent 7”, to organizing street games and bike rides, a strong sense of community has always been at the heart of their endeavors.

The music of Building Better Bombs is an action-packed freak-out of call and response hardcore. Originally formed as a two-piece, 18 year old Stef Alexander and Isaac Gale began experimenting with a drum machine to create a danceable, beat-heavy hardcore. After two years of snapping necks and shredding lung tissue, Isaac moved to Holland to make films, and Stef (also known in the hip hop community as P.O.S.) co-founded local hip hop collective Doomtree Records. After releasing his debut, he was quickly picked up by the internationally distributed label Rhymesayers Entertainment, and has since completed multiple national tours. Upon Isaac’s return from overseas, the two quickly regrouped and enlisted bassist Ryan Olson and drummer Drew Christopherson.

The future looks busy for Building Better Bombs, as they set out to release their debut full-length record. 13 songs clocking in at just 28 minutes, the album is a whirlwind of sonically intense, well-crafted songs that blaze like hardcore, and boom like a rap. This can all be attributed to their incredible engineer/producer Joe Mabbot (Atmosphere, Plastic Constellations, Brother Ali, and many more) who captured the bands intensity perfectly, without sacrificing its uncontrollable energy. Four cuts from the album are currently available on their limited run 7” entitled This Is A Gang.


This is a gang

Written By: stef alexander and isaac gale

We d cut our hearts out
To get the word out yeah
We got our heartbeats beating

We got our heartbeats beating


Written By: stef alexander and isaac gale

We live delapitated
We got a lot of shit to work out
We catch a lot of static
We tell em back up

With skies so automated
Theyre sick of looking with the lights out
Theyd rather be sedated
We tell em back up

We live so separated
We got a lot of shit to work out
Yeah we catch a lot of static
We tell em back off
This llife so underated
(of course) there sick of living with the lights out
(but) We d rather be sedated
we tell em g g g g go!


Written By: stef alexander and isaac gale

I stopped breathing he lost all his air
I feel sick but not running scared

Get them

Lets get them


just recorded our debut full-length at Electrical Audio in Chicago. due out this fall.

Set List

many short songs. we usually play for about a half hour, which is about 15 songs.