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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"IndieBlogHeaven 1/16/07"

It does me proud when I can look on a map, and see respected indie artists, in my own backyard. I live in Sacramento, home of the CAULIFORNIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH governator. Loved the Warren Beatty line about how he changed him to a Democrat on the Golden Globes last night.

When I can pick up the good 'ol Rand McNally and see Joanna Newsom originated 40 minutes away in Nevada City, !!! (Chk Chk Chk) within 10 minutes, Jackie Greene playing at the zoo (no joke) and DJ Shadow in Davis to name four, I'm thrilled to be from around here. Especially with the Jackie Greene zoo thing.....he'll play anywhere!

Here comes another band that's been perking ears lately. Another product from Davis, Buildings Breeding. They have a great mellow, Elliott Smith meets the Shins kind of thing going on, perfect for a spring drive with the top rolled down, on some country back road.

The four piece's new self titled album was mixed by Aaron Prellwitz who has done work with Sun Kil Moon, Hella and Alaska and if that wasn't enough name dropping for you, just wait until you hear what I have next. The band recorded the new album at Tiny Telephone in San Francisco, which happens to be John Vanderslice's Studio.

Yeah, uh huh, so what do you think now sparky?!

The band is already planning a vinyl only EP, and global domination, after they blow minds at SXSW.

Look for their album to drop January 23rd. -- - IndieBlogHeaven 1/16/07

"3hive review 1/28/07"

This low-key, low profile band with an impressively obscure background has dropped their album into the vast ocean of popular music with all the power of a pebble. The ripple is small and subtle, but if you slip off your sneakers and dip your toes in the water Buildings Breeding will delight your whole soul. Their name connotes the roar (or maybe moans) of earthquakes, but their restrained guitar work, soft melodies and gently doubled vocals make up the sweet sighs of dreams. A slight 60s flair and random acts of atmospherics add just the right amount of spice to the songs. -- - 3hive review 1/28/07

"Harmony in My Ears "S/T" review 2/7/07"

A clean guitar rhythm, a catchy bass line and cheerful claps accompany the opening lines of Buildings Breeding's self-titled debut. The first national release from Mushpot Records, "Buildings Breeding," was half mixed by Aaron Prellwitz (Sun Kil Moon, Hella, Alaska!) at Tiny Telephone in San Francisco, Ca. The first track, "Stacking up Reasons," sets precedent for an album laced with bits and pieces of raw, unrestrained emotion left behind by each member of this young quartet. It's with these sentiments that these skilled musicians produced songs like "Emmawood" with Melanie Glover's comforting lilt, "Some things are meaningless burning its way in my fingers." --
- Harmony in My Ears review "S/T" 2/7/07

"PodShow artist detail"

Buildings Breeding create dynamic soundscapes that frequently toy with depth and richness. Much like its melodic predecessors, the band controls emotional return with impressive accuracy and shows a mastery of contrasting male/female vocals. --
- PodShow artist detail

"Loserkids BB bio"

...Though young, the band's experience shines through the track "Beesting" where they harmonize, "Fall from a flat and special high/and it's all right." With male and female vocals superimposed onto each other, Beesting's meticulous structure suggests that the song embraces the risks and challenges involved in romance. A synthesizer plays a smooth, cosine-ish melody conjuring up the rollercoaster imagery of a typical relationship. Ending on an optimistic note, the song closes with the words "Time will know" while an electric guitar plays a hopeful melody. >br> The overarching theme explored in Buildings Breeding's music is that of hope - even in the face of seemingly inevitable failure. In this way the album works as a spiritual map tracing the pursuit of dreams; the album, in itself, embodies the band's hopes, dreams and fearlessness of failure. The band's hard work and friendly attitude are sure to bring everything but failure. --,,3984681,00.html - Loserkids BB bio

"Mactronic BB review 2/28/07"

Slow, methodical, and downright breezy is what first hooked me onto the Davis, California band Buildings Breeding. But interesting lyrics and a propensity to experiment kept them in the fold. With one full-length out and a new outtakes EP dropping early in March, there's plenty for you to wrap your head around. Resting somewhere between Dntel and Brightblack, I present to you a great track by Buildings Breeding.
-- - Mactronic BB review 2/28/07

"KDVS 90.3fm 4/07"

..."Loving and magical band that has been dubbed the "best new thing" and "indie-pop super group" of Davis, CA!" -- - KDVS 90.3fm 4/07


Beesting (2007) EP
S/T (2007) LP


Feeling a bit camera shy


Buildings Breeding was never meant to be a real band. Their songs were created as a bunch of love letters Christapher Larsen made for Melanie Glover while she was overseas. With great response, Buildings Breeding settled in as a fake band from Chicago featuring four members -- all alias for Larsen. After gaining much attention, the band eventually became a reality. The true group was born in April 2006 in Davis, California with Chris Larsen (Vocals, Guitar), Melanie Glover (Drums, Vocals), Evan Hart (Guitar) and Jesse Miller (Keys). Later, former saxophone layer for Operation Ivy, Paul Bae (bass), joined. The group’s "Self-Titled" LP was picked up by Davis-grown/New York-based label Mushpot Records. After joining up with Fanatic Promotion, the band’s album debuted at #6 on the charts for CMJ (College Music Journal) and stayed in the top 100 for over two months. By March 2007 the group had showcased at South by Southwest and toured the US twice. Buildings Breeding also recently had their song “Stacking Up Reasons” featured on MTV’s “Human Giant” and continues to flood the blogger world with critical acclaim.Currently, the band is working on its follow-up LP with producer Aaron Prellwiz (Sun Kil Moon) at John Vanderslice’s Tiny Telephone in San Francisco, Ca. Their influences are Velvet Underground, The Beatles, T-Rex, The Shins, Modest Mouse, and the Beach Boys.