Buildings Breeding

Buildings Breeding



Buildings Breeding was never meant to be a real band. Their songs were created as a bunch of love letters Christapher Larsen made for Melanie Glover while she was overseas. With great response, Buildings Breeding settled in as a fake band from Chicago featuring four members -- all alias for Larsen. After gaining much attention, the band eventually became a reality. The true group was born in April 2006 in Davis, California with Chris Larsen (Vocals, Guitar), Melanie Glover (Drums, Vocals), Evan Hart (Guitar) and Jesse Miller (Keys). Later, former saxophone layer for Operation Ivy, Paul Bae (bass), joined. The group’s "Self-Titled" LP was picked up by Davis-grown/New York-based label Mushpot Records. After joining up with Fanatic Promotion, the band’s album debuted at #6 on the charts for CMJ (College Music Journal) and stayed in the top 100 for over two months. By March 2007 the group had showcased at South by Southwest and toured the US twice. Buildings Breeding also recently had their song “Stacking Up Reasons” featured on MTV’s “Human Giant” and continues to flood the blogger world with critical acclaim.Currently, the band is working on its follow-up LP with producer Aaron Prellwiz (Sun Kil Moon) at John Vanderslice’s Tiny Telephone in San Francisco, Ca. Their influences are Velvet Underground, The Beatles, T-Rex, The Shins, Modest Mouse, and the Beach Boys.


Beesting (2007) EP
S/T (2007) LP

Set List

about 45mins to an hour:

stacking up reasons
polish barely holds
rushing red (new)
horsemen (new)
in my hands
youth is all thats left
stay black (new)
17 hours away (new)
shoegazer (new)