Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., USA

Buildings (verb, not noun) is a synaesthetic instrumental art rock experience. it is shared between three people, an electric guitar, a bass, a drum kit, and video projections. The songs usually "build" back and forth from minimalist shreds to somber melodies to heavy and joyous crescendos.


DCist wrote:
"Bands like Buildings make genre identification a near-pointless exercise. There's no discernible song structure to a Buildings song, but yet they seem too well constructed to be the loose jams. Some of their guitar rhythms have the intensity of post-rock instrumental bands the but unlike post-rock, Buildings doesn't ease you in. The first notes on their EP Endless come quickly and the drums add another dimension of speed, racking your brain before the tempo drops. The songs twist and turn but never seem to meander pointlessly and while there might be hints of familiarity in the melodies (there are hints of everything from Bach to Tortoise) this doesn't sound like anyone else. Furthermore, the psychedelic projections they use during their live sets add another level of intensity to an already impressive sonic experience. So, we'll dispense with attempts at labeling and just keep it simple: Buildings is amazing."


Endless EP (5 song CD) available from Sockets Records

coming soon: Tiny Mountains / Tesselations 7 inch