BuiltForSpeed is like Taking a road trip with Tool, Weezer, and Breaking Benjamin. You're on your way to see Foo Fighters in concert. On the way there, you're listening to Bad Religon and Duran Duran.


BuiltForSpeed is ready. After over a decade of writing and performing Jonathan Brasell’s brainchild has a deep catalog of songs, two full length albums, a new release on the way, a schedule full of gigs and a national act worthy resume of shows played all over the south. With a sound that is as much Duran-Duran as it is Fallout Boy, BuiltForSpeed combine themes of sexual tension, unrequited love, undying devotion and romantic bliss with quasi-revolutionary anti-anthems.
The Shreveport, Louisiana based four-piece have demonstrated their selfless attitude with marathon touring and have lived the time honored tradition of rocking crowds on the weekend and making it into work on Monday. BuiltForSpeed’s love of music is obvious to anybody who has seen them play one of their legendary live sets, because whether they are playing for a packed house in their home town or a near empty back room miles from a friendly face they deliver with passion, precision and a level of well rehearsed musicality that is usually reserved for the latest alt-media darlings.
Guitarist Dale Nielsen, bassist Scott Seyfried and drummer Mark Risinger are willing accomplices ready to kiss hands and shake babies to win over new fans. All four guys in BFS are accomplished musicians claiming musical influences as diverse as Orange 9mm, Dying Fetus, Silverchair and The Smiths.
Things have come a long way for BuiltForSpeed and the future is only getting brighter.

-Eddie Maldonado


Manufactured... (2005)
Above The Law (2002)
DEMOlicious EP (2001)

Set List

BuiltForSpeed's set is usually between 1hr and 1 1/2hr. It includes a few crowd pleasers from Above the Law and from Manufactured, and a handful of material which is the jump off point for our current studio project. (Demo versions of three of these are featured here on sonicbids.)
BuiltForSpeed performs a cover of Peter Gabriel's "Digging in the Dirt" Which can be heard on Manufactured...