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Built Like Alaska

Oakdale, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 1997 | INDIE

Oakdale, California, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 1997
Band Alternative Americana




"Built Like Alasak-In Troubled Times"

In Troubled Times features smart moody mid-tempo underground pop songs with an emphasis on intricate arrangements and cool vocal overlays. This band's music sounds kinda like a cross between Americana and moody underground modern pop - babysue.com

"Built Like Alaska"

Built Like Alaska is, slowly but surely, changing what many classify as indie rock, putting its owncaptivating spin on the genre itself. - Magnet Magazine

"Built Like Alaska: Band to Watch in 2012"

what is clear to us is that 2012 could be the best year yet for Built Like Alaska, just based on the double-shot of “Antique Love” and “John Henry.” BLA are an IRC Band to Watch in 2012. - indierockcafe.com

"In Troubled Times"

In Troubled Times… takes Built Like Alaska in a slightly new direction. The core elements that we all loved from Autumnland remain, but there’s added refinement. As a whole, In Troubled Times… is more captivating, more intriguing and more contemplative than ever before. - Fensepost.com

"In Troubled Times"

..Jackson is at his best on songs like "Famous Goodbyes," "John Henry" and "Break OF Day," quieter rockers that let the band play around some—a harmonica, a xylophone, some twangling banjo. It may have been six years, but it was worth the wait. - splicetoday.com

"Built Like Alaska: Hopalong"

“The band’s songs are booted home by a fistful Neil Young/Crazy Horse inspired guitar mayhem.” - Magnet Magazine-2003


“At times majestic and other times dirty, the music of Built Like Alaska mirrors the cold, light climate of the land in which it takes its name from.” - www.inmusicwetrust.com-2003


Pretty, sparkling indie-rock with a strong sense (and love) of pop, Built Like Alaska's Autumnland is rightfully titled. Like a good autumn, Built Like Alaska brings to mind those cold, windy mornings, while the sun is still shining, trees turning brown, leaves all over the place, and life just that much more beautiful. - www.inmusicwetrust.com-2005


“Built Like Alaska conjure moments of startling beauty adrift in a sea of coral melodies.” - www.splendidezine.com-2003

"Northern Soul"

“ Built Like Alaska boasts intricate contemplative strummers alongside barnstorming riffs chock-full of poetic lyrics and smooth harmonies.” - Anthem Magazie-2005

"Rants & Favs"

“Built Like Alaska doesn’t portray itself as a weakling but as a strong underdog you want to see triumph at the end of a short film” - HARP Magazine- 2005

"Built Like Alaska"

“…these country bumpkins never fail to deliver the goods. Built Like Alaska stand alone as a unique and must see band.” - Noise Pop Official Guide- 2005

"Friday's Pick"

“Friday's Pick: Built Like Alaska Sea of Beas, Admiral Radley.” - Sf Weekly- 2010

"New song from Built Like alaska"

“I’ve been looking forward to a new record from Built Like Alaska for years. The only thing that satiates my hunger for new music from these Northern Californian fuzzy rock stalwarts is something new from bands like Radar Bros, Shaky Hands, Mercury Rev, or select songs from The Flaming Lips.”
- www.songsillinois- 2010


This Song Will Bury You- self released in 2000
Hopalong - 2002 Sweat of the Alps, rereleased 2005 Future Farmer
Pamphlets and Films- self released 2002
Autumnland- 2005 Future Farmer
Portraits: 32 Singers 32 Songs-2010 Off The Air
Tiny Kick, Tiny Snare- self released 2010
In Troubled Times- released November 2011 Future Farmer

streaming at: www.lastfm.com/music/Built+Like+Alaska and www.pandora.com



Built Like Alaska is a five-piece rock band born in the sun annihilated Central Valley of California, landlocked between the Sierras and the Pacific Ocean. Residing in the small town of Oakdale, surrounded by rolling pastures, a cold river, and tiny hills, the band has developed their craft to reflect the scenery surrounding them. Bringing a rural perspective to sturdy rock songs, Built Like Alaska’s music has been said to conjure images both” warm and rich as the central valley sun” and as isolated as a “mic stand draped in cob webs and a wind chime hanging from a cow skull.”
After a year of touring to support 2005’s Autumnland, released on Future Farmer Recordings, the band hit a bit of a rough patch. There were many member changes and a lot of time spent dead in the water, but that gave the band the time to really develop and arrange the songs that make up In Troubled Times, the upcoming third release. In Troubled Times is the natural next step for the band. This record breaks away from the “indie rock” confinements that seem to be captivating the music industry, and harkens back to a time when musicians made good music together by simply playing together and not relying on the decorations and gimmicks that plague much of modern music.
Built Like Alaska now has a solid line up including; Neil Jackson, David Burtch, Sean Norman, Anthany Rossi, and Jacob Canada. With this new roster the band is ready to bring back the “raw energy and mindful spontaneity of their live shows” and is looking forward to working once again with Future Farmer Recordings on the newest release, In Troubled Times, out in November 2011.