Buju and Iputoo

Buju and Iputoo


Rastafarians spreading the word that black and white can live together because without black and white there is no organ. And Ja is the heart beat of our music. We promote equality and make music everyone can enjoy, universally. Our message of one love appeals to all audiences.


We grew up in urban setting of Kumasi, Ghana and found the path to Ja through the rastafarian lifestyle. Our music expresses traditional rastafarian values, that all life is connected and Ja is in control of our destiny. Influences are Kulture, Bob Marley, Buju Banting, Wyclef Jean and Lucky Dube.


Played on GEM FM104, hit track Chant in the Fire.

Set List

Chant in the Fire, Mother Cook for You, Ijuuma, Black and White, Dirty,
Dance So Stylee, Day and Night, Feelin' Love, Sankofa, Chant in the Fire REMIX