Bukola Komolafe

Bukola Komolafe


Bukola komolafe is a worshipper first and fore most, which made it easy for her to write songs full of raw emotions of true heart that seek after Jehovah God through Jesus Christ and fellowship of The Holy Spirit. Her songs facilitate intimate worship, full of joyful songs of praise in diversity.


l am from Africa and have worked as a back-up singer with different artist with genre, one of the things that make my style of music unique is the percussive rhythmic movement, each song can not be predict and there are times that l fuss strings and percussion together. Each song is so unique and not a mirror of the other in style and words, no over used phrases, full of short, simple and sweet melody


The title of my CD is "FREE"

Set List

my typical set list 4.30. l recorded 10 songs. 1. Free, 2. My song of Victory, 3. E mi ko le sai sope, 4. Calvary Medley, 5. O se Baba (Not enough to thank you), 6. My now & Future, 7, Wondrous Grace, 8. 'Tis so Sweet, 9. Glory to God on High, 10. Song in the Night.