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This band has not uploaded any videos



"live in the Link Newspaper Dec.31 2007"

And these guys mix it hip -hop to send positive messages to listeners.
Deanne M. Bradley. LINK
TONY NUCKLEZ is Italian. KING LOUIE is Puerto Rican. " When they see us at the Reggae show and we are performing,they don't know how to take us.They say " how do they know reggae ?" Reggae is not a race.Reggae is a way of life ", Nucklez said.
The Guys write about topics like AIDS, teenage pregnancy,abused women and politics. One of their first songs was "VT Unity " in memory of the Virginia Tech shooting victims.
"That song was adopted by a nonprofit organization out of Canada for their web site, " Nucklez said. " the nonprofit organization specializes in teaching parents and schools how to avoid massacres.It started immediately after the Colombine massacre"
" We do it in an urban format with Reggae and Hip Hop," said King Louie. They listen to our music and they like it and we're teaching them something."
" I'm inspired by God everyday. I changed my life about a year agoand searching for God," Nucklez said. Both members are also inspired by their toddler sons.
"We don't go out to the club. We don't go out do stuff like that nor do we want to.I don't drink alcohol.I don't do anything, we just try to stay pure with life," Nucklez said, who is engaged,King Louie is married.
Proceed from Fridays's show will benifit The Childrens Hostpital of the King Daughters." There's kids that live there thier whole lives and don't see this world,and they die there.They don't get the chance to date, go to prom, get a starbucks,Nucklez said.
Reach DeAnn M. Bradley @757-222-3897 or deane.bradley@link757.com - THE LINK,VA


"Kingston, VA.", EP released independently to mass appeal throughout Hampton Roads, Virginia in 2007. This was Bukwi's non-official debut.

"Blaze 'Em Up", single released throughout the Caribbean on Irie FM, Zip FM and more. Released locally in Virginia on Z104, 103Jamz, Hot91.1, 88.1FM and received incredible response!

"Freedom", single released as one of Bukwi's most strongest songs concerning the 'state of the world' through a culture/roots-outlook. Also released same way as "Blaze 'Em Up".

"Walk Alone", single released in Fall 2007 as another strong culture/roots-song from Bukwi. This song was responsible for elevating the group to the #1 position locally for Reggae. It was also responsible for Bukwi winning "Best Song of the Year 2008" for Virginia Reggae Awards.



" 'Light up di darkness' is our motto we live by," says King Louie, one-half of Bukwi (pronounced BUCK*WHY).

Bukwi's flame never goes out and stands true to the testaments of time. Having formed in 2007, Bukwi (pronounced BUCK*WHY) took over and set ablaze the local music scene in Virginia. No one was prepared to hear the energetic fusion of Dance-hall Reggae, Roots Reggae & Conscious Hip-Hop. Mashed together in a unique and otherwise original form, there is no one in the state of Virginia with a musical style like theirs. 2007 was the introduction while 2008 will be the takeover! They have been dubbed by critics in the media as "the true essence of positivity."

Having performed all over Hampton Roads, headlined and co-headlined various festivals & concerts locally, built up a large supportive fan-base, achieved adulation through the local and state media such as Link Newspaper, the Virginia Pilot, 103Jamz, HOT 91.1, 88.1, West Indian Times, Spin.com and MySpace.com multiple times, and stayed grinding heavily throughout all of 2007... all this hard work paid off in the beginning of 2008 with several things.

Most notably in 2008, all of the above mentioned hard work garnered the attention of Ras BigMill, the number one Reggae Concert Promoter in Virginia. He quickly sought out Bukwi to sign them as his "staple artist" to his homegrown, independent record label called "BigMill Productions". His wife Tizzy, is the CEO of V.I.P. Promotions & she quickly worked to get the ball moving even faster with Bukwi's assault on the local & international media. Having signed a record deal (BigMill Productions) within a year of forming a band is quite an enormous feat that millions of people in the world only dream of. It takes serious hard work and determination and constant faith in the Almighty. In Hampton Roads, Bukwi are known as THE number one Reggae group and are sought out constantly for shows. Every major recording artists or group that comes through these towns collectively known as Hampton Roads, crosses paths with Bukwi. A reggae show of any nature or kind isn't complete without a full-scale performance and blessing of Bukwi.

Being dubbed "by far the hottest Reggae band in Virginia" by the state's ONLY newspaper, is quite a compliment. Bukwi consists of 3 members:
*Tony Nucklez of Italian descent, is the "hip-hop" of the group. He is responsible for meshing hip-hip and blues together to form his lyrics.
*DJ Cool Mo of African descent, is the DJ of the group. He is responsible for spinning the tunes at almost every large gathering for good music in 757.
*King Louie of Caribbean descent, is the "Reggae" of the group. He is responsible for meshing reggae & reggaeton in the group.

On May 10th, 2008 Bukwi received two things that fully showed their hard work and supreme dedication toward spreading positivity through their music; they had been nominated for months for Best New Artist and Best Song of the Year through the Virginia Reggae Awards (VirginiaReggae.com).

On May 10th, Bukwi were blessed to receive BOTH awards in a packed house full of their peers, fans, friends, family & haters. For "Best Song of the Year" award, Bukwi beat the competition by 50 votes, which was a slim margin. For "Best New Artist" award, Bukwi murdered the competition by 1, 532 votes! But all the local recognition, fame & admiration didn't come easy. These two artists had to endure months of hatred and stiff competition. Choosing instead to ignore the diss records and the disloyalty among other Virginia-bred artists, Bukwi chose to continue "lighting up the darkness" and making hit after hit after hit. Nothing is a dead-end road, just detours - Because Bukwi gained the admiration of fellow artists such as Collie Buddz, Morgan Heritage, Damian Marley, Capleton, Sizzla, Queen Ifrica & more. Bukwi is by far the best musical arrangement that rocked Virginia - period! Be on the lookout for their official debut release through BigMill Productions and V.I.P. Promotions coming soon in 2008!!