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Moscow, Moscow, Russia | Established. Jan 01, 2001 | SELF

Moscow, Moscow, Russia | SELF
Established on Jan, 2001
Solo World Singer/Songwriter




"Bulat Gafarov – Russian multi-instrumentalist’s collection spans over 300 instruments, and he plays them all"

Based out of Moscow, Russia, multi-instrumentalist Bulat Gafarov boasts a collection of over three hundred musical instruments from around the world that incudes violin, flute, mouth harps, percussions, didgeridoo, kalimba, koto, drums, keyboards, brass and string instruments that he plays with varying degrees of mastery. On some thirty of these he plays his one-man band performances. Additionally, he uses his voice in a wide variety of challenging styles that including throat singing, oriental and Russian traditional styles and even beatboxing.

We asked him for details on the journey that led him to proficiency in such an astounding array of musical intermediaries.

MusicZeitgeist: Talk about the road that led to your ecclectic talents:

Bulat: I started playing music when I was six-years-old, and composing at twelve. At the College of Music I studied violin, piano, trumpet and and later composition at the Moscow Conservatory.

At sixteen, I began collecting and playing ethnic musical instruments: flutes, Jew’s harps, ethnic percussion (darbuka, djembe), didgeridoo, sitar, koto, kalimba and others. Now I find myself with over three hundred instruments in my collection.

In my compositions I mix World music, live electronica, jazz, Hip-Hop, folk music and beat-boxing. During the performances I play many instruments from around the world like a one-man band.

In 2001 I formed the Toke-Cha band. Now Toke-Cha is one of the most famous bands to come out of Russia in the style of World music, ethno-electronic and folk-jazz music.

I traveled a lot, recorded audio and studied folk music of other countries on what I call ethnographic expeditions. On my website I have created a unique electronic encyclopedia of these many musical instruments.

MZ: Undoubtedly your versatility leads to many collaborative efforts with other artists:

Bulat: I have played with such musicians as: Bobby McFerrin (Opera “Bobble”), Andrey Makarevich (“Time machine”), Mark Pekarsky, “Chaif”, Dmitry Malikov (show “Pianomania”), “Volga”, “Namgar”, “Hi-fi”, “Green Point” band, Garik Sukachyov (“Untouchable”), Bogdan Titomir, Herman Vinogradov, Jura Balashev, Jan Bederman, Sergey Filatov, with orchestra of Moscow and many others.

I have also worked with such directors as: Yevgeni Grishkovets, Garik Sukachyov, Vera Glagoleva, Nikita Dmitrievsky, Nikolay Basin, Olga Stolpovskaja, Natalia Anastaseva, among others.

Me and my band have played in USA, Canada, Europe, Russia and Asia, performed for presidents of Russia, Kazakhstan, Kalmykia, Turkey, ambassadors of France, Jordan, Mongolia and others. I have composed music and or contributed to recordings for several known films, and live theater pieces as well.

Me and my Toke-Cha band have more than twenty diplomas and awards from the governments of different countries, various festivals and composer competitions. We have released five official albums under that name.

“Music of phytogenesis” [2002]
“Matrix”(Shamans) [2003]
“Live 2004?
“LIVE” [2005]
“On Line” [2006-2007]
“Eclecticus” [2011] * double album

Bulat Gafarov’s Vital Links:
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"Bulat Gafarov - (Toke-Cha) “Fire”"

OFF THE HOOK! I have not ever received such a creative, inventive submission to this listing ever. This is insane what this individual does! I almost didn’t know where to start with this submission’s Critique. Instead, I was inspired to write a rave review. Bulat is an extraordinary talent that many of us may never have otherwise been exposed. The music is different from any commercial format but so much of what I hear and realize in his song is that music crosses ethnic, cultural boundaries creating sensations that we all can appreciate…many of the sounds that an artist like this creates in to a musical composition can also be experienced in commercial pieces of work from a well known producer like Timbaland who is extremely inspired by world music sounds. It’s awesome to hear the varying combination of global instruments blended together to create mood and song. I hope to see greater exposure for this artist and that many, many more people will be moved by it. Who knows, maybe with all the forms of technology today and new ways to discover artists from around the world…Bulat and his group will somehow find their way into homes globally.

Excuse me while I directly quote his bio – “Bulat plays live one-man band performances on about 30 musical instruments and sings several kinds of singing: Throat (overtone), Tatar, Oriental, Russian and Beatbox with FX sounds.

Bulat plays music since 6 years old, composed music since12 years old. At the College of Music he studied violin, piano, trumpet. Then Bulat two years studied composition at the Moscow Conservatory.

At 16 years old he started to collect ethnic musical instruments: flutes, jew’s harps, ethnic percussion (darbuka, djembe), didgeridoo, sitar, koto, kalimba and others. Now in his collection about 300 musical instruments.” - Holly Hutchison - a music business veteran of 24 years who has held A&R executive positions at Capit

"Music festival marks Samarkand anniversary"

“We share so much with the people of Central Asia, our sensibility is similar and I think our music was accepted very well here,” commented Bulat Gafarov, a Russian artist. - Russia Today

"About Bulat Gafarov in Wikipedia"

Bulat Rafaelevich Gafarov (born February 1, 1982, Moscow, Russia) - composer, musician, multi-instrumentalist, leader of Toke-Cha.

It is widely known to audiences as a composer in his compositions combining different styles of music. Professionally played more than 300 musical instruments from around the world who are in his personal collection. At the concerts can simultaneously play four of them, for which he was often nyzvayut "one-man band." Fluent in several species of singing: throat, Arabic, Indian, Russian, and beatbox.
Chapter creative studio «TRec Studio».
Creator of unique online encyclopedia of musical instruments.

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[Edit] Musical projects

* "Toke-Cha" - Modern ethnic music of the world
* «B and S» - Hip-hop, beatbox
* "Bul-Bul" - Experimental folk music, Russian folk and throat singing
* "Azimut" - Ethno-jazz, folk-rock, ethno-fusion
* «Bulat project» - Live Electronic Music

[Edit] Discography

Albums: Music of vegetable origin "(2002),« Live 2005 »,« On line »(2006),« Azimut / Zerkalo »

Music in movies:

* "Ferris Wheel" director Vera Glagoleva
* «The Entrepreneur» for Bricklin Documentary llc. (USA)
* "Fisherman" - a mini movie of Olga Stolpovskaya
* Interview with David Lynch on «Culture Catch» (USA)
* "House of the Sun" Garik Sukachev
* "On the low frequency", the film Artem Kochukova

He wrote music and voiced performances:

* "The Siege" director Eugene Grishkovec. Theatre STD
* "Badma SECEG" (Lotus Flower) - director Dandar Zhapovich and Herman Picus. Theatre Baikal (Buryatia)
* "Midsummer Night's Dream" ethnic part), directed by Natalia Anastasiev. Small World Theatre
* "Hotel Two Worlds" by Eric Emmanuel Schmidt, directors, Patrick Rollin and Igor Grigurko. Gytis (Rati)
* Performance of "Fish Sun. Experimental Theatre "Pagendarm"
* The Mystery of "Journey to the city of the dead" by Amos Tutuola, director Herman Pikus
* A live multimedia show "Creation of the Universe" in the Moscow Experimental Theater
* Ballet Sansara ", directed by Nikita Dmitrievsky. RAMT, Ballet Moscow. 2009
* Music for the computer game «Shelter Online» (company "Digital Worlds")

Who take part in a record album of many famous musicians of the world.
[Edit] Collaboration

With Vera Glagoleva (film "Ferris Wheel"), Dmitry Malikov (show «Pianomania»), Andrei Makarevich (at the festival "Creation of the World"), with "ddt" (in Kinotavr 2009), Eugene Grishkovets (play "The Siege"), , Garik Sukachev (in the movie "House of the Sun"), Mark Ilich Pekarsky, Nogon Shumarovym (Honoured Artist of Russia and the Altai), by the Volga and Alexei Borisov, a group of "Namgar (Buryatiya. album« Nomad »), the theater" Baikal ", Group «Hi-Fi» (wrote the music and starred in the video), David Lynch (on the channel «Culture Catch»), Natalia Anastasiev ("Small World Theatre"), Sergei Filatov (Festival Ethnosphera "), Sergei Starostin, Sergei Klevensky , a group of Green Point, the ensemble "Chukotka", Yuri BalasheV, Ian Bederman, Roman Rupyshev, and others.

In January 2010 he took part in the Russian production of the opera vocal improvisation Bobby McFerrin "Bobble".

* Translated by Google Translate - Wikipedia

"About Toke-Cha band in Wikipedia"

"Toke-Cha" - one of the most famous Russian bands playing the ethnic and ethno-electronic music.

In his kospozitsiyah group uses such modern rhythms as BreakBeat, Drum'n'bass, Trip-Hop, Trance, Hip-Hop, Ambient sound from ethnic instruments from around the world. Everything is performed live, without the use of phonograms.

The musicians themselves call their style of contemporary ethnic music, as well as in its compositions, the group combines dance rhythms played on ethnic drums, throat, Eastern, African and Russian songs and more than 300 musical instruments from around the world.

Each member of the group plays many instruments, whose number is constantly growing. At this point in their collections are more than 300 musical instruments.
[Edit] History

The first concert of his band "Toke-Cha" played in 2001 "Club Tea Culture".
The original concept of the band's sound has become - Music of plant origin (eco-music). So the group and named his first album, recorded in 2002 at «TRec Studio». It was subsequently recorded 4 more albums: "Shaman" (2003), «Live 2004", a multimedia CD «Live 2005" and «On Line» (2006 film music).
[Edit] Information about the musicians

* Bulat - The leader of Toke-Cha. Composer, musician, multi-instrumentalist.

The collection Bulat more than 300 musical instruments from around the world: Electroacoustic violin, various percussion, vocals (throat, Arab, African and Russian singing, a bit of boxing, etc.), Kalimba, flutes, jew's harps, gamelan, the gopis Chand, kalyuka, ikili, ocarina, harmonica, throat singing, morinhuur, xylophone, yochin, koto, sitar, electronic drums, sound effects, and others. In concert, Bulat can play simultaneously on the four instruments

* Vladimir Krylov - acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar, percussion

* John Tink - various percussion, jew's harps, didgeridoo, vocals, flute, udu, ocarina, harmonica, singing bowl, "etc.

The band has many joint projects with famous musicians, theaters, dancers, show with fire, modern ballet, etc.

* Translated by Google translate - Wikipedia

"Das Ein-Mann-Orchester"

Der Moskauer Musiker Bulat Gafarow ist ein Multitalent und spielt fünf Instrumente gleichzeitig

Bulat Gafarow, Frontman der World Music-Band „Toke-Cha“, ist ein Moskauer Musikwunder, der in die schnelllebige Großstadt jahrhundertealte Klängen vergessener Volksmusik bringt. Immer bemüht, sie weiterzuentwickeln. Mehr als 300 Instrumente spielt der 28-Jährige. Einige davon gleichzeitig.

Von Andi Streiff

Er sitzt allein auf der Bühne. Auf dem Boden hat er seine Instrumente ausgebreitet. Merkwürdig sehen sie aus. Bulat Gafarow hat kurzes Haar, an diesem Tag einen gestreiften Kapuzenpullover an. Er hustet ins Mikrofon. „Ah gut, tolle Akustik. Mein Name ist Bulat Gafarow, und ich wünsche Ihnen einen schönen Abend.“ Es ist ein Konzert im engen Kreis im Moskauer Klub Lomb’ Art. Im Publikum sitzen professionelle Musiker und Organisatoren verschiedener Festivals. Sie wollen sich vom Talent des 28-jährigen Moskauer Multi-Instrumentalisten überzeugen.
Das Merkwürdige vor ihm bekommt Namen. Solche wie Komus, Drimba oder Kubis. Es sind altaische, ukrainische und baschkirische Maultrommeln. Der Unterschied: ihr Klang, Aussehen und Technik. Als Gafarow vom altaischen Kehlkopfgesang zu erzählen beginnt, fordert ein Zuschauer eine Hörprobe. Gafarows Hals schwellt an, ähnlich dem Täuberich auf Brautschau und aus seinem großen, halb geschlossenen Mund erbricht sich ein lauter, archaischer Gesang. Das Publikum klatscht. Gafarow singt weiter, plötzlich schlägt ein rhythmischer Bass ein. Der Beat und der Gesang kommen hier aus einem Mund. Gafarow unterlegt den jahrhundertealten Kehlkopfgesang mit urbanem Beatboxing, einer Technik von Schlagzeugrhythmen aus der amerikanischen Hip-Hop Kultur, mit Mund, Nase und Rachen imitiert.
Mit alternativer Musik Geld in Moskau verdienen zu wollen, hat viele Musikerkarrieren zum Scheitern gebracht. Gafarow aber will keine Lieder schreiben, zu denen man die Nacht durchtanzen und in intimer Atmosphäre Sushi essen kann. „Ich bemitleide diese Lieder, die uns in allen Bars und Restaurants berieseln. Keiner hört hin, niemand fühlt mit.“ Er komponiert seine eigene Musik, jenseits des Mainstream. Und sie verkauft sich. Auch wenn die Bezeichnung seiner Musik schwer fällt. Am einfachsten ist wohl der Begriff World Music. Aber auch Elemente des Breakbeat, klassischer Musik, Hip-Hop, House, Ambient, Jazz, Folk und Beatboxing finden sich darin. Es ist eine Brücke zwischen zwischen urtümlicher Volksmusik und urbanen Musikstilen.
Gafarows Konzerte sind ein Spektakel – von seinen 300 Instrumenten nimmt er 30 auf die Bühne mit. Bis zu fünf kann er gleichzeitig spielen. Er gibt sich als Ein-Mann-Orchester, wenn nicht gerade seine dreiköpfige Band „Toke-Cha“ mit dabei ist. „Ich will nicht berühmt sein. Ich will an vielen schönen Orten auftreten und den Leuten Freude machen“, sagt er. Zu diesen Leuten gehörten bereits die Präsidenten Russlands, Kasachstans, der Türkei, Weißrusslands und Rumäniens. Er werde eben oft für Staatsanlässe gebucht – wegen seiner internationalen Musik. Seine Instrumente vermittelten „eine völkerverbindende Sprache“.
Gafarows Familie ist genau so vielfältig wie seine Musik. Die Mutter – Jüdin aus Tadschikistan, der Vater – Tatare aus Baschkirien, der Urgroßvater – Chinese. „In mir schlummert das Erbe verschiedenster Kulturen. Nur damit kann ich meine unersättliche Liebe zu all diesen merkwürdigen Instrumenten erklären.“ Mit fünf Jahren hatten ihn die Eltern auf eine Musikschule geschickt – zum Geigenunterricht. Der Vater war damals Bassist und Mitbegründer der russische Rock-Kultband DDT. Früh bemerkten die Lehrer Gafarows Talent, Musterschüler war er aber nie. Zu fest liebte er die freie Improvisation und zu oft verbrachte er seine Freizeit an Rock- und Jazzkonzerten. „Für meine musikalische Karriere waren die Freundschaften mit dem Putz- und Überwachungsleuten der Moskauer Konzerthallen genauso unersetzlich wie alle meine späteren Lehrer. Sie konnten mich da immer gratis reinschmuggeln“, sagt Gafarow.
Eine japanische Blockflöte, ein Geschenk seines Vaters, brachte später alles ins Rollen. Gafarow erlernte sie im Nu, immer mehr Instrumente folgten. Vor allem aus Zentralasien und dem Kaukasus. „Die musikalische Kultur der russischen Völker ist genauso reich wie unerforscht. Dieses Wissen muss unbedingt weitergegeben werden“, sagt er und erzählt von seiner Instrumenten-Enzyklopädie, die er auf seine Homepage gestellt hat.
Sein Geld verdient er mit Konzerten – und mit Werbejingles, für Toyota, Hewlett Packard oder Sony. Manchmal auch mit Filmmusik. Zwischendurch organisiert er als Manager einige Events , unterrichtet Kulturologie und verschiedene Instrumente an der Moskauer Staatsuni. „An nur einem Tag lässt sich so viel machen. Du schläfst acht Stunden, isst zwei Stunden und die übrigen vierzehn Stunden hast du Zeit, dich zu verwirklichen.“

Das neue Album von Bulat Gafarows Band Toke-Cha heißt „on line“. Weitere Informationen und Konzerthinweise gibt es unter www.bulatgafarov.com, www.toke-cha.com - Moscauer Deutsche Zeitung

"Interview with Bulat Gafarov on ORT 1 Russian channel (fragment)"

Video about multiinstrumentalist Bulat Gafarov - TV "ORT" 1-st Russian channel

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Russia Today Television channel, Interview with Bulat Gafarov. Translated into Arabian language - TV "Russia Today"

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Interview in Russian - TV "Capital" (Stolitsa)

"TV Russia "Culture". Bulat Gafarov in improvised opera Bobby McFerrin "Bobble""

Bulat has been chosen as one of seventeen singers in the opera by Bobby McFerrin opera "Bobble". - TV Russia "Culture"

"Scanned Articles, Diplomas and Thanks"

In Russian - Jalouse, Ethnosfera, Alquimia, Moscow landmark, The Moscow City Government, House of Nationalities,

"Awards and Diplomas"

Scanned diplomas and thanks - The Moscow City Government, House of Nationalities, Festivals and Organizations

"Festival "Ethnolife" about Toke-cha band"

About Toke-Cha band - Ethnolife / Ethnoland

"Moscow City Government, House of Nationalities about multi-instrumentalist Bulat Gafarov"

About multi-instrumentalist Bulat Gafarov - Moscow City Government, House of Nationalities

"Interview with Bulat Gafarov on "Radio Russia""

One-man band: from Moscow to Australia. Through Indonesia - Radio "Russia"

"Interview with Bulat Gafarov and Alexey Fadeev - Radio "Mayak""

"Zerkalo" band - Radio "Mayak"

"In the ballet "Sansara" invited "one-man band""

In the ballet Sansara "invited" one man band "
The show premiered "Sansara" performed the ballet "Moscow" will take place on 2 and March 9 at the Russian Academic Youth Theater. A special role in the play assigned multi Bulat Gafarov. In the project "Sansara" musician will perform without the ensemble - he can simultaneously play four instruments and sing, for what it is called the "one-man band."

Bulat works in different styles - from film music to ethnic and experiments with electronics. Action of the ballet "Sansara", according to the Executive, will develop a "modern ethnic music, based on a combination of sounds of folk instruments and rhythms of reggae and drum 'n bass."

In a press release project Sansara ", staged by choreographer Nikita Dmitrievsky, called the" velvet revolution in the ballet "and" live show for the living. "

In the show synopsis states that the basis for the play is put on the legend that "Tibetan teachers are able to turn into a bird and find yourself next incarnation in life."

Nikita Dmitrievskiy known for such productions as "Bourgeois Gentilhomme" (for the Mariinsky Theatre), "Cassandra" (Theatre of Boris Eifman).

* Translated by google translate - Lenta.ru

"Bobby McFerrin in Moscow: Impressions"

Foundation "Musical Olympus" has brought Bobby McFerrin in Moscow for the fourth time, but now no longer a solo concert, and with the improvisational opera «Bobble». This is not new project, which premiered at Carnegie Hall in May 2008 (then called just Instant Opera). Moscow version was preceded by a demonstration in the Swiss Basel at the festival of vocal music Stimmen in July 2009. The idea of the project - a joint creation in real-time singers from different countries representing different traditions and cultures, the story of the Tower of Babel, the construction of which, ultimately, it is possible, because carriers of different musical languages have to find a common language.

For Moscow's version were selected 17 singers from around the world. Russia released a concert in the list represents Sergei Starostin - the most famous of the local participants (and older, with significantly older, out of seventeen), a researcher at Russian song tradition, a musician, often acting in any multicultural ensembles; Tina Kuznetsova, singer, combining jazz education and approach with the Russian traditional material for ensemble Zventa-Sventana, where Russian songs appear on the funky, smooth and jazz'ovyh launzhevyh treatments; Pelagia, performing Russian songs in the more usual folk-rock style; Bulat, collects ethnic music of various peoples and the mixing them with electronics, soloist ensemble Jazzator Marina Sobyanin, a native of Ukraine, retro-pop-singer Vladimir Kryzhanovskii; tuvinets Mongush Andrew, a former member of the world-famous group Huun-Huur-Tu (Tuva, she's Republic of Tyva, in the musical range sometimes not without reason, is designated as a separate country). Geographically, Russia belongs to the Cuban singer and dancer in March Ruiz Villamil, currently living in St. Petersburg. From Moscow born singer of "Children of Picasso» Gaya Arutyunyan, singing Armenian songs in unexpected meanings - now geographically it is Hungary. Well, with the Georgian singer Nino Katamadze, a regular headliner of the site "Ground" festival "Usadba.Jazz" spiritual kinship felt by many Russian students. Different parts of the Balkans is reflected in the work of Borie Magyar (Hungary), collaborated with the bright and innovative ensemble Besh o droM, and Brenna Maccrimmon (Canada), exploring various musical traditions of Turkey. For the Middle East is a Christian Karam of Lebanon, at the Department of vocal College Berkeley. From the same department - Joey Blake, trying to cover different styles and the same uchaschy students. Versatile and Swiss Andreas Scherer, singing some strange languorous decadent jazz with elements of avant-garde, rock and various ethnic vocal technique, and a Brazilian countertenor Edson Cordeiro, whose repertoire includes not only the old tunes, but also funk and pop, and Brazilian music itself different directions. Well, the American Adam Matta, master bitboksinga, ie simulating playing various instruments (and not just tools) with only one vocal apparatus, plays alone all the noises and voices of native New York.

Joey Blake - one of the first members of the ensemble Voicestra, also consisting of some singers and collected McFerrin in mid-1980. Christian Karam, Matt and Adam have already had experience of working with Bobby at Carnegie Hall, Andreas Scherer and Edson Cordeiro - in Basel. In any case, to a joint improvisation was lively and natural, Moscow concert was preceded by several days of rehearsals under the guidance of director and choreographer Tandy Beal. Yet on the eve of the event were concerns that this will be a parade of improvisational opera ambitions - at least by those who used to be a soloist, rather than one of many. Previous concerts in Moscow McFerrin showed how the audience and mingled among them (and even some embedded in the program), the musicians dress struggled to selected Bobby minutes for a solo on his background.

However, Bobby in a sense, it is foreseen: a summary of the Opera "(y« Bobble »No libretto, but there is a schematic plot) included an episode in which each party representation begins to pull the blanket over himself, demonstrating his own skill and not listening other, resulting in a music becomes predictable and uninteresting, and the whole wonderful idea of breaking up. Incidentally, the title of «Bobble» McFerrin, perhaps, had in mind not only beat his own name and the word Babel, many point out that the whole thing might not turn out (one of the words «bobble» - «mistake"), in any case, on its own modest expectations for the project, he said at a press conference.
Bobby McFerrin

Bobby McFerrin (photo: Vladimir Korobitsyn)

The performance began with the release of the Bobby, who in a few minutes and admiration filled the warm room as he is one, who perhaps knows. At first, he imitated the sound of guitar, instantly jumping over several octaves, and then gasped, gurgled, zavorkoval. It turned into a simple melodic figure, which McFerrin repeated several times, and then began layering it some decoration. In the first moments of thought that sound zakoltseval McFerrin sung melody - she continued to repeat itself, but Bobby was already singing in a higher register. But it turned out that all sides - from the wings and through the hall - to him converge all 17 participants in colorful robes, and the melody is taken up by the owners of low voices. And now all lined up in a semicircle, from bass to soprano, and sing different simple melodic figures, and he poured Bobbie something Oriental in their background. Then he started to go give the singers the party, dividing them into groups according to the pitch. Then he heard something African, and now it is time to pull somebody in the center so that he (or she) showed off their skills. Bobby pulled out one by one Marina Sobyanin, Brenna Maccrimmon, Vladimir Kryzhanovsky. Each soloist did not last long - so much so that the audience had time to get a short presentation and had no time to get bored. New song, new party, someone slips, but it's not terrible, the next moment he or she easily fits into this overall iridescent fabric. It starts with a general dance on the spot, Bobby simulates a fight with Joey Blake, a semi-circle narrows, the center turns out to be wildly dancing in March Ruiz Villamil, the pace quickens. Interrupted - and Bobby was talking with Bulat Gafarov in an unknown language, and of these sounds begin something new, equally well-proportioned and beautiful, where each site is located in the choir. Half circle turns into a snake that moves behind Bobby, and then broken, and now all just crowded around him, turned their backs to the audience and pull together with one note. Catharsis - dimmed by the realization that among the seventeen singers are no Sergei Starostin (he, as it turned out, was hospitalized and was replaced by the master of ceremonies, eccentric Andrzej Kovalev, who at previous concerts McFerrin climbed out of the skin to longer sing with Bobby, a dream come true - maestro took him in his project). Dims. Thus ends the first act of the opera, which, according to the plan, starting construction of the tower.

And then the second act, the same clash of ambitions. By turns out from the crowd put forward Edson Cordeiro from Handel's aria from the opera "Rinaldo," Nino Katamadze with the Georgian song, Andreas Scherer with a unique elegant scat, Joey Blake with the blues - they drown. They reiterated the votes cast, others, and others are turning to the audience, struggling portraying arrogance and egocentrism. They are united in groups, and, interrupting one another, then advancing, then retreating, sing - who "Katyusha", who «Louie, Louie». McFerrin is sitting on the steps in the background and watches. Snatches of songs turn into noise, all run out into the foreground and something screaming ... but then the silence, all retreat - and comes out with a scream Kryzhanovskii the habit of leading pop-show: "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Welcome! BEST OF THE BEST! Just today, only here! SUPER! "Again, the group, this time as if going to the selection of the Musical Olympus". One sings «Billy Jean», the other - «Macarena», the third - «Lady Marmalade», fourth - «New York, New York» (moment of glory for Angers Kovalev). McFerrin plays the role of the director: "Stop! Next! "At last came his own" finest hour ", Cordeiro ministered to him: powder, puts on and takes off his coat, pshikaet in the mouth and under the arms (of course, he shows this" zilch "), on a tired Bobby puts out an imaginary cigarette. And McFerrin Turns «This Could Be The Start of Something», and all (no, almost everything! Andrew Mongush stands aside in the general tumult is not involved), the ecstasy and scream, what it classy. And once again darkening. Thus ends the second act, in which the construction of the tower turned into a "Bow shizom" (this comic neologism McFerrin uses for ridiculing show business). True, we have not seen that in the booklet described as follows: "Bobby is trying to merge into a harmonious ensemble of singers, but they scoff at his efforts to distort his ideas." That never happened. It was sometimes funny, sometimes vulgar staging, designed to show that the show business - it's boring and dull. Showed me. But the staging - the fact that improvisation representation should be present in very small doses. And in the second act it, on the contrary, it was too much.

And in the darkness the voice of Andrew Mongush. Yes, there is no denying that: if you want to find something very natural that the easiest way to oppose cardboard, one-dimensional Variety vocal, it's Tuvan throat singing. All respectfully silent, but in the final after Bobby imitate lips rustle of applause. Singers settled for a three-story scaffold at the far end of the scene. It is time to show me something real. Sang Villamil, she podpeli Scherer and Blake, a little caught up and he McFerrin and Katamadze. Sang a solo about Christina Karam, Bobby just a little echo. Matt, coming to the fore, depicted bitboksingom trip to New York subway (McFerrin's voice against this background that sounded particularly fascinating). Spell Bulat, McFerrin imitated game on percussion. (Here, frankly, appeared puzzled: why, for example, Andreas Scherer and Nino Katamadze moved in the second act, and seemed to have been unnatural upstarts, but, for example, Adam Matta, and Marta Ruiz Villamil - the third and seemed to have been holders of natural started? Formally, any difference between them was not, as conventional plot of this distribution is not justified.) sang Pelageya, then it is connected to Gaya Arutyunyan, but the duo came paly. But the next duo - Gori Magyar Matt and Adam - was above all praise: perhaps it was one of the brightest moments of the concert. Next time - solo Tina Kuznetsova - no doubt, too. Tina sang a Russian folk song (not softly, as Pelagia, and from the depth it: then she remembered the missing Starostin), then moved on quite jazz improvisation - and returned to the expanse of the Russian songs, but stuffed jazz. Her solo was the longest, and clearly not accidental. It also became known to the rest connect - and now again a semi-circle, all on the same ground again, dancing Villamil, and again in the heart of Bobby, and then distributes the party, except that breaks the singers in smaller groups than in the first act. Slightly exchanged a sound with the audience and Pelageya, he started with his choir a new song and went down the hall - here are a few who wish could sing something to the accompaniment of the choir. And here again the singers lined snake - and go behind the scenes, but overall the song continues to sound until they go on stage again - had to bow.

Participants Bobble: click-open shot all the details (photo: Vladimir Korobitsyn)

Catharsis? Yes, but not complete, because the final third act, in essence, indistinguishable from the final first. Of course, the ability to create Bobby in real-time choir of angels - a miracle in itself. But if he is able to create a room with anyone, then for sure with professional singers especially. Parada ambitions eventually managed to escape. But whatever happiness may arise from the joint singing, yet not enough of what the booklet said: "Bobby brings together singers in small ensembles, puts sound ensembles at each other, and ultimately creates a complex architectural work in the sound" . If what the tower and could be built, it was just a, but these experiments are a joint improvisation of several people this "dialogue of civilizations" (so-called World Social Forum, which is based primarily native railway Vladimir Yakunin, under the patronage of this forum was screened «Bobble») the concert was very little. The most offensive that, based on a story by Marina Sobyanin in her blog, at rehearsals this enough, and all were delighted. For information on how this happens, we can judge only on paved on YouTube fragments rehearsal for the premiere of "Instant Opera" at Carnegie Hall.
It is noted as: Reports "Dzhaz.Ru" House of Music, Bobby McFerrin, Gregory Durnovo

+ http://www.kommersant.ru/doc.aspx?DocsID=1302500

* Translated by Google translate - "Publication of reports "jazz.ru"


"Music of phytogenesis" [2002]

"Matrix"(Shamans) [2003]

"Live 2004"

"LIVE 2005" [2005]

"On Line" [2006-2007]

"Eclecticus" [2011] * double album

"Harmony" music for the ballet [2014]

"Trek of the Little Prince" for the ballet [2015]

"8 Countries" world music / live [2017]


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Bulat was in many countries where he studied folklore, singing and playing various musical instruments.

He has organized several successful ethnographic expeditions where he recorded a unique musical material.

On the web site of his band www.Toke-cha.ru Bulat created a unique e-encyclopedia of musical instruments.

Bulat and his band has many diplomas and awards from the Government of Moscow, India and various festivals.

Bulat composed music:

For movies

"Fishman" by Olga Stolpovskaya (Russia, 2004)

"Ferris wheel" by Vera Glagoleva (Russia, 2006)

David Lynch on "Culture Catch" (Usa, 2006)

"The Entrepreneur" - Bricklin Documentary llc. (Usa, 2007)

"On low frequency" - by Artem Kochukov (Russia, 2009)

"House of the sun"  by Garik Sukachev (Russia, 2010)

CG - "Pulpoman" - ScenicShot (Russia, 2011)

For sand animations:  "Jaguar cars", "Japan sand art", "Two sides", "Cafe", "Mask", "Chess"

For theatres, ballets and performances:

"Siege" ("Osada") - director Evgeniy Grishkovecz  | 2006

"Sleep In Summer Night". The director Natalya Anastasyeva | 2007

"Hotel of two Worlds" - directors Patric Rollen, Igor Grigurko. (Rati) | 2008

"The Fish-Sun" - experimental theatre "Pag&Arm" | 2008

"Badma Seseg". Theatre Baikal (Buryatita, Ulan Ude) | 2008

Ballet "Sansara" | RAMT | Nikita Dmitrievsky | 2009-2010

Opera "BOBBLE" by Bobby McFerrin, Tandy Beal (USA/Russia) | 2010

Ballet "The Little Prince" | Theatre by V.S Meyerhold | Nikita Dmitrievsky | 2014-2015

Ballet "ALEM" | "Astana ballet" / "Astana Opera" | MARIINSKY THEATRE | MOSCOW MUSIC THEATRE | The MuseumsQuartier Wien (Austria) | Paris, France | "Palace of Peace and Reconciliation" in Astana | KBS hall, Seoul, Korea | 2014-2015

For computer game  "Shelter Online" | "Digital Worlds company"

Compositions by Bulat Gafarov sounds in many programs on radio and TV around the world

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 Artists: Bobby McFerrin, Andrey Makarevich, Mark Pekarsky, "Chaif", Dmitry Malikov, SATI Kazanova, Pelagea , Tina Kuznetsov, Nino Katamadze, "Volga", "Namgar", "Hi-fi", "Green Point" band, Garik Sukachyov, Bogdan Titomir, Eugene Stychkin, Chulpan Hamatova, Herman Vinogradov, Jura Balashev, Jan Bederman, Sergey Filatov, "Tetris" band, Vahtang Kalandadze, Sergey Starostin, Sergey Klevensky, ensemble "Chukotka", "Zerkalo band", Brynjar Rasmussen/Arctic Mood, Igor Grigorev, "Couple" band, Marta Ruiz Villamil, Edson Cordeiro, Andrey Mongush, Adam Matta, Andreas Schaerer, Vladimir Kryzhanovsky, Joey Blake, Christiane Karam, Brenna MacCrimmon, Bori Magyar, Marina Sabianina, Gaya Arutyunyan, Andreas Jones, Eugeny Stychkin, Vasily Shcherbakov, with orchestra of Moscow

Directors: Yevgeni Grishkovets ("Siege"), Garik Sukachyov ("House of the sun"), Vera Glagoleva ("Ferris Wheel"), Nikita Dmitrievsky ("Samsara", "The Little Prince", "Alem"), Nikolay Basin ("Ballet Moskva"), Olga Stolpovskaja ("Fishman"), Natalia Anastaseva ("Sleep In Summer Night"), Igor Grigurko, Patrick Rollen, Aleksey Shilin, Anzhela Golubeva ("Hotel of two worlds"), German Pikus, Artem Kochukov ("On the low frequency"), Tandy Beal ("Bobble")

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