BULERINDIA the route of the Gypsies
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BULERINDIA the route of the Gypsies

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Each band has his own discography, but no album for all together.

Next album in may with Harmunia Mundi
Last CD : ARC MUSIC (UK) LC 05111 EUCD1939

Calle Cerezo : Javier Cerezo in studio from October 2009 to Apris 2010 for an album of all his carreer.

Yasha Laka Band: Under the name of BACE QUARTET, with the fabulous Kaval Player Theodossi Spassov : Album Bez Prozor - 2009 - Chicken Madness.



BULERINDIA invites you to take the route of the gypsies of the world. From the bewitching magic of the India of the Maharajahs to the vibrant Flamenco rhythms where Arab, Jewish and oriental influences blend together transformed by the fabulous virtuosity of the gypsy Macedonian violinsand accordions. This show is a great moment of encounter and sharing between the different musical traditions of gypsies.
All the gypsy musicians live their art with a natural intensity. They sing and dance; they are their music. They are imbued with a rare power and generosity the moment they pick up their tabla, violin or guitar. They also have a capacity to improvise that is peculiar to gypsy artists and which enables them to adapt easily to other types of music.

The show shows how close-knit the gypsies around the world are in spite of their cultural differences, united by their love of music, their exuberance and their passion.
Musicians, singers, dancers and fakirs from India, Balkans and Spain: A rare occasion, a unique show and energy levels that will leave you with an unforgettable souvenir.

The show uses music, song and dance to retrace the thousand-year journey that taken by this people from Rajasthan, the original birthplace of all the gypsies in the world, to Andalucia.
Along the way, their traditions have been enriched with the influences of the countries they traversed and they have evolved. The result is a fusion that belongs only to music that has been long in decanting, that has aged over time and matured through encounters.
This surprising cultural mix gives this music a unique diversity, that is enhanced even further by the gypsy spirit which infuses it with such special emotions.
No-one can fail to sense the magic of Rajasthan, nor the languorous complaint of the Balkan gypsy violins and the song and dance of the Andalucian flamenco gypsies. At each stage there is the same sense of awe : magic, vibrant and moving music, song and dance.